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Lillian Hammer

Age: 76

Occupation:self employed

Number of Cruises: 7

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Adventure of the Seas

Sailing Date: December 29th,2002

Itinerary: Southern Caribbean

I was very disappointed w/this particular cruise - seems like every time we sail out of San Juan things just aren't right - the last time we sailed out of San Juan about 3 years ago they lost our luggage- this time my son-in-law did not get his piece of luggage delivered and when he reported it they said they would look for it - it was put in front of his door the following morning, but it had been opened - a new jogging suit he received for Christmas was gone and he did put his camcorder in the suitcase and it was gone as well - the suitcase was filled w/sand - of course this has been reported but they took a lackadasical approach to it - we have the insurance but that is a bad way to start out on a cruise/vacation that you look forward to each year. I found the ship not to be as clean as in past cruises - hairs were on the floor - the carpet in the (we had balcony staterooms) but the carpet is filthy - it looks like they never ever clean it - it is just horrible looking w/stains and all - under the sofa it was filthy - all in all I thought the staterooms were not up to par as to cleanliness and yet the man was in to clean them daily - they give you 2 beach towels and you are responsible for them - one of my beach towels was sent in for washing and it never came back - i told my steward that i did not have the 2nd towel and that we were responsible for the towels or they would charge it to our bill - he told me not to worry - well yesterday i received a call from my credit card company who said they just received a bill to be posted to my master card for $21.32 which was not on my final bill when I left the ship and in checking that was for the towel which the steward told me not to worry about it would not be charged to me- they just ran out of towels - I disputed this charge w/ Royal Caribbean today and they said they are putting through a credit - see that is all needless and it takes away some of the joy of the trip when you have to come back and fight with an insurance company about a break in with the luggage and a towel - the food was not up to par - rather tasteless - we complained on the Explorer of the Seas last year about the salad dressings being tasteless in the dining room well they did improve that on this ship but the food did not have a good taste - really bland - even the lobster was bland - the escargots came cold and i had to send that back- i know this is a big ship with lots of people aboard but they are used to this - this is their business - and it is their business to make everything better so you can write good reviews and not ones that a filled with negativity. I am a platinum member and when we arrived at the ship - we came in late - there was no one checking in and I had to stand there and wait until several employees had a conversation among themselves before they came to help us get on the ship and situated. Again the attitude was a problem. Leaving the ship was fine no problem with that - In closing this review I just feel that Royal Caribbean has sort of lost the good stuff that they had so long and resorted now to being just another cruise ship. They need to make lots of improvements - let the owners tour the staterooms and see if they would want to stay in those rooms w/the depressing dirty carpeting and the depressing looking bedspreads and hairs on the floos in the common bathrooms - not in our stateroom but in the common bathroom areas - nasty.

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