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Jim Kaltenbach

Age: 33

Occupation:Audio Visual Sales

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Adventure of the Seas

Sailing Date: October 19th, 2003

Itinerary: Southern Caribbean

WOW.. that is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this ship!

We had a late flight into San Juan, arriving at about 7:30 PM.. the airport was not crowded there were Cruise line people waiting at EVERY possible turn at the airport to make sure you got where you needed to be.

We got to the ship around 8:15 PM and our suit cases were not there YET, so I would recommend packing a carry-on bag..keep it with you on the plane, with contact solution if you need that kid of stuff, swim suit, maybe a lite jacket or long sleeved shirt if you are prone to get chilly; As you will be on the ship and want to run around looking
or even want to jump in the hot-tub or pool, and your luggage will not get to you until about the time you sail (10:00)

Things for 1st timers.. PACK LIGHT!!! oh my lord we packed too many changes of clothes, 2-3 swim suits.. 2-3 changes of shorts per day...shirts YADAA YADA YADA... you are on vacation.. take a pair of sandels, a pair of Sneakers..a pair of dress shoes if you choose to do formal nights..and that's IT for shoes, 1-2 swim suits.. a few comfy Tee shirts, 2-3 polo shirts, 2-3 pair of baggy shorts to put on over your swim suit..a pair of Dockers or 2 and you are packed!!! leave room in your suit case as you will buy trinkets to bring back.. and if your suit case if full on will need to buy another to go home with.

BAR-SERVICE.... there will be people selling you drinks as soon as you get to the pool deck! these are great drinks.. but they are in EXPENSIVE fancy glasses.. we are talking $8.95 but you keep the glass.. so if you like the glass and buy the drink...have them re-use the glass next time and you will only pay $4.50 for the drinks!! or goto the bar and get your own for $4.00 or so, we didn't learn this until about the 4th round of 8.95 drinks!!

FOOD dine at the Dinning room the first night you can!! that way you can meet the people at your table, you may LOVE them and meet friends for life, and have fun people to hang out on the ship with...or you may find that they are sticks in the mud...and you may want to eat else where:)

Just being married the day before I did not want to dress up, and wait in line for photos to eat at formal night, so we ate at other places on the ship all nights but the last night, I wish we would have gone to the dinning room a few more times, the food there is MUCH MUCH better.. but we did not starve,

We spent most of the mornings on the 12th deck at the Windjammer Cafe, this is a multi-line buffet with great fast food of all types... you walk up and grab as much of what ever you like.. pizza, burgers, sea food.. salads, pasta... just a lot of good food with a great view..and you can wear short etc.

Johnny rockets is also free food..Johnny rockets is a 50's 60s style hamburger joint complete with nickel jukeboxes (they will bring you nickels if you have none) they come to your table the moment you sit down with a bowl of French fries, and onion rings, ranch dressing and Ketchup.. you can eat as much free fries, and onion rings as you care to!! only the liquor and sodas (and Malts in Johnny rockets) cost extra I would advise buying the soft drink card..I think it is $33.00 and you get unlimited sodas the whole cruise.. if you are a soda is worth it, I got a headache the first day from not drinking any sodas.. only the free waters and lemonaides... a shot of COKE perked me right up..and sodas are $1.75 each on the ship.. after a day or 2 of sodas you would have that card paid off!.

There is also a great pizza joint on the 5th deck it is called the Promonade cafe' it is open til the wee hours in the morning and is free to eat there as well. there is another italian resturant on board it costs $20.00 per person to eat there.. but then the food is pay for the booze.

Shopping on board they have some great watches..Tee shirts and cloths set up the first day you get there... all of that stuff goes on sale for about 1/3 price the last day of at sea.. save your money!! same with shopping at ports of calls.. Aruba.. expensive.. but nice! Curaso.. dirty..but lots of shops.. St. Martin, and St. Thomas.. where the deals are!!

You will eat like horses on this boat..if you don't want to gain weight..take the stairs...always if you are going DOWN decks.. and if we were going up 4 or less decks.. we took the steps! we only gained 5 lbs.

Take sun-block!! if you are doing any snorkeling, or swimming.. take SUN-BLOCK for the head, ears, and lips!!! Eye-drops are not a bad idea either!

I purchased a lot of trail sized shampoos, toothpastes, anything I at the end of the week I just threw them away, so I had more room in the suit case..and did not have to worry about them leaking on the way home!

Cameras.. if you do any snorkeling.. get underwater cameras and LOTS of HOME they are about $8.00 in the USA and about $25.00 anywhere in walking distance at any port or on the ship!

Take a portable alarm clock.. there are now clocks in the rooms, and the rooms are DARK.. unless you have an outside room.. or an inside view room like we had, but we closed the curtains to keep the light out at night.. and when you woke up in the morning, you could not tell if it was day or night unless you turned on the TV..and saw the outside cameras. you can get wake up calls from the phones, which is a must if you have any morning excursions planned.

Excursions.. plan them soon. When you get on the ship, book them!! they fill up fast, but don't do more then 1 per port or you will be tired!!!!

I strongly suggest the Debloon snokeling trip to Turtle Cove!! we did a snorkel or scuba trip at each island... they were the BEST great group, fun sail boat ride to turtle.. great views of large sea turtles, baracudi, squid, fish... and BOAT DRINKS for the ride home!!!! A++ excursion.

On your last night, you must put your suit-cases in the hall and what you go to bed with is all you will have for the ride to the airport.. so again.. the carry on bag.. wear what you will to bed, but leave what you will need the next day in your carry-on bag..

have fun!

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