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Age: 14


Number of Cruises: 7

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Brilliance of the Seas

Sailing Date: March 26th, 2004

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Alright, we went on a cruise to the caribbean, the ultimate caribbean 11 night cruise on the Brilliance, hence why im writing the review on it! For starters it was a sweet ship and you really should take a good look on going on it.

Getting on the ship wasn't great. My parents had the owners suite and my aunt and uncle had another suite and my cousin and i had a balcony room. So you would think that since we were with people with an 'owners suite' we would get priority going on the ship. They did have a suite line, but it wasnt any good, it was just as long as the regular line. So getting on was not the best. We walked on the ship, tons of glass, very open, and i, along with my peers, were in total 'awe'. The ship is beautiful and by-far the nicest ive been on. The ports were alright, i think they would of been better if we had our heads in the game and booked some excursions before hand and not just gone to the port looking for things to do! Dumb hey? (Haha yes im Canadian!)

The food on the ship however was the weak point to be quite honest, but dont let one point stop you from a trip of a lifetime. The dinning room was alright, we had dinner there 3 times (My cousin and i) but all 3 times it was pretty good. The windjammer was not great for lunch, breakfast, i mean how can you screw up eggs and bacon?? obviously that wasnt bad (*note* The hame is really really good!)Dinner, it was very good, they have a pasta bar with a choice of 6 sauces and a bunch of noodles, it was very good every night. One thing NOT to miss. I mean it, especially for the teens with your friends that you will meet on the cruise, go to the Seaview Cafe. It owns! (ill tell more about it later on in the review)

Our room wasnt great, though it didnt matter, we were never in our room, we woke up at 11, went to bed at like 4 am lol, so we werent in it much. We had 2 little beds, a chair (barely any closet space so that chair was covered in our clothes!) and a tiny bathroom, hes 15 and a monster! (6'5 200ibs) so he had troubles getting in the bathroom cause it was little. My parents room was super awesome. Had a 50 inch flat screen revolving tv, big bathroom with marble vanity, marble shower, and a nice bathtub. Big bed, really big couch (like enough for 10 no jokes) and a couple desks. My aunt and Uncles was nice, lower priced suite, pretty big, you could actually walk in it, not like ours. It had a big bed, nice bathroom, big balcony, and a desk.

Environment, and what ages are on the ship:
The age of the cruise ship ranges, from young kids, lots of teens, lots of people in the twenties and thirties and lots of families. Some seniors too. It is overall more of a young persons cruise considering theres a band playing american and caribbean music all day long (reggae..sp?, and r&b) my cousin and i must of met 15 of the coolest people around, from all around the world, from the first day, we hung out all day! Literally, the ships new name is 'paradise of the seas'. For all the teens out there, make sure you go to the optix thing for the first day, they just play music and everyone went there and we met em all! Then we hung out in our own places for the rest of the cruise. Every night at about midnight we would go to the Seaview Cafe, have our midnight snack (its open till 130am) and then just chill and talk about things. Then others went to bed, my cousin and i (cousins a huge bball player) so we played every night till i swear 2 30-3 am just talking about whatever was on our minds, what could be better than with a best friend in the caribbean shooting hoops, talking about whatever, on a sweet cruise ship?...i cant think of much better than that. What was also kinda neat was that the crew about 5 of 11 nights would come play with us, because there allowed to go play after certain hours when know one is up. So we played with them a couple times and got to know tons of the crew on the ship. After that, we went to play ping pong for half an hour and drink our hot chocholate before we headed up to our rooms. At this time we were the only ones up on the ship, except for the people in the dance club, which you had to be 21 to get into. So we played ping pong, listening to music and drinking our drinks then went up to bed. Thats what you call good times.

The pool was alright, cold to say the least! The hottub we went in lots and listened to the great band play. It wasn't very hot which made me kinda mad because you had to be 16 to get in the hottub anyways, (we said we were 16, they didnt bother us, i dont really look like a little kid...) and yet its not hot?...and you had to be 18 for the solarium, the actual HOT tub, but we went in anyways at night when there wasnt anyone in. The Solarium pool is really cool aswell, i advice you try that juring sea days or when you have the time.

They have many bars located all around the boat and will serve you whatever kind of drinks you want. For the kids, get the coke cards, there good, they just put a sticker on your key card and you show that and you get a drink. Its like 28 bucks or something and well worth it. Dont even try getting alcohal haha, it doesnt work on this ship! The sports bar was sweet, we watched a full game of soccer (or as the brits say it "Football" or "proper sport!" and what made that cool was it was 2 british teams playing, so all the fans were british! So everytime one of the two teams would score people would go nuts like none other! Its like being in Canada for a playoff game!

In conclusion for this review, even though its long, i felt i gave lots of info anyways. Feel free to email me back if you have any questions and ill get back to you asap! Happy cruising!

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