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Priscilla Caillouet

Age: 58


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Dream

Sailing Date: 2010-10-2

Itinerary: Eastern Carribean

Very disappointed with our recent cruise on the Dream! I am not sure what was wrong with the staff but they would not dare speak or even smile. It was like they all hated their job, which they probably do since they are made to work for months with no days off....shame on you Carnival for overworking the staff. Maybe if they would get a break they might at least smile. We have cruised on three other boats and the staff was very friendly but not this one. We had two friendly encounters, one was our room steward and one was at the Serinity Bar.

The common areas on the ship are all too small. The Lido deck is definitely too small for the number of passengers. The pool is very small. Usually the Lido deck is the fun deck but this one was too small to have fun. When we got on the boat the deck was like a morgue. No music, no greetings just blah! There was a documentary on the big screen...just what we wanted to listen to as we are starting a "fun" cruise.

We had to complain to Guest Services about the Lido deck having used glassess sitting all around. No one would clean up. We finally asked one of the waitresses to please pick up the glasses that had been sitting next to us for hours. She only picked up the ones from the bar and left the ones that came from the buffet. We found that almost all the staff would not do anything that was not thier job...which is not what we had experienced in the past with the Carnival staff.

Our first night at the dining room was so bad that we did not go back. The service was horrible, they had opera music playing that was also horrible and the noise was almost unbearable.

We scheduled a massage for the next day and were so excited...we had saved our hard earned money and splurged on this cruise. BAD MOVE!!! It was evident that the massage was nothing but a sales pitch to try and sell you hundreds of dollars of "stuff" for your face and body. The young lady that was suppose to be taking care of me was having a fight with her husband over the phone and had to leave the room twice. All this time your massage is being timed....then she spent 15 min. trying to sell me "stuff". Massages are suppose to be relaxing not a sales call! I even received a phone call and letter the next day continuing to try and sell me something.

Well to top off these first three bad days my husband injured his knee when we were in Cozumel. Heaven for bid if you get hurt and have to have medical attention. First you better have brought a lot of extra money and they do not take insurance. Just a consultation is $90.00 not counting anything else you may need. If you need a wheel chair or crutches you have to pay a $50.00 deposit to use them. This is refunded but you have to pay it up front. We certainly had our eyes opened regarding handicap accessible. CARNIVAL is not!!! I had to push my husband around in a wheel chair through very small hallways. No tables are set up for wheelchairs so you have to move chairs and hope you can get through the tiny isles. The so called ramps going into certain areas have a big raised area at the top and you can't get over them with a wheel chair. Anyway just pray you don't get hurt on a cruise!!

We are going to try a different cruise line. We cruise every year and unfortuantely we won't cruise with Carnival again.

Not good food. The best kept secret was the Pasta Bar. We did not find it until the 4th day. You were actually served your food and drinks if you wanted. The pasta was very good. The buffet had too many strange dishes. The cruises are probably 75% American and very little American food. We found the lines were not really any worse than other cruises. The thing that we did see is the unfriendly staff that was serving. Also they would not ever speak up to let passengers know that there were lines at the other end of the ship so one end had long lines and nobody would be at the other end because they did not know there was even another line. You would think that the staff would have at least mentioned that.....but no that would be customer service.

Our stateroom was great. No complaints. We had a balcony on the spa floor. It was very roomy and very clean. We probably could have enjoyed it even more if my husband had not been hurt.. It was not handicap accessible.

Tired of seeing the exact same things on every boat!! Carnival it is time for a change!!

Don't miss...Pasta Bar, Serinity Deck...both were great.

Stay away.....dining room, spa, lido deck , Belize excursion. You have to take a 30 min. boat ride...on a bumpy ferry boat. Just what you want to do after you just got off a boat!


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