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Age: 43

Occupation:Law Enforcement

Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Dream

Sailing Date: 2010-11-12

Itinerary: Western Carribbean

Very dissatisfied after paying $3000 for a Penthouse suite for our 23rd Wedding Anniversary. Water came up through the floor drain 3 inches deep almost going into our cabin. Greeter at the terminal was very rude and we were not on the ship yet. Cake was not in the room upon arrival as promised. After boarding at 11:00 AM whennot many people were onboard it took over 5 hours to get 2 pieces of luggage delivered. Pizza is all that is available to eat after 9 PM and it was made as cheap as possible and taste like cardboard. Too many people on the ship. Most of the staff is unfriendly. (not all) Ships layout is cumbersome and for a ship this size the rooms are much smaller than other ships which are smaller. Too many children on the ship which normally occupy the hot tubs as swimming pools and run up and down the hall at all hours. Belize is a dump. Stayed off the ship 1 hour there before my wife became nervous and wanted to get back to the ship. A lot of beggars and it is very poor. We had occurances where the staff in the dining got into a fight one night and as a result we spent 2 hours in the dining room. Wireless internet is very slow and expensive. Our closet lights remained on all night because the doors would not close properly. The in room refridgerator never would get cold. Managers were rude and talked to me as if I were ignorant. Took 2 days to get a manager to talk to me and they sent the room steward manager whom I saw playing volleyball on the beach with a female employee the day before. Seems he did not have time to address my concerns because he had to play. Observed 2 employees kissing in the hallway next to the elevators. (very unprofessional) I had to go down to guest services 3 times to get someone with any authority to speak to us and it was not until the day before we departed that someone began trying to address my issues. They overcharged me for one excursion but at least refunded it. For $3000 I got a $500 cruise. Very dissapointed and even after writing letters and sending emails to the corporate office in Miami they continued to insult me by telling me that if I were to rebook on another cruise with them they would give me 20% off but they cannot refund any money once I had paid it. My wife has stated NEVER again would she step foot on a Carnival cruise ship. We are going to try Royal Carribbean Cruise lines and you should too.

Not enough choices. Food in Dining rooms is luke warm or cold most of the time. After 9 PM if you do not like cardboard Pizza then you better pack a sack from Dinner and leave it in your room to eat later. The food choices are VERY limited.

Too small for a Penthouse Suite. This room is smaller than a regualr suite on Carnival's Sensation ship. Save your money and get a small room if you have to go on Carnival. Do better and go on Royal Carribbean instead.

Very limited. This ship has the fewest and some of the dummest activities of all the ships we have been on.

In Mexico on the Tulum 8 hour excursion make sure you do not have to go to the bathroom because they charge you. When they guy told me 25 cents to use the restroom and 25 cents for my wife I said you are kidding right? He says, "No". After paying 50 cents he then brought our a roll of toilet paper, tore off a small piece and handed it to my wife. Not a roll, A PIECE like 3 sheets. The large boat ride from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen to catch the bus to Tulum was terrible. 20% of the people on the boat were throwing up. If you take this boat (big yellow boat) please make sure you get a barf bag at the door. You will need it. Ship only stayed in Cozumel for 8 hours which is too little. We did this excursion and only had 20 minutes to get back to the ship once back at Cozumel. They should remove Belize from the itenary and stay overnight in Cozumel. belize is a dump. Isla Roatan (Honduras Island) was nice and clean. This is a good beach. Don't pay for the flying chair ride. It's not worth it. You have to wait 30 minutes to get on the thing and the ride lasts for 4 minutes. You can walk to the beach in 5 minutes versus wasting time in the chair line. We paid for the chair lieft, rode it over but we walked back. If we had known this before we would have walked it both ways.

The letter below was sent to Carnival Cruise Lines. I booked a cruise on the Carnival Dream for November 12 through November 20, 2010 departing from Port Canaveral, Florida. I wanted to let you know that our cruise was unacceptable and we are very dissatisfied. For a little background, I am a Law Enforcement Officer in Florida and I do not make much money so I saved money for 3 years to take my wife on a surprise cruise aboard the Carnival Dream out of Port Canaveral to celebrate our twenty-third Wedding Anniversary. I wanted this to be very special for my wife and have a romantic getaway. This was a surprise until about 3 weeks before departure so when I told my wife she was elated and very excited. I had the room decorated, bought a package containing champagne with champagne glasses and a Anniversary cake to be in the room upon our arrival. I was contacted a few days before the cruise and was given the opportunity to upgrade from a suite to a penthouse suite for an additional $400.00. I made the upgrade in an event to make it even more special. I spent over $3,000.00 for this trip that was to be one of a lifetime for my wife and myself. The following occurred: Day 1 – Saturday - Embarkation We arrived at Port Canaveral around 10:30 AM. As we went into the VIP line and approached the door the Carnival agent at the door began yelling at me. She stated, “I have told all of you to have your passports open to the photo page.” “I am not going to open your passports, you need to already have it open for me.” I told her, well I’m sorry, I just walked up and I did not hear you make such request. She stated, “Just open it.” We proceeded through the line where we met the first nice person in the VIP office. We told her that the lady at the door outside was very rude and has made the start to our cruise very unsettling and apprehensive. (we are accustomed to the warning signs and this definitely was one)We proceeded onboard to wait for the all clear to enter our room #7303. We entered where I found the room decorated, the champagne and glasses, but no Anniversary cake and no luggage. Thinking my wife would be amazed by the size of the Penthouse suite she was all but that. After I told her I upgraded it from the regular suite she wanted me to change it back. The room was actually smaller than the regular suite we had onboard the Carnival Sensation ship. I was very disappointed and felt the $400 upgrade charge was very unreasonable. The cake arrived 3 hours after we entered the room which was not the plan. After waiting 4 hours for our luggage I called to ask when it would be delivered and was told "Sir, are you aware of how many pieces of luggage we have to move?" I stated no. "Well we have over 4,000 passengers with an average of 2 pieces." I don’t care how many bags. I have been here over 4 hours with no luggage and I paid a lot more for this cruise than most and my level of service should be much higher than what had been received. I am not a $300.00 customer, I am a $3,000.00 customer and I should have received my luggage much faster. This caused an unwarranted apprehensiveness that our luggage had been lost without any reassurance otherwise. After the rudeness at the door we were worried that our cruise was going bad quick. Around 10:00 PM after returning from the casino I opened the door and my wife was frantic. She showed me the 3 inches of water that was standing in the bathroom floor about to come outside the door over the threshold into the main cabin. The water was coming up from the drain in the floor. In an effort to stop the flooding we placed all of our towels on the floor. I contacted housekeeping and requested maintenance. A plumber arrived shortly thereafter and worked on it for about 15-20 minutes. As he exited he stated, “I fixed it.” We asked, what was wrong? He stated, “It was a clog.” I asked if we could get more towels and he stated that he would contact housekeeping to clean it all up. Housekeeping arrived a short time later and cleaned it up and replaced all of our towels. I requested to speak with a supervisor. No call or visit was made by a Supervisor or Officer that night. Day 2 – Sunday We went to the dining room for dinner. The food and drinks took an excessive and unreasonable amount of time. The server was very apologetic stating he was having issues with his assistant. It was obvious to us due to seeing them exchange words and the assistant making faces at the server behind his back. This is not customer service. A good manager in that area would have separated them and/or sent one away for the night. I'm not quite sure what the exact issue was between them but the experience was anything but relaxing. No call or visit was made by a Supervisor or Officer this day. Day 3 - Monday After waiting patiently for a manager or supervisor to speak with us and address the issues with our room, our dining experiences and our issues to date, I went down to Guest services and requested to speak with a supervisor. She asked me why and I told her what happened. She told me she could not find any information on her system showing I ever reported having any issues. After a short conversation and her giving me the impression that she thought I was lying she stated, "Who did you call?" I stated, housekeeping and maintenance. She continued to look and finally she saw something and stated, "Okay, I think I found it." The young lady walked behind the counter to a small partitioned area in the back right corner and began speaking with someone. A short while later she came back to the desk. A black male (later determined to be a supervisor named Wisdom) exited that same partitioned area and went into the back office) When she came back she told me a supervisor would come speak with me later. In other words the supervisor on duty at the time did not want to be bothered. At least that is how I took it. I was not successful in speaking with a manager on this day nor did a manager or supervisor call or stop by to visit with us. On this day I became overwhelmed with stress due to these issues and the fact that all of my planning and saving over the past 3 years was dwindling to nothing more than a complete disaster. I became ill with a temperature and was bed ridden for most of the afternoon, evening and the next day. Day 4 – Tuesday At the beginning of the day I still had a fever. The day was mostly a loss as I tried to function as if I were not ill. It was very difficult. Later in the day we received a knock on the door. It was a supervisor asking us if we had any problems. (3 days after the first incident where I requested a supervisor and 2 days after I went to the guest services desk to ask again) The supervisor was later determined to be the floor supervisor for the housekeeping staff. (this was not whom I requested as I had no issue with my room steward) He appeared along with my room steward who appeared scared to death. The room steward had done an excellent job and was one of the friendliest people we had met so far. I explained that our room steward had done nothing wrong. We began discussing the issue of the water in the bathroom from the first night. He told me this was due to the ship “listing”. I told him this could not be true since the plumber had already informed me there was a clog in the drain and he repaired it. He was yet again very forceful in telling me this was due to the ship listing. I told him if that even if that was remotely true then they would have had water coming out of every drain from deck 7 all the way down to deck 1. (also keeping in mind this was a leader of the room cleaning crew trying to give me a lesson on Physics) I informed him that I am a very educated person and I did not appreciate him speaking to me as if I was ignorant. He left the room and my wife became furious over him insinuating this sort of distorted insult not to mention being downright rude and disrespectful. In looking at his age and life experience or lack thereof (he looked 21 years old if that) he had no business making statements about things he lacked educated knowledge. Day 5 – Wednesday During our lunch at the buffet my wife asked a staff member for assistance in getting a tray. She was told they did not have anymore. She found her own tray within 6 feet and got it herself. She just needed some assistance due to her hands being full at the time. This was unacceptable. Day 6 – Thursday I went back downstairs to guest services and demanded to speak with a manager or supervisor. After a short discussion with another young lady at the desk I was informed a supervisor would come out and speak with me shortly. I waited outside the desk for a couple of minutes. A supervisor came out and spoke with me for about 30 minutes. She was very attentive and took notes. Her name was Daryq (pronounced Daria) and she was awesome. After our conversation she apologized (which was the first apology we had received since any of the issues we reported) stating she would escalate this to her supervisor Ana who should be in contact with us shortly. Day 7 – Friday We received a call from Ana Dumitri. (guest services manager) We went downstairs to her office and met with her for about 30 minutes. We explained what happened. Ana was very courteous and respectful. She appeared to be very frustrated with the lack of communication between the ships staff and lack of attention by her supervisors to our needs and requests. Don't get me wrong in the next few statements because I am sure that her concession offers were not of her own choosing. These are probably the only ones available for her to offer based on her level of authority. She first offered to give us a free dinner at the steakhouse, (valued at $50) or a bottle of wine, or 2 Carnival robes. After a brief conversation we told her how we appreciated these offers but declined. (basically these offers were an insult to us) We spent $3,000 dollars (wasted) and $50 dollars will make it right? Disembarkation Day - Saturday After we exited the ship as if to add insult to injury the US Customs department pulled us aside to search our luggage. After they were rude too and not finding any contraband they let us depart the terminal. I’m not normally one to complain about such searches but it seems somewhat obvious that this search appeared more than just a coincidence. It made me think we were being singled out one more time for problems and some sort of additional humiliation. Other issues: There were too many kids running up and down the hallways during rest times, loud kids next door to our room and a large group in a room 2 doors down who refused to go by the rules and continually smoked out on the balcony and in the room. We could smell the cigarette smoke in the hallway and I observed them hanging over the balcony rail smoking. There were not enough food options after 10:00 PM. You could eat pizza or choose 1 of 6 sandwich options. At the minimum there should have been at least one buffet line open with a variety of foods from fruits to desserts, salads to soups, meats to cheeses, and even some breakfast items. If you get hungry after 10:00 PM on this ship your might just remain that way until official breakfast hours. Other than the size of the ship, its layout is cumbersome. The choices of things to do while onboard other than the casino (where I lost a lot) and alcohol are limited. (compared to other cruises we have been on) Most of the time the pools were full of kids to include the hot tubs. We would like to see either an entire area with a large pool and more than 2 hot tubs for "Adults only" or just an "Adults only" cruise. It's not that we hate children but we had 3 and now have 5 grandchildren. We have done our time and simply lack the patience. We go on vacation to relax, not to fight kids. After my email and letter was received this is the email response I received from Carnival: Email sent: January 6, 2011 & via US Mail Reply received January 17, 2011 Mr. XXXXXXXX First, I would like to apologize that it has taken me so long to get back to you with your concerns. I have been out of the office for the past two weeks. I am so sorry that you guys had such a bad experience. I have forward a copy of this email to our Guest Relations department. They will review the email and back to you. If you have any questions you can contact them at 1-800-929-6400. Good luckJ Thank you, Sandra Fraze 2nd email received from Carnival: January 17, 2011 Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX, Thanks for getting in touch with us. After looking into your concerns, we ask that you allow us some time to research this matter. Someone will be contacting you by phone within 2 to 3 business days. For your reference, your file number is xxxxxxxxx. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience. Cordially, Lorraine Giraud Guest Care Department From: "Hasham, Kevin (CCL)" Received: 1/7/11 5:39:00 PM EST To: Guest Care Subject: FW: My Cruise experience Hello, Should I reply to this guests email? Thanks! Kevin ext 82716 ** After 8 days went by I still had no response as told above which I would receive within 2-3 days. I sent another email on January 24, 2011 inquiring about why I had not received a response. Below are the 2 emails I received on that same day within 8 hours of another. Thank you for getting in touch with the Guest Care Department. This is just a quick auto reply to let you know that we've received your email. We're happy to look into your inquiry and get back to you as soon as we can. Just to let you know, depending on the circumstances, it may sometimes take us 7-10 days to respond. Thank you for your patience; we value your business and appreciate this opportunity to assist. Sincerely, Carnival Cruise Lines Guest Care Contact Center Dear Mr.XXXXXX, Thank you again for contacting Carnival Cruise Lines. First, let me apologize for the delay. We take great pride in responding each and every time a guest contacts us, but unfortunately, it seems your file has gone astray. I'm glad you've given us a second chance to address your concerns. We appreciate your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Cordially, Lorraine Giraud Guest Care Representative Carnival Cruise Lines | 3655 NW 87th Avenue | Miami, FL 33178 | p: 305.599.2600 Ext. 76400| f: 305.406.6156 | e: I received a phone call on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 and they left a voice mail message. I work mostly nights so I sleep in the daytime. I tried to call her back but continued getting her voicemail. I called again on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 about 4 times and left 2 messages. I called again on Thursday, January 27, 2011 but left no message when I got voicemail. I received a call on Thursday, January 27, 2011 around 5:00 PM from Carnival. They were not willing to meet any of my requests. They offered some perks on a future cruise but that is not reasonable. My wife will never sail on Carnival again unless it is free. I guess I will have to try another cruise line. My wife and I have been on several Carnival cruises and we have never had these issues nor have we ever spent this much money on a cruise. It goes to show you that sometimes cheaper may be better and that having a big (so called) room and all the plans done does not mean the experience will be great. I'm very dissapointed and a dissatisfied customer. This post is by no means posted in an angry manner. We are over it. We just want others to know that some cruise lines deserve your business over others and if you are thinking of using Carnival for that experience of a lifetime with the one you love and having a romantic cruise with top of the line treatment you may want to look at another cruise line. We are going to Royal Carribbean next time. Thank you and have fun wherever you may go.

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