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Age: 17


Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Dream

Sailing Date: 2010-07-31

Itinerary: went to the caribbean

Carnival Dream has been the best cruise i've ever been on. i LOVED it. I met a lot of amazing people, i still talk to till this day, and its been almost a year. When my family booked Dream we looked if they had good service,entertainment,and the things on board. And they had it all. What i liked is there is always something to do on board. Your never going to be let bored on this ship. The people that work on board are amazing people as well and very friendly. They have the big movie screen that plays recently movies that came out at the time like "Avatar" and other movies too. During the day they play Caribbean music; depending on where its going. The boat also had jacuzzi's that was hanging off the boat! Amazing and a very nice look of the ocean. My favorite part, is the deck party!!!!! So much fun. We dance to a lot of songs that anyone at any age can dance to;like the Cupid shuffle and the YMCA. After that, there is the buffet. Yummy. Cant argue with the food.The boat also has two story's to sit,relax and watch people in the pool, the activities on board going on,the look into the ocean and even play ping pong. The boat is big which is another great thing. You don't want to spend a couple of days on a small boat. It also has a basketball court,mini golf,running track,gym with a nice view of the water,sushi bar,and a water park. The water park has six slides. two for the little kids, two medium slide and two BIG ones. The slide is something not to miss. Their fast and fun. The room service was slow tho. You would have to wait an hour for your food to come. Understandable there is over 3,000 people on board. Other than that i love this boat. A lot of entertainment, fun things to do great food. Dream has it all.

The food was excellent. They have everything possible to eat. And its ALL YOU CAN EAT ! Doesn't get better then that. They have unlimited pizza bar and chocolate and vanilla ice cream. There is also food on the lido deck during dinner if you just want to lay back that night and not go to dinner too. As well as room service if you want to stay in that night. Desert. Wow they have incredible things for desert. Even things i never heard of or tired before. Everything is nice to try at least once. The food is very good.

My stateroom i loved so much. I had great service with the people that cleaned my room. If i left it as a mess, i would come back with everything fresh and clean. They change your pillow cases, bed sheets, towels, everything and wash them everyday. They also vacuum and wash anything that needs to be clean. I had a balcony. Which is something nice to get to. They have a nice view of the port your at. And you can wake up in the morning and have breakfast outside on your balcony. I would think its best choice to get. There could be a day where you just want to stay in your room sleep or just watch a movie. The bed are something you don't want to get up from. There so comfortable. Once you lay on them, you don't want to move.

There was always activities on board. A lot of things with the pool. They have things for adults and kids too. Everyone of all ages. You will never be board on this ship. The people are so friendly and want to get you up and have a blast.

You don't want to miss learning things about the islands your at. They have great history and their also nice cultures. You would want to swim with dolphins,go jet skiing,snorkeling,and parasailing. These things are fun, and you don't want to miss out.

I had the best time on my cruise. Ive been on six and that was the best I've ever been on. I don't think any cruise could top that. We went to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. Which I've been to all a couple of times. But there nice places to go visit. Bahamas has the Atlantic Hotel that is so nice, they give you tours of where famous people live and places to shop. St.Thomas is good for buying jewelery for a very good price and has a good view of the island from the top of the mountains. St.Maaten has a wonderful beach, i dont remember the name but very beautiful. White, soft sand. You cant see through the blue warm water. These are nice places to visit for a vacation.

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