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Carnival Lines Carnival Conquest Review Western Caribbean Kaycee

Age: 15


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Conquest

Sailing Date: March 26th, 2006

Itinerary: n/a

Carnival Cruise Lines

Embarkation: Our embarkation wasn't too bad, considering the number of people that I was traveling with--10. It went pretty smooth and quick.

Getting Settled: Getting settled was quite stressful, however. We switched a lot of things around (who was in which room, etc.) We had to switch room keys, but once that was all figured out, we were good to go.

Day one: The first day of any cruise is always the most interesting. We (Marysa, Maggie, Megan, Emily and I---friends of mine) wandered the ship.

Day two: My roommates, Maggie and Emily, and I, woke up kind of late on day two. But we went to the pool and swam for a while. Then we went shopping around the little mall on deck 5. We also went to the the teen club that night and went dancing. It was a blast. We met a few friends.

Day 3: Montego Bay, Jamaica! That was awesome. We all went to the beach and goofed around for a few hours. After that, we went to Margaritaville and shopped in the gift shop. The music was incredibly loud and the people were incredibly drunk. It was hilarious. Ethan, the 3 year old we were traveling with, found a lizard. He picked it up by the tail and swung it. No lizards for him for a while - haha. That night, we went hot-tubbing with a couple of friends. I met a guy there and he and I clicked. Unfortunately, he lives in New Mexico and I live in Idaho. Then after that, we went to the teen disco and hung out for a while. One of our new friends got up to join us at the Mardi Gras party by the pool on deck 8. When he got up, he hit his head and cracked it on a metal bar. At least 5 or 6 of us from the disco rushed him down to the infirmary. He ended up with stitches.

Day four: Hell, Grand Cayman! Day four was awesome. We took a scenic taxi drive to the turtle farm. We got to look at and feed turtles. Then we got to hold them. It was a blast. After we ate lunch at a nearby cafe, we took a water taxi to Stingray City! OMG. That was so cool! We fed and handled stingrays. I recommend that to everyone. They aren't mean, they just go about their business. And they feel like Jell-O too!

Day five: Cozumel, Mexico! I was sunburned from Grand Cayman, so I didn't get off the boat until about 2:00. But Emily, my Dad, and Emily's Dad shopped around in the city. Emily and I got these really neat bracelets for a good price too. Oh and I got bit by a parrot too. That was funny.

Day six: Day six was pretty laid back, since there were no more ports. We had a fun time with our new friends, just wandering the ship and drinking pina coladas. Virgin, of course.

Day seven: Saaaad day...we spent as much time as possible with our friends and had a good time with them. The last night at the disco was really sad, because I had to part with the guy that I met.

All in all, it was my best cruise yet, and I owe it all to Carnival. If it weren't 12:30 a.m. and if I didn't have finals tomorrow, I would fill you in on every little detail, because what I told you here doesn't begin to cover the fun and excitement.
The food was great, the service was awesome, and the ship was amazing. Our two waiters were Marek (who Maggie was in love with, btw) and Gideon. They were fun and they made us laugh, especially during the dancing in the dining room!

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