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Tina N.

Age: 20


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Conquest

Sailing Date: June 11th, 2006

Itinerary: n/a

Carnival Cruise Lines

I traveled with a total of 18 people. I live in Houston so driving to Galveston was not a very long drive. Upon arriving at the cruise port.. you must drop off all your luggage and everybody gets off there. Then the driver goes and parks the car and then takes a bus back to the port. It took about 30 minutes before my Dad arrived back to the terminal. The line was very long but it was moving fast. Make sure you use the luggage tags that come with your ticket. They are labeled and colored so that way luggage can get sent to your room ASAP. Leaving your car at the port is $10 per day. In our case it cost us $70 for the week.

When we got to our room, our luggage was already at the front door. On the other hand, some of the other family members that traveled with us had not received theirs until about an hour later. The room we chose was a simple ocean view. There are about 5 decks with balconies. The next time I go on a cruise.. I will  get a balcony room! Well of course, if I paid for it.. in this case.. I did not. Anyways, the ship is HUGE! It took us about 3-4 days to get use to everything.


I love breakfast food. On the ship, breakfast is pretty much all the same every day. For lunch, there is the buffet or open seating in one of the restaurants each day. Dinner was my favorite. meal of the day. Each day was a different menu. I would have to say all of the food was pretty much wonderful. Our waitress (I forgot her name) was OKAY. She seemed a bit rushed and was not much of a conversationalist. Since we had 18 people, we were split up into 3 tables. I was not very happy about that. The whole purpose would be to have dinner at the same table every night together but I guess I understand since we had so many people. There is a 24 hour buffet on the Lido deck and it was pretty much always pizza, hamburgers, and hotdogs. The pizzeria is pretty good when you have the munchies, well so is everything else. We did not buy a soda card, which we should have because it would have been cheaper that way. So I suggest everyone to buy one!


Todd is the cruise director. He is hilarious! I liked him a lot. The Vegas style show was so boring! I fell asleep and actually left in the middle of the show because it had no plot. It does although show allot of booty (if u know what I mean) when its suppose to be a family show. I didn't get it? But it did not bother me. The comedy shows though.. were hilarious! I loved them. I actually bought a CD from one of the comedians. There was always bingo. That was fun but I NEVER won.. and the bingo cards should be cheaper. All of the other shows are wonderful. Watch them all because that's all you can do!


All the room service people are so polite! Our state room was cleaned twice a day. They would sometimes bring cookies for my little brother and any other kids that stayed in the room. They also fold towels into different kind of animals each night. That was cute. Don’t forget to bring the beach towels back after you use them, because they charge you like $30 per each towel if you forget.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

We did not book any excursions before the cruise. I highly suggest to do that before and not through Carnival because it’s twice as expensive. Jamaica is a very poor country. All the homes there have burglar bars, even the million dollar homes. It tells you that the crime rate there is probably high. As we go to Jamaica, we talked to a man with city tours in the Jamaica terminal. We started with a one hour city tour. Since we had 18 people we had a whole van to ourselves. It costs $6 per person. Our tour guide we very nice and outgoing. He took us on a short drive through downtown and it is crazy there. There are police officers walking around holding M4’s just waiting for something to happen. After the city tour, our driver took us to Sunset Beach Resort. I loved it there! For a door fee of $30 a person, you get unlimited food (there was a buffet) and drinks (which includes alcohol!!!!!) There was a beautiful beach and also water park and water equipment at no extra cost. The water was a clear blue. There was also live entertainment. The facility was very clean. I loved it there and I would definitely go back to this resort and stay for a whole week. The resort was also only about 15 minutes away from the cruise terminal, which gave us a little more time to spend there.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The water here is absolutely beautiful. It is clear green. This island is probably the most expensive to live at and shop out of the 3 visited. We walked down the block from the terminal and went to Atlantis Submarine. We went on a clear glass bottom boat. It’s not as bad as it seems. I felt a little seasick by the time it was over though. But it was beautiful underwater. It was $40 a person. If you want to experience an actual underwater submarine, than its $100. I wish we would have done that because you can see so much more. Afterwards, we went on another city tour. This time it was boring because our tour guide was very monotone. We’re Vietnamese so our family was on a hunt for tropical fruits such as soursops, mangoes, lychee and etc. Our tour guide took us to a local grocery store such as your local Kroger's and showed us to the pineapple, bananas and papaya section. That was funny. After that, we visited a turtle farm (boring). The highlight of the trip was probably seeing one of John Gotti’s homes at Grand Cayman. (I’m into organized crime history) I would highly recommend to book an excursion at this island, or visit a private beach. The city overall is absolutely gorgeous. It looks like America!

Cozumel, Mexico

I had the most fun here. We did not waste any time here. We headed straight to Paradise Beach! It was awesome. The beach was so nice. There is no fee here unless you would like to use the water equipment (kayaking, water trampoline, water iceberg) and the fee is $8. They also offer hair braiding (which is more expensive there) and henna tattoos (cheaper than usual). The food there was also good. Maybe I was just really hungry because I had a lot of fun there. After we left the beach, our driver showed us some of the damage that Hurricane Wilma left behind. It’s a horrible site.


Each day we got to an island, it rained for about an hour right when we arrived. There needs to be more adult pools on the Conquest. Make sure you go to every Lido deck party because it was always fun. Henri’s Disco was so weak! Nobody ever dances there. They play the Cha Cha Slide song too often. They also need a new DJ because the DJ plays some really bad dance songs! Alcoholic drinks should be cheaper. Formal pictures are also expensive. $21.99 for each 8x10 picture. The camera guys are really nice and funny. The boat was rocky every other night. It was way too chilly in the casino! I loved everyone’s accents. If you love to eat and relax by the pool, a cruise is perfect for you.


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