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Carnival Lines Carnival Conquest ReviewWestern Caribbean Sheila

Age: 40


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Conquest

Sailing Date: October 7th, 2007

Itinerary: n/a

Carnival Cruise Lines

Starting out, the embarkation was easy, no long wait.  Make sure you check-in on the computer, as this will save you time, also having a passport will save you time.  We did the self-assist getting off and had no trouble, everybody was very nice.  We were off the ship and back to the hotel on the beach in Galveston by 8:45am. 

The ship was clean and for the most part everyone was nice.  We had trouble with our shower draining and could not get them to fix it, asked our cabin steward 3 times and he said he would file a report to have it fixed, never got fixed. Also the remote for the TV didn't work very well, you use the TV to check you folio (Charge account and book excursion) so yes, the remote is important.  He (the room steward) did do a good job of cleaning our cabin!!! 

Ports of Call, Cozumel was great!!  Easy getting off of ship.  We got off early before stores opened at 9:00am, a few were open but not main one's.  Water was beautiful!!  Everybody here,  for the most part, was very nice.  Easy getting back on ship--the pier where they dock is in the center of town. 

Grand Cayman was great!!  We took a taxi (bus) to the beach, it was $4.00 ea. one way, very good deal!!  The beach was beautiful and lucky for us we got to see a sea turtle on the beach.  One word of advice is to go a little farther down the beach, don't get off at the first beach drop off.  The difference is $1.00 more each.  The beach looked nicer and cleaner, we walked down to the next location.  Another word of advice, if you plan to go to the beach, don't take a lot of cash of anything you would want to lock up because the locker's are not in a place that I would want to leave anything very important.  At the pier where you get off of the ship is a great place to shop. We felt very safe here, no worries.

Jamaica is not a place that I ever plan to step one toe on everrrrrrrrrrrr again.  The island is beautiful but that is the only thing going for it.  The people are very pushy and leaving the port going through immigration was not very nice.  They treat you like you are stealing something?????????  We also booked an excursion through Carnival and found out that 3 weeks before one of the buses on that same excursion had been robbed by gun point and that is why the buses go so fast through the mountains.  We went to the Croydon Plantation and it was beautiful.  It stormed the entire time but we understand you can't control the weather.  However, you do need to know that on this excursion that the tour buses drive very fast and that the roads are barely wide enough for two small cars to pass on.  The buses also drove over two places in the road that had been washed out by water falls and going over one of them the back of the bus hit the bottom.  I do not recommend this especially if you get motion sickness.  They drive on the opposite side of the road than we do so you can only imagine going up into the mountains on those tiny roads sitting on the left hand side of the bus is not fun.  When you look down, you can't see the bottom in some places, and it was raining the entire time.  The people walking on the side of the road would not move out of the way, I can't believe we didn't take out a couple of them.  So, if you do anything here, just know that my 13 year old daughter was wishing that she was back in school this day and also feared for her life, now that should tell you something!!!!!!!!!

Overall, yes I would cruise with Carnival and even on this ship again, It was great!!!!!!!





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