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Age: 32


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Conquest

Sailing Date: 2011-04-2

Itinerary: Western Carribean

This was our first cruise, and we had the best week of our lives on this boat until... it was time to go home. We had paid for the transfer service to make sure we got to the airport on time, so we could get home in time to pick up our kids. Well... that didn't go as planned. They didn't have a bus scheduled to go to IAH (bush intercontinental) so after about 2.5 hours of waiting in the hot sun on a sidewalk, the bus going to Hobby said they would take us to the airport after they dropped off their Hobby passengers. Every one of us going to IAH MISSED OUR FLIGHTS! Couldn't get out of Houston until the next day, (Monday) so we then had to pay for a hotel, and a taxi the next morning to get to our plane. I called Carnival about this, and got NOWHERE. Still fighting with them to reimburse me for the transfer service for me and my husband, and the hotel. Also, we booked the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, and they gave me tickets for the Mayan lunch and beach excursion, and I thought it was the same because it said Mayan Ruins on the ticket. After we got back from the WRONG excursion, I went to the Guest Services desk, and the lady looked at my account, and said quietly "hmm, it shows you missed your excursion" I told her no, you sent me on the wrong one. Now, I wouldn't of cared so much except for the fact that the one I booked and already paid for was about $75 more a person, so I wanted my money back. She then back peddled and said, "no, you went to the right one". I printed out the excursions I bought when I booked them on Carnival's website. She then told me to call Carnival Customer Service when I got home and they would quickly reimburse me for that. Still haven't got my money back. They are "reviewing" it and will let me know what they decide on all these issues. They have been deciding since March 21st.

The food was great. I was very surprised. There is a wide variety of food available, and you can get these bomb hamburgers 24 hours a day. (pizza too) They have different themed food on lido deck, and 24 hr room service, but don't expect to get it any time soon. One night, they never showed up! It was hard to get a hold of them, and sometimes they would just hang up on you. It's easier to go get a hamburger.

Our stateroom was marvelous. We got the oceanview on deck 2. We had a huge window that we both could fit in to watch the waves and see when we were coming into port. The room was big. The bed was huge, and there were plenty of closet and drawer space. They come to "clean" your room every day and do a turndown service in the evening. They NEVER changed the bed sheets. EVER.

People say there is lots to do, and I guess there is if you like every single thing they plan on the ship. They had halarious newlywed games, ball room dancing lessons, bingo, shows (do not take your kids to the vegas style shows) but our favorite was the comedy show. One guy was horrible and even walked off because he admitted he didn't have enough material to finish the show, but 2 of them were fantastic and had us cracking up, but those were the adult versions of the shows. There is shopping, if you want to pay out the hiney for it. Remember this.. this is not all inclusive at all. If you want to play bingo, it costs money, and its not cheap. $20 for ONE CARD. The jewelry is gorgeous, but cheap. They lie to you about what its worth. I had a stone fall out of my ring the 2nd day I had it. They did exchange it for another one right then, but after that, I was like "oh crap, we got ripped". Good luck on the swimming part. There are always too many people (mainly kids) in the pools or hot tubs to get in. The pools are so small they shouldn't be called pools.

Montego Bay... wow... where do I start... I NEVER WANNA GO THERE EVER AGAIN! We went on the zipline tour, and that was marvelous, but after the tour, they took us to the shopping and beach area, where you have to pay to get into the beach. My husband got hounded to buy cocaine 4 times walking down the shoping area trying to get to the beach and I got bombarded by dudes trying to give me weed. I just kept walking and said no, but they don't care. We made it to the beach, and a guy jumps over this walk way bridge and literally threw a joint in my husbands lap, right in front of a P-O-L-I-C-E and says "just tip my boy" of course I have no idea what that meant and I yelled at him to come back and get it, he shook his head no, and jumped back over the bridge. At this point I'm freaking out! So we got up to get away from there, and he yelled at us to stop and said we owed him $10 for the joint, and I threw the thing at him and told him in not a nice way to go away. Well, after that, the cops followed us and posted up behind us at this beach. I was talking to a local and he explained the "tip my boy" thing. See.. the cops let you smoke if you give them money. I explained that where I'm from, that is felony bribery and possesion and I didn't want any part of it. We finally left the beach and was walking to the shop that the bus driver told us to go to so he could pick us up, and on our way there, we got offered coke, and shrums this time. The people like to touch you. The girls will grab your hair and ask to braid it, they will grab your arm if you try to walk off from their attempts to sell you drugs. They are aggressive and just plain stressful. Cops ride up and down in these bus like jeeps, in bulletproof vests, carrying machine guns. I see why. That in itself was like "omg" . If you go to Montego bay, get an all day excursion. DO NOT GO INTO THEIR TOWN. Grand Cayman was marvelous. We never got offered drugs, didn't get touched, and didn't see police with machine guns. We snorkeled the reef and shipwreck and it was great. The town is gorgeous, and the people are nice. They are richer than us, so remember this.. your money isn't worth as much as thiers. My husband and I got a quesidilia and a margarita in a cafe there and it cost us $32 bucks! I was pissed! But that was my only complaint. Cozumel was ok. The vendors there will chase you down to sell you something. I just kept firm with them. You can make deals pretty easily. Some vendors won't budge but just go to the next one and they will. If you get past the port Cozumel isn't so pretty. Broken down cars ever where, dirty, and looked desolate. You can tell your in Mexico.

The fun part about this trip was that I was with my husband, disconnected from the world, and actually got to fall in love all over again. We made the best of it, and was happy we got to see these countries. We made friends with other couples on the boat, and you get to meet people from all over the world. That part is really cool. Overall, we had a good time. Some of it was stressful, but at least we did get home, and in one piece. lol

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