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Age: 26


Number of Cruises: 11

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Destiny

Sailing Date: 2009-07-13

Itinerary: Eastern Carribean

This is my eleventh cruise and my third time on Carnival, and never again will I cruise Carnival unless they change. I have never been on a ship where the staff was so uncaring. The only nice staff was Totok, our cabin steward, and Anderson, our server. Other than that whenever I would ask a question to a crew member, they didn't even look at me as they were too busy. If I did get a response, it was rude. Sometimes it seems the employees have more fun with each other than with the actual guests. When getting back on the ship, there were never any crew members asking how our day was or anything, they simply didnt give a hoot.

The breakfast on the Lido deck was SO slow, I tried to find a manager to tell him the only reason the line is held up is because the entire buffet line is self -serve until you get to the bacon! The man behind the bacon is working slower than a turtle and serving one piece of bacon at a time....what is the point of the buffet!? The food was not worth the line. We ended up going to the dining room to get better breakfast.

Again lunch was the same burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc., which not to mention was also the mindnight buffet every night. Also, these ships all have this unlimited ice cream machine which they serve ice cream and frozen yogurt, after the first day on the ship the ice cream machine was being filled with frozen yogurt, I asked a crew member but he looked at me clueless.

The dining arrangements were wrong from the first day. They told me I would be on the same table with my family that was booked on another cabin but we weren't. I had to get that fixed the first day. We still ended up sharing the table with another couple.

The food quality was extremely poor, not to mention the portions were so smaill most people were ordering 2 or 3 starters or 2 entrees. When I tell you that they use the same container for rice, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese as they do for syrup, soy sauce and ketchup I'm not kidding. You can get one big spoonfull or maybe 2 small ones. The best thing I ate were the escargots that I always look forward to and the worst thing was the lobster bisque which was gross and tasted nothing like lobster.

The servers sing a couple nights out of the week but it looks more like a chore. There are no cool fire presentations with the cherries jubilee or baked alaska as they used to look forward to. The bar service at our dining table only happened one night. I am also very glad I brought a bottle of wine because there was not one drink on the ship that I could taste or feel the alcohol, they must have been watering it down. Our cabin steward was nice enough to keep our bottle on ice every day. Along with fixing up our rooms twice a day.

The captain of our ship was actually very invloved, friendly and funny, unfortunately I dont think he has any idea the disastrous situation he is sailing with.

Another issue, the picture display situation, these people are moving the pictures around at what seems like every hour. Every time I found a picture of myself or my family, I would bring my family to see our pictures and they would be moved, every time, every day! It's ridiculous, and then they have these sensors on the pictures in case you steal them and an automatic alarm would sound throuhout the whole 4th floor everytime someone would move from one picture section to another.

Another thing, when Bingo is played, there are also these scratch off tickets you can buy for a dollar, my friend and I both won a dollar yet, when we went to claim our winnings the staff member said it was too late and the lady that pays out had left, even though they never said anything like that when we bought them. When I pointed to the lady and said "she is right there" she rudely said, "yeah, but she cant do it now, come to the next bingo game." Needless to say we did, but we still never got paid. This leads me to Bingo, what a disappointment, when I was young we used to have Bingo sessions where we would play at least 5 rounds, not on this ship, every Bingo I went to hand one winner only, how boring.

The gym was packed and you are not allowed to run on the treadmills before 9am. Not to mention I saw multiple crew members in the locker area just sitting down and not in the mood to work.

The comedians were great, best entertainment on the ship, the juggler was cool too. I won't even get into the talent show but there were some good groups but it didn't seem like they rejected anybody from performing.

Carnival should be called the laid back ship not the fun ship. You should have seen the cruise directors on the cruise channel! They looked either high, drunk or just not interested.

The excursions were nice, with great beaches and great weather. Do the horseback riding, and get to Atlantis, but try to go through Atlantis because the ship over charges by 50 dollars.

I did have a room on the lido deck with a balcony which was nice for being my first balcony however I hope Carnival realizes that their competition is way beyond them.

This entire ship needs a renovation, I guess after being on Royal Carribean's Freedom of the Seas, this ship could not come close. Maybe they need to pay their crew more so they can smile more often

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