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Shunta Montgomery

Age: 30

Occupation:Writer and Artist

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Destiny

Sailing Date: 2009-09-13

Itinerary: Bahamas

I can sum up this cruise in one word: horrible. The ship was dirty, the crew members were mostly rude. Four people, out of all that I encountered, were nice. The others were sarcastic, rude and for the most part, not helpful. The ship leaked in the spa aerobic area and also in the Deck 9 indoor eating area. We had water dripping down from the ceiling onto our table where our food was. Then, after a loud noise and the ship shaking in the dark hours of the early morning, we all found out that there were "technical difficulties." Basically, our ship broke! We were down to one propeller when we arrived late to our second island, and had been told technicians would be at the third island to fix the problem. We left Nassau assuming things were fine, but once again a late night "slip and run" (where they slip the letter under your stateroom door) informs us that the problem is not fixed and that we will be three and a half hours late making Miami.

The debarkation attendants were unorganized, conflicting information was abundant; overall the cruise was horrible. My first cruise with Carnival was great, and that's why I went this line for my second cruise. I will never again sail Carnival. There has to be a better cruise line out there.

The food was too repetive and not very tasteful. I think I'm probably one of the few people who has ever lost weight on a cruise. And I didn't even workout while onboard!

Our room was the best part of the trip, and it was not great. There was a weird brown stain on my sheets that I just couldn't bring myself to sleep on, and I felt like I was at a Motel 8 instead of on a crusie, but my cabin steward - Rossie - was amazingly nice and helpful.

I would have liked to see more things to do in areas of the ship that were smoke free. The crusie director was not funny (even though he thought he was) and some of the jokes he told were inappropriate to be said over the loud speaker. There were children on board too.

Grand Turk was nice. It was small, but walking along the beach in the opposite direction of the lounge chairs was quiet, and there are so many large sea shells for any of you collectors out there. All of which are allowed to leave the island so you can take them home with you.

Half Moon Cay isn't what they hype it up to be, but they do have excursions should you want to go on shore.

Nassau, well, it's Nassau and there's a lot to do there. Although I didn't really feel safe given all the people I passed dressed in military garb, and the men hanging out around the walkway corners. I'm not used to seeing those things on vacation, so it was a little daunting for me to be exposed to that.

Twelve years had passed since my last Carnival cruise. My experience had been so good that I decided to cruise again with Carnival. What I didn't know was how much Carnival has lowered its standards of excellence. To be fair, I can only critique the ship I recently cruised, but if my experience on Carnival Destiny is indicative of Carnival cruises in general, then buyer beware.

"A Different Kind of People" ha!

The last time I cruised with Carnival the employees seemed happy. In fact, they seemed so happy that I considered ditching my job for a life at sea (considered, but opted not to of course). The wait staff was dubiously friendly, the guy who cleaned our room seemed to have a smile on his face every time I saw him, and there was never a problem trying to find an employee to help with directions around the ship. That was then.

Now, Carnival Destiny's employees seem to have a perpetual frown on their face. Their temperament is even shorter; friendly, helpful responses replaced with snappy, sarcastic remarks. I noticed this trend my first day on board during the spa tour when Janet, our tour guide, abruptly took the hot stone from one woman's hand and passed up the entire row before handing it to a man standing against the wall in the second row of tourists. I noticed it again in the evening dining room when our server, Juan, passed up our table three times before taking our orders, when he had already taken the order of the tables on the right and left side of us. That pattern persisted throughout that meal and all that followed. Three nights later, the assistant maitre d stood at the top of the stairs watching as Juan once again left our food sitting (this time uncovered) while he disappeared from sight, leaving his assistant without order from and no idea of what went where. The maitre d later came to see how our meal was, and the following night Juan appeared to be reluctantly moving faster.

I later noticed the change in attitude at the information desk where workers seemed annoyed with helping guest and somewhat snappy when having to slow down to speak with those who could not understand their accents. I experienced their rudeness first hand when Kris, at the information desk, condescendingly spoke to me regarding the outdoor areas of the ship. There are very few non-smoking areas outdoors. In fact, the only one I was able to find that remained smoke free (most of the time) was outside of deck three. One side was smoking, the other non-smoking. When the non-smoking side became one man's smoke room I informed the front desk, after all I have paid my money for this cruse too and I should be able to go outside in the smoke free side and truly have it smoke free. Kris' condescending remarks annoyed me and for the first time during the cruse I found my breaking point. I insisted he send security to solve the problem, and finally he took action. I wish I could say these were the only three occasions where I noticed a lack of hospitality, but unfortunately many of the employees shared these same attitudes making for an unfortunately unpleasant trip.

A few notable differences include Mary (night shift at the Information Desk), Rossie (our cabin steward and very friendly man), Claudia (afternoon Information Desk worker) and Geridene (a cleaning woman I met on deck three). These four people could be the example of hospitable the other workers need.

Overall, Carnival Destiny is a Cruise I wouldn't recommend given the behaviors seen on this cruise. If you're looking for classy, hospitable and courteous cruise experience this ship did not fit the bill. This reviewer will be jumping ship for her next cruise and trying one of Carnival's many competitors in search of true hospitality.

On my hearts scale I give this cruise a 1 out of 7 hearts.

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