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Age: 36

Occupation:Youth Workers

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Destiny

Sailing Date: 2010-02-9

Itinerary: Western Carribean

I am NOT a complainer.... but WOW.. Carnival has a few issues!!! Be sure to read that "Fine-Print" when booking a cruise.... Here's our story:

We show up to the Miami Port for our 5 day cruise that was to stop in Jamaica and Grand Cayman (where we were to tie the knot); as we are getting our bags out of the taxi we are handed a piece of paper and told "here are the changes to the cruise"... Changes? HUH?.....
"Ya, the boat has a speed problem and no longer is going to Jamaica or Cayman; it's going to the Bahamas instead".

WE FREAKED!!! They still made us go through security just to get up to the Carnival reception office...where they couldn't help us at ALL... the Carnival Rep did offer to call us a Cab.. that was the best they could do!!! After wasting about 4 hours at the port; we were able to make our own arrangements for a flight directly to the Caymans... where we happily tied the knot!

Our travel agent was able to get us a refund on the Cruise; but not without the threat of "penalties- from Carnival"... Are you kidding me?
I wrote Carnival a letter stating that we expect them to compensate us for the difference in price between the Cruise and what we ended up having to pay for direct flights and accommodations.. which came to about an extra $1600 USD..... Again; no help!!! They tell me they did not receive my letter and that "Carnival reserves the right to change an itinerary at any time to any place they wish... It's in the terms and conditions of the ticket purchase".

I checked those terms and conditions..... It DOES say that..... but we may still have a leg to stand on considering the boat was actually "broken"..and that particular boat is still on the water.. disappointing everyone who gets on it!!! I check out the cruise reviews constantly.... They can't keep putting people on this broken boat and not expecting someone to do something about it!

I might just be that SOMEONE!!! I will keep you posted!
In the meanwhile.... Do not get on the Carnival "Destiny" Boat.... It's broken..and they won't fix it.

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