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Age: 41


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Destiny

Sailing Date: 2010-09-19

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Let's see where to begin. Overall cruise experience: fab. First cruise taken in June of 2009 and booked again this October 9th on the Valor going Western C. Let's see so much to say in such little time. Ok embarkment. No problems, just long lines but be patient they will get to you. PLEASE BE ADVISED AND DON'T BELIEVE ALL YOU READ. You have to cruise for yourself to see what its like. If my sister and I never did, we'd never go cruising. U hear and read all the bad reviews and then the good ones. Every cruise, every hotel, every what not will have bad and good reviews. U have to be the judge of it or you will never see the world or try new things. Ok...getting back to being advised. BE ADVISED: I don't understand how some people get onboard with a passport or check-in at 3. For the Miami port your supposed to be checked-in by no later than 230. AND the biggest debate with reading all these reviews is have a pp or not. GET YOUR PP! That's all I have to say! Or you will be denied boarding and there are no refunds. DON'T play it sorry, play it safe. GET YOUR PP!! I know us cities or closed loop ports you don't need it BUT take no chances. What if you had to change course during cruise or fly home via int'l waters...your stuck. So, don't be a fool, get that Passport!!! AND don't wait til the last minute. It can take up to six weeks. So, getting back to overall experience. All I can say is fabulous. No complaints here except ok a few: shame on Carnival and they got a great inspection report. The milk/choc milk was left out once the ice melted and the ice wasn't refilled. B/the pools aren't so great, meaning not that big. O/W cabin (had a balcony) was awesome and the room steward wonderful and oh my lord our waiter was fabulous. If he's still there, see if you can ask for Roger in the Universe/lower Dining Room, The best. Knew from night one what we loved for our app's, so each night he'd bring double shrimp and he knew my sister and I's dessert. Choc. melting cake. Our table mates were the best. We surely lucked out. Two friends from Iowa. We were standing next to these two woman friends and they were talking and I overheard one asking the other which table # are we at again. Oh my god. What are the odds that happening you standing next to your tablemates before entering the dining room and finding out there. We def. lucked out!!!!!! Again they were the best and they said the same thing about us. Again, all I can say is fab. I'll elaborate more with food and cabins as that's below. Ok, read below....

Oh one more thing before reading below.. The ship, Destiny....beautiful!! Massive!! As most of cruise ships are and its like a floating resort. E/thing at your fingertips and e/one at your service! The glass elevators gorgeous! Oh and people complain about deck chair hogs. Well each day there were plenty of chairs. Maybe because we just hit the right time of day. But the amount of time we spent of the Lido Deck was just about all hours of the day (except port days of course, we're out enjoying the sites) and there were plenty of chairs. Our cruise was a sold out cruise with 1,000 kids and then you do the math for the amount of adults. So, again maybe just hit the right time of day.

As for the food. Let's just say a buffet is a buffet. Your average buffet. Many varieties to choose from both b/fast, lunch but sorry don't know about dinner, as we ate in the dining room each night. Assuming dinner at the buffet was fine also. Ok food at the buffet. Your normal b/f items: eggs, sausage, bacon, omlettes, pancakes, cereal, toast, waffles, fruit, yogurt I think and so forth. Lunch: hamburgers, hot dogs, I think chicken also, potatoes, veggies, mushrooms and onions to top the hamburgers, fries and so forth. There was also the Deli section then Chinese/Italian buffet and those were good too. Don't know about the Deli section as never tried. Food was warm, not piping hot as I would have liked it. Guess you get that at most buffets. The milk/choc milk as I stated above, was no replenished with ice, as once the ice melted, it sat in the HOT sun. As stated above, shame on Carnival as they had a great inspection report not too long ago! Oh and the drinks that the staff carries around, watered down, as expected with it being it the hot sun. So, if you want a fresh, non-watered down drink, go directly to the bar. What they charge for drinks, sorry I don't want a watered down drink. Its expected I guess but then don't you think they should give it to you at half price or only carry a few at a time. So, just go to the bar if you want your ice nice and frozen! We did try b/fast in the dining room once and not for us. Portions are like where's the beef and bad enough you have no clue who your table mates are til you meet them at dinner. Its just like that at b/fast. U sit with 6 or eight others. I guess I could handle that, a bunch of strangers but not when it comes to only two others at your table and you meet and decide ok they are not for us. So you ask to change your table. I'm sorry. I didn't spend all this money to be sitting with people I'm not comfortable with. Maybe they feel the same with us. So, if you don't like your table mates, just ask to be changed or eat at the buffets. Ok back to food. I really have no complaints about the food. It was excellent. Oh I completely forgot. The 24/hr ice cream self serve and the dessert table.......galore!!!! We sampled a few but didn't pig out......we left that for dinner each night with the Chocolate Melting Cake. Chocolate lovers, the best...must try. I never had snails. It was offered one night in the dining room at dinner and all I can say is yummm I hope they have it again on my next cruise next month (Oct 9th, 2010 on the Valor). I have tried caviar (not on the cruise) and it's not my thing...yuck! But snails, you bet. To my explain it best I can..its like a mushy mushroom (and I love mushrooms). As far as the portions go, plenty. As far as the food goes, delicious and plenty to choose from. I don't get these reviews that I read when it says, no variety. Excuse me?? Its just the opposite. At dinner in the dining room and at the buffets....options for everyone. Now, I can see if your a picky eater or on some strict diet, then sorry your out of luck. BUT Carnival does state on their advise them if any special food restrictions, etc. So, if you didn't advise them, sorry NOT their fault you found no food to your liking. AND not their fault if they could not accommodate your diet. So, sorry to those who couldn't eat anything, then maybe a cruise isn't for you. I read a review that this guy was strictly glueten free and they were able to accommodate him. So, if you advise Carnival before hand, maybe they can. If they can't. then NOT fair to blame them if you couldn't eat anything. So again....FOOD was fab. Plenty of choices and please be patient. Lines can be long but they is plenty of food to go around!!!!!! Again, the food could be a little hotter both at the buffet or in the dining rooms, but o/w the food was fabulous. AND my review of it being fab has nothing to do with me being a non picky or non restrictive diet. This is my own personal review. To xyx it could be horrible. Just go on your cruise and rate it for yourself! Yes, we all wish soda would be included but its not. I'm a soda drinker but sorry I'm not paying xx dollars for a soda card, so I can live w/out soda for a week. I drank the "freebies" and was quite content with that! Yes, would be nice if alcohol was included, but its not but my sister and I didn't care because we aren't drinkers. Yes, ok we had a few drinks and even with that going with none, we couldn't care less about the drinks. LOOK in your Carnival Capers each day for drink specials!!! Getting back to the food...fabulous! Delicious! (and the best part my sister and I didn't have to cook).

Ok the stateroom. At first, we were booked in the inside cabin. We had called Carnival to let them know we saw our cruise for xx dollars elsewhere. We can't remember exactly what happened, but something of them not wanting to lose our business, so they offered us: n/c oceanview or ready for this: 10 each, that's 20 dollars for the week for a balcony. Shoot, for an add'l 20 for the week, you got a deal. Ok, the balcony. Fabulous. Decent size room (there was two of us). The bathroom is small but not a problem for us. The idea of looking out the door while sailing was such a great feeling. Then being outside on your own little deck was awesome. It was so relaxing and it was really nice because it was just your and your cabin mates and no one else!!!!! Our table mates had an indoor cabin so we were able to get a peek at it. Yes, its small but if your not claustophic of a large size, it would do 2-4 people just fine. Our next cruise we are taking in Oct of 2010 we have booked an inside room with bunk beds (and there are three of us this time). Some people say an inside cabin is small and dark but sorry but a/your just leave lights on or bring a night light or b/if your not claustophobic and/or of a large size, then an inside cabin will suit you just fine. As for room for all that luggage, no problem, you just make it fit or you climb around it! You make it work!!! You'd be surprised at how many people would rather book the more economical room and spend the add'l bucks on more precious things. RIGHT ON!!!!!

Please don't take offense to anyone who's reading this who is of a large size. I am not making fun of or degrading anyone. I am stating again, my persona view of the inside cabins. To me, the inside cabin suit mine, my sister's needs and our her friend's needs. (And the money we are saving from NOT booking a balcony, we are using for more precious and more important things. Again, to each is his own.....

As far as the o/b activities go, plentiful. There is lots to do for all ages. You make a cruise what you make of it. If you just want to hang on the Lido Deck all the time, go for it. As we did on our last cruise. We didn't really participate in any of the activities, weren't really interested. We did our own thing. That's the key. Do your own thing. If you want to go for the activities, go for it. If you don't, you don't. No one will care what you do. Your chances of running into these people again are next to nothing. So, be lazy. Be active. Be adventurous, be whatever you want to be. Its your choice. Its your cruise. BUTTTTTT what really gets me is when you read the reviews and people say oh there's nothing to do. Far from it. There are many activities on board (check your C/Caper). There is the casino, the clubs, the track, the spa, the gym, the Lido deck, your balcony if you have one. We toured the ship and by the time the cruise was over, we still didn't get a chance to see all. So, again a cruise is what you make of it. Be lazy, be active. Be bored. If you come home saying I was bored then you really didn't make any effort to make a criuse what it is. Sorry, that's just my personal opinion. A cruise is anything but boring!!!! If you want to stay on deck and not leave when the ship is docked, that's your choice. There are just so many things to do onboard, that how anyone can have time to "be bored" is beyond me! We must have sat on the Lido deck for most of our cruise and to someone that's boring. NOT TO US. That's what we loved and enjoyed to do. So again, a cruise is what you make of it......

This cruise in June of 209 didn't book any excursions, so sorry can't rate them. But this cruise in October of 2010 we have booked one excursion. Can't wait to try it.

I think I've told pretty much e/thing above. Our trip was fabulous. Would go again cruising in a heartbeat..oops we already a few weeks! Cruising can't be that bad, o/w the cruise lines would go under! Our trip was just beautiful. Oh wait...didn't mention the ports. Half Moon Cay, awesome. Beach and bbq...fab bbq. Oh, if your going during the summer months, rent a clam shell for shade. Its HOTTTTTTTT on the beach in the sun!!!!! Grand Turks, gorgeous! J/B Marg/ville is there, had a Margarita at 9 in the morning! Then there is the awesome pool . HOLY COW...if your a pool buff like my sister and I,,,,,,don't miss it. It wraps around like the whole J/B Marg. Plenty of room for everyone! And its not that deep. I think there is shopping downtown and I think you can grab a cab, not sure. You'd have to do some research. There is a welcome center when you arrive, so check that out as I'm sure they have the information you need. Then there is Nassau/Bahamas. Beautiful. I can see why celebs have homes here. The straw market ( a big flea market) awesome. Some great bargains. Then there's Paradise Island. You can cab it, not that expensive or take the boat over (not expensive neither). Next time, I'd go cab. Quicker and less nosy and less smelly and less crowded! Ok, Paradise Island has Atlantis Aquarium and that gorgeous resort and also has a casino. All breaktaking! The Island of the Bahamas..just breath taking. Oh be warned. There are tour guides trying to sell your tours, They all seemed interesting but pricey. So we just did our own thing and we had plenty of time to go back to the ship to eat and then shop again! I def. would recommend this route....Half Moon Cay, Nassau and Grand Turks..Eastern Carribean via the Destiny!

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