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Age: 39


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Destiny

Sailing Date: 2012-02-13

Itinerary: Grand Cayman

This was my third Carnival cruise, and overall this was the worst of the three. I should have realized that the low price would correlate with the sub-par experience, but it was too late by the time we were on the boat. This was my husband's first cruise, so he had no pre-conceived ideas of what a cruise should be, but after day one he turned to me & said "are there always long lines & crowds on cruises?" I felt like a liar telling him that no, usually you don't even notice the other passengers. On the Destiny, however, you couldn't get a minute to yourself unless you stayed locked in your stateroom.

The food was one of our biggest peeves. There was always a long line for the buffets in the mornings. After waiting a half an hour in line on the first morning we sat down to cold potatoes, omlettes & bagels accompanied by dirty silverware. We chose to order room service every morning after that, although it has a much smaller menu. Even then the toasted bagels were cold, and the croissants were stale. There were long lines for everything food related, even trying to get into the dining room in the evenings.

We chose the late seating for dinner & loved our table mates, and were pleased with our server & busboy. But once again the food was sub-par compared to my previous cruises. Dinners were lacking in flavor, and reminded me, and our dinner companions, of cafeteria food. And the specialty drinks this time around were $8.75 each, not including the gratuity they automatically add to the bill.

Our stateroom was nice. Our room steward kept it very clean & we appreciated that service. The balcony was nice, however smoking is allowed on balconies, so while we tried to enjoy a beautiful ocean view & fresh sea air we mostly got cigarette smoke blown around onto our balcony from neighboring passengers.

There were a decent amount of onboard activities, to be fair. A lot of karaoke going on with all the same people who love to hear themselves sing. The activities repeated often which became boring. But the cruise director, Noonan, kept us laughing. He deserves a raise. Also the guitar player at the atrium bar, Justin Tyme, was a great find. He played great guitar classics so you could sit back & relax.

Other than the food, our biggest disappointment was the quality of passengers on this trip. I'm sure the low price can account for a lot of this, but I would say that 75% of the passengers on this cruise were rude, loud & obnoxious. They would cut in line, use obscene language in public areas & there were even fights reported in the dance club. It seemed more like we were sailing on the Carnival Jerry Springer. Our dinner companions agreed that Carnival had lost its appeal & they would no longer cruise with them.

Grand Cayman is great. Lots of jewelry shopping, good food, and Seven Mile Beach is a must. We actually discussed leaving the ship in Cayman, staying for a few days, then flying home from Cayman instead of getting back on the ship. That's how much we disliked this cruise.

Overall, this trip consisted of long lines, bad food & rude passengers. For the experienced cruisers, you will be disappointed. Pay more money for a better ship or take Royal Carribean instead.

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