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Tammy Ottney

Age: 48

Occupation:construction company owner

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Destiny

Sailing Date: 2013-01-21

Itinerary: Eastern Carribean

This was the worst cruise experience I have ever had. 12 hours before departure while sitting in my hotel room in Miami, I got a email from Carnival saying that the ship was having mechanical problems/and our ports were changing to Key West, Freeport, & Nassau. They did offer us a full refund but with them waiting until just hours before the departure-I was stuck-My airline ticket back home was not until the next Saturday. It wasn't until after we are on board that we find out that other cruisers got notice 3 days in advance, and that Carnival knew since the last cruise because they had the same mechanical problems, and had to have their ports changed also. Carnival knew they had problems and choose not to give their customers adequate time to change their cruise date, and airline because they would have lost to much money. BEWARE IF YOU ARE CRUISING ON DESTINY IN THE NEAR FUTURE, WE HEARD THROUGH STAFF THAT YOUR ITINERARY WILL BE CHANGED-AS THE DESTINY ONLY HAS TWO MORE SALE DATES BEFORE IT'S RETIRED FOR GOOD. CARNIVAL KNOWING AND KEEPING IT FROM US UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE..SHOWS THEY CARE ABOUT THE BOTTOM DOLLAR NOT THEIR CUSTOMERS. YOU CAN'T HELP IF SOMETHING BREAKS DOWN, BUT THE WAY YOU TREAT THE PROBLEM SHOWS HOW MUCH A COMPANY CARES ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS. THE CEO NEEDS TO DO A UNDERCOVER BOSS AND FIND OUT HOW BAD HIS SHIPS HAVE BECOME. IF YOUR OFFERED A REFUND-TAKE IT. THIS WAS NOT MY FIRST CARNIVAL CRUISE BUT IT WILL BE MY LAST.(Editors note: The Carnival Destiny is not being sold. The ship is simply leaving service for a extensive shipyard overhaul to make it into the 'new' Carnival Sunshine.)

The food was awful. We ate in the dining room at night and the food was cold and not fit to eat. One night I asked if they could heat up my soup as the cheese was congeled on top. my waiter said they had to way to do it. the steak was tough, lobster tough, meatloaf looked like alpo dog food-I took one bite and had to spit it out. I came on the cruise to eat like a Queen, I ended up snacking on pizza and tuna fish sandwiches which had long lines, but it was that or starve. Breakfast was not any better...They said it was eggs-but it did not taste like any egg I have ever had. Overall I can cook better food at home..and all my friends will tell you I'm not the greatest cook out there.

We paid extra for a balcony room. Carnival forgot to ask us if staying one deck below the lido deck with the noise of moving chairs scrapping the floor would be able to be heard late into the night and early in the morning. Thank goodness I brought earplugs. The carpets looked like they had water you could see where they had some type of flooding problem. You could smell the mildew. With Carnival selling the ship you could tell they were putting no money into repairs or fixing up anything.

The comedians were good. The other shows were outdated and boring.

Power snorkel in Nassau...I do not recommend this. The equipment did not work they way it was suppose to. You were suppose to glide through the water..I ended up having to swim back to the ship against the current hauling the power snorkel instead of it pulling me back to ship. The crew was great. Coral Reef was sad..nothing to it. There was some fish.

This was the worst vacation I have ever had. I feel like Carnival didn't care because they are selling the ship. The ship is in need of lots of work..I understand that they might not want to put money into it because they are selling it, but I thought as a Company they would care about the Carnival Cruisers that have been faithful to them and to the next generation of Cruisers...They only cared about their bottom dollar and it showed. They lost me and my family as well as the other 21 ladies that I went with. What a wasted trip...If I only had a time Machine..

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