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Age: 48


Number of Cruises: 12

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Glory

Sailing Date: 2009-07-13

Itinerary: Eastern

Just returned from the 7 day Eastern on the Glory. I would have to say that if it was my first cruise I would probably have rated it better as I would have had no other comparison. That said, I have cruised on 7 different lines encompassing a total of 12 cruises. This being my second on Carnival and this one was slightly better than my first Carnival experience, but not by much. This was a free cruise for my husband and I as his parents were celebrating their 50th anniversary and brought us along to celebrate. Therefore they chose the cruise line and destination. There were 6 of us total in the party between 45 and 75 years of age. Teenagers stayed home for this trip.

The ship layout is one of the worst of my experience. This is the first cruise I have been on that I actually felt all the 3,000 people on board. Other ships I have been on (both smaller and same size) have a ship layout that disperses the guests better so a guest doesn't realize how many people are on board This ship bunches folks up onto several very small common areas. This was by far the worst ship with regards to smoking/non smoking areas. I never escaped the smell of cigarettes and cigars, it was awful.

While most staff were courteous and friendly, many were not but that was primarily experienced in the Red Sail restaurant. I found in general, that unless English was the crew workers native language, it was extremely hard to understand and communicate with the mostly Eastern Indian and Philippine crew. Therefore there where numerous times when guests were frustrated. I saw this on numerous occasions.

There were only two full shows. That was rather disappointing as with all other cruises I have experienced wonderful entertainment Broadway level. The two shows they did put on were very good with singing and dancing. One early show featured the singer Mark Anthony and he was very good. The other shows consisted of very poor quality comedian etc. and were not worth the time. I was incredibly disappointed with the lounge acts. Only 1 Robin was worth the time to listen to. The act two for you were pretty bad for a couple reasons. Both of them spoke very poor English. The female singer didn't know the words to the songs nor did she have a good singing voice. The male singer carried her. He had a very good singing voice, and copied the artists he was trying to imitate nicely. However, he butchered a couple songs too due to his lack of or his misunderstanding of the English language.

The food on the ship was adequate, nothing overly exceptional. I will say the dining room food seemed a little better than the buffet Red Sail Restaurant. This ship had a fish and chips bar, but it was awful. Very greasy and fishy smelling and tasting. I think they were using very old oil to fry the food in and mixed the different type of seafood (calamari, oysters, fish) and fries all in the same oil. They also had a deli and an oriental bar, both of those were okay, but had to take back a sandwich that had hair in it. Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken nuggets were also available but too many flies sitting on the food for my liking. I was actually pretty shocked at just how many flies were on this ship. There was never a food experience that there were not flies and this included the dining room. I did not try the Emerald Room dining room as I have a HUGE problem laying out an additional $30 per person to eat what should be already offered in the main dining rooms.

I didn't personally use the ships shore excursions as we've been to the islands many times before so we arranged our own activities. I will have to say that Nassau is a complete waste of time. I can't believe ships still go there. Unless you do the Atlantis tour, there just is nothing there. Most shops were closed (due to the Sunday arrival) and what shops were not closed were out of business. Seems like Atlantis has taken much of the business away from the locals near the port. The straw market has unbelievably not been rebuilt since it burned down years ago. It is small, claustrophobic sitting under blue tarps and consists of pushy vendors all with the same junk that they bought from the Philippines or China. They could at least pull the "made in Philippines" tag off of it before re-selling. I remember not so long ago when many vendors had hand made items to sell.

It would be nice if Carnival had their own or a shared "private" island for beach time. Normally I thoroughly enjoy the “at sea” days, but this ship was just too claustrophobic and people smoked everywhere. Even our room with the balcony was no relief as other guests around us smoked on both sides. So the 3 days at sea where not as enjoyable as they could have been.

Bottom line¦Unless it's a free cruise (like this one was), I will never go on another Carnival cruise and even with that I'd have to think about it!

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