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Age: 36


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Glory

Sailing Date: 2009-10-31

Itinerary: Western Carribean

Never again on Carnival Glory! Maybe never again on Carnival. Just got back today from 7 days aboard the Carnival Glory and unfortunately was highly disappointed. There are two words that come to mind that can precisely describe my experience on this ship. Floating Walmart. No offense to Walmart but those of you out there who know what I mean should stay far away from this ship. This is my second cruise ever, the first being three years ago on the Holland America ship, the Westerdam. I enjoyed the ship and staff so much that I couldn't wait to cruise again. My boyfriend and I had been talking about a vacation for months and I finally broke down and talked with the AAA agent about our vacation options, cruise or resort. I was heavily leaning towards cruising as I had such a good time on my first that I wanted to repeat the experience. Time was short so coming up with the extra money for a cruise on HAL was going to be difficult so we opted for cheap. How bad could it be I asked myself? I assumed all cruise ships were relatively the same but tried hard not to have too many expectations since this was a different cruise line. Boy was I wrong! I should have spent the extra money.

The food in the Red Sail restaurant was nothing special which was disappointing. It was all stuff that is usually served at buffet dinners you have at the local firehouse for some type of fund raiser. The entrees in the sit down dining rooms were a little better but not by much. There were usually enough exotic things to choose from so that you wouldn't get bored, however, be careful as things may sound exotic in print, but are nothing more than pasta and chicken with cream of mushroom soup added on top. Which is what I had one night and it tasted just like a dish I make at home that I make much better. If you don't care and are in it for the fact that you can eat yourself silly then this is the place for you. Besides, once you are liquored up sufficiently you won't care! The wait staff was very attentive and took care of all of our little requests with no complaint. I would pay close attention to times that food is available or else you might be eating pizza and hamburgers a couple of days in a row.

Our stateroom was surprisingly bigger than expected. We had an ocean view stateroom that gave us plenty of storage and walk space. I was very pleased with the cleanliness of the room and the attentiveness of our cabin steward. He was very accommodating, patient, and took notice the minute we left our room so that he could take care of it right away. We spent a considerable amount of time in our cabin since there weren't too many places on the ship we could go for peace and quiet. The decor had a lot to be desired but beggars can't be choosers and for the price, I wasn't going to be picky. I did however find that at times the walls were very thin. Maybe it was because I was on a lower deck and the rooms are smaller, but if you are a light sleeper I would recommend ear plugs lest you over hear something you would rather not!

I didn't really spend much time doing activities as I was interested in quiet and relaxation. For people with children and those who like "working vacations" this is your place to be. We checked out a few shows and a few of the activities, but don't have too much of an opinion. For the ones I happened across in my strolls around the ship trying not to get lost, they weren't half bad.

Our stops were Cozumel, Belize and Costa Maya. The ruins in Tulum, for our Cozumel stop, were awesome. HOT, HOT, HOT so bring a bathing suit and towel and a change of clothes for the rides back to the ship. The Barrier Reef snorkeling in Belize was awesome. I would highly recommend spending the time and money for that. The water was a bit choppy since it had been raining earlier in the day but still a ton of fun. Costa Maya was a fabricated tourist spot that looked like a brick and mortar version of the ship. Nothing exciting except solid ground. If you are tired of being on the ocean by that point, by all means, spend some time there.

Overall the trip wasn't bad, but now I know I will never again book with Carnival. Half way through my trip I had to keep reminding myself that not all cruise lines are this way and that cheaper isn't always better! If you are a first time cruiser and looking for rest and relaxation, the "Fun Ships" of the Carnival fleet are not for you. If you are looking for more elegant cruising and less "flash" I would recommend Holland America and, from other cruisers I have talked to, Princess and Norwegian Cruise Lines. I would also pay a lot more attention to deck detail when checking out cruise ships. One thing that drove me insane on this ship was the inability to get from point A to B without feeling like a rat in a maze. I hate to trash talk the entire fleet because of my one bad experience, but I am also afraid to try any more ships for the off chance they are all like this one. One bad vacation is enough for me. One of the things I really like about Holland America was the cabin size to passenger ratio. The bigger the cabins the less people to muck up your vacation. If you miss the glory days of college and want to enjoy that atmosphere again without all the studying to get in the way then Carnival is your cruise line. Otherwise, rethink the "great deal" you are getting. It might not be such a good deal after all.

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