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Dan Fisher

Age: 29


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Glory

Sailing Date: 2010-05-2

Itinerary: Western Carribean

Our first cruise was awesome! Definitely won't be our last. We sailed on the carnival glory and loved every minute of it. The crew was really good, the cruise director James was charismatic and easy to warm up to right from the get go, the only exception in service was the dudes working the deli and the pizza place, they always acted like you were bothering them or something. There are plenty of activities to do all day everyday, the comedy shows were pretty funny, obviously the adult shows are really vulgar, so if you're not into that, go to the pg rated ones, they use a lot of the same jokes, minus the swear words. The evening sh(ows were worth going to, at least to see if you'll like them, they did like 4 singing and dancing shows, which we got kind of tired of by the 3rd one, but they also had an illusionist and a comedic juggler (probably the best one). There was so much to do onboard that we had to force ourselves to go down the giant twisting slide and play minigolf on the last day when it was windier than a hurricane just so we could say we did those. We had planned to do those things before we even left, but just never got around to them because there was so much other stuff.

The food was pretty dang good, not the best in the world, but for the amount of food they make every day for all those people, it's pretty impressive with 2 exceptions.
We had an inside stateroom because it's the cheapest, but it turned out to be plenty, it didn't feel like we were cramped at all, which is saying a lot because my wife is semi claustrophobic (semi wuss). Our room steward was good and made little towel animals every day (one of my wife's favorite things about the cruise). The bed isn't the most comfortable, but the blankets and pillows weren't too bad, but I was still glad to sleep in my own bed when we got back.

I believe I already mentioned the activities above, but if there was one thing I would change, it's that the ping pong tournament should be held indoors. I'm no Forrest Gump, but I play a mean ping pong game, but I lost to the first guy I played (who happened to be the eventual champion) because the wind was at my back, and it was fairly windy, so anytime I tapped the ball, BAM, it flew to the other side of the ship. But just for excuses sake, this guy had to have been from some country where ping pong is the national sport, he showed up way before anyone else just to practice with his coach/dad, I mean the guy was wearing those old 80s running shorts that barely cover your danger zone if ya know what I mean. I didn't stand a chance, I lost 11-6, which I think was the most anyone scored against this ping pong machine. Anyways, all I'm saying is that the ping pong tables should be inside. Did I mention this dude brought his own personalized ping pong paddle with him? Yeah, enjoy that 5 inch plastic ship trophy.

We only did 2 actual excursions, cave tubing in belize, and stingray city waverunner tour in the cayman islands. Cave tubing was cool and interesting, but it took all day, so we didn't get to go to the beach or go snorkeling or anything, which I heard was amazing in belize. The hike to the river where you tube was my favorite part of that, very cool and awesome picture opportunites.

It was the best vacation we ever had, and that includes our 10 hour drive through the barren wastelands of wyoming. J/k, I'd never go to wyoming. We just hung out at one of the free beaches in cozumel, nothing super special there, but it was our first stop, so it was just fun to get off the ship and go chill on a beach. We did the cave tubing thing in belize, pretty cool. Isla Roatan was the best place we went to though. You HAVE to go to Tabyana beach in the west bay or something. Some of the clearest water, softest, whitest sandy beach. And awesome snorkeling just 100 ft. from the shore. Tons of coral, and fish everywhere, we even spotted a 2 ft. long octopus crawling up the side of some coral, almost didn't see it because they can change their color and texture to blend in like chameleons( didn't know that did ya smart A?). Just be careful not to drop your camera on the beach right about the time a wave comes up and gets it all wet, I wish someone would've been so nice as to warn me. But the pics were alright, and the camera actually still works, just not the lcd screen. I'll sell it to ya for $80.

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