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Age: 56


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Glory

Sailing Date: 2011-02-5

Itinerary: western caribbean

This was Walmart on the Water. Have you seen those email jokes about "people of Walmart?" I swear, this cruise was like being there! There is nothing elegant or first class about this cruise line. Even thought we were VIP and had one of the largest staterooms, this cruise is like a cattle call. Horrible. We were supposed to get VIP service, but we were basically dumped into the main line after giving our information to a woman (she wasn't even nice) in another room. The rest of the cruise we were herded around with everyone else, so I am sorry to have paid that money. Our steward was nice, as were our table mates (I guess we were lucky). There was little information given (weather, information on the arrival times, forecasts), but lots of hawking of their photos, art auctions, hairy chest contests, and casino. The pool area was super crowded (there were crowds everywhere) and unappealing.

Breakfast and lunch buffets were worse than a mall food court. People were reaching in with their hands to serve themselves. It is disgusting. Everything is crowded, mass produced and unappealing. Dinner was acceptable, but certainly not wonderful. Our waitstaff at dinner was great, but that didn't really make up for the mediocre food or for the fact that a guy at the next table wore a black baseball hat to dinner every night (yes, on formal nights), accompanied by his gang-looking bling and the t-shirt with the arms cut out of it. We went to the steakhouse three times (at an additional charge, of course) to get a little bit better food and a quieter experience.

It was nice. This was the best thing about the cruise. We spent a lot of time there to avoid the crowds and the hairy chest contest.

Smokers were everywhere. All of my clothes are soaked with smoke. This is a cruise for people interested in getting drunk, seeing overweight women in bikinis and showing off their tattoos. The fitness center was packed and machines were unavailable. There are photographers everywhere and they are very obnoxious in trying to get you to pose for cheesy prom-type photos.

Belize City Tour is a joke, as are the Mayan Ruins. Drive around in a broken down cab and see their slums. Most of the ruins are not accessible, so what's the point? Scuba diving in Roatan was great, but having to be back on the ship so early that day made the money spent, not really worth it. It was basically a 2 hour scuba trip. Not what I thought we were paying for. Cayman was beautiful, but we weren't let off the ship until 11 and had to be back on board by 5. Getting on and off the ship is a nightmare! You sit and sit in the auditorium waiting for your number to be called and then are herded down the stairs to board your tender. The staff is borderline rude. Lots of people were late and the ship always waited, so that means you don't really have to be on time. You might as well stay in port and enjoy yourself. They always wait for people.

Do not go on this cruise line, even paying the extra money for upgrades if you're expecting any luxury. This is a Motel 6 cruise line. If you are thinking of romance, quiet, and elegance....spend the money to go to a nice resort and stay for a week. There is absolutely NOTHING elegant or romantic or quiet about this cruise line. My husband and I will never go on Carnival again. I'd rather go on a more expensive trip and not have the best room than pay so much money for this and have the best room on board. This was a terrible disappointment.

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