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S. B.

Age: 29


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Glory

Sailing Date: October 1st, 2005

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Eastern Caribbean

S. B.

All in all I had a wonderful time on the Glory’s 10/1/2005 Eastern Caribbean cruise. I thought that some of you would be interested in hearing a review. This was also my first cruise, so you will get some first-cruiser perspective as well. There were some goods and bads but overall it was a great time!

Arrival in Port Canaveral
I have read these boards quite a bit and felt like a veteran cruiser. As per many suggestions, I arrived at 10AM, not the Carnival-recommended 1PM, expecting to be sitting in the Red Sail Restaurant at 11 watching all the suckers arriving “on-time”. My plan backfired, somewhat. I ended up checking in pretty quickly, but waiting for an hour or so for the rest of the previous passengers to debark. More on that later on. We then finally got our pictures taken for our Sail and Sign cards, then shuffled to ANOTHER line that formed when they took pictures of the passengers embarkation. Well, we drove into port from Pennsylvania and looked like crap. We politely declined the picture and boarded. They should have a no-picture-please line. I know why they do it ($$) but I wish they didn’t. By 1 or so, we were eating lunch.

The muster drill took 30 minutes. We had already pushed off before the drill was finished. I’m sure someone was ticked off about that. I didn’t really feel like I missed anything. I was off to a cold drink and a little party on-deck. Very fun.

Our luggage finally arrived around 5PM. I was glad my smuggled alcohol made it safely.


This is a wasted stop, in my opinion. We arrive at 8am and pull away at 1:30pm. My wife went to the spa and I went to find a shirt with a collar in Nassau. (Yeah, it was a packing error on my part!) I was bothered left and right with people wanting me to buy this, rent that, etc. I was annoyed by beggars wanting a few bucks for their “operation” coming up. It was ridiculous. I went into the open market and was offered Cuban cigars (they were fake) and drugs. It was a nightmare. I was bothered all the way back to the ship by another wave of beggars and was glad when we left.

St. Thomas
Thanks to Tropical Storm Tammy, this was a rainy. Our snorkeling catamaran excursion was cancelled. We pent a lazy day on the ship which was great. We rebooked on a similar excursion in St. Maartin.

St. Maartin
We booked the Golden Eagle Catamaran excursion. It was fun. They had an open bar onboard and took us to an isolated island for snorkeling. It was 3 ½ hours of fun in the sun. These guys were old school. There was no safety briefing or anything. It was just hop-on and go. They had music and rum-punch flowing and were dancing with the ladies on-board. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a great time, though!

The Ship
Our room was wonderful (Room 8300 on the Verandah Deck). It was clean and the balcony was nice. The balcony door was able to prop itself open. No bungee necessary, although I brought one. The bathroom was clean and had shelving on both sides of the mirror for our toiletries. No need for an over-the-door shoe-holder. Another CC myth busted. The TV had ABC, CBS, and NBC feeds and a channel that played Animal Planet/TLC programming without commercials, which was neat. Every night when I dressed for dinner that Corbin guy was on chasing lions across Africa or something. Our phone never worked right. Luckily I didn’t have anyone to call, so we got past that. Everything looked well kept including the hallways, bathrooms, dining areas, etc.

Food was very good. We ate in the dining room every night and enjoyed the food. My mouth still waters when I think of the filet mignon, shrimp and salmon. The only disappointment was the lobstertail I ordered one evening. It didn’t have a lot of flavor to it. The Red Sail restaurant was breakfast for us. I am an early riser and would bring back a tray of omelets on toast, bacon, and juice to the room for breakfast in bed. It was so good! The 24 hour pizza counter was very good. My only complaint there was that every time I asked for a ceasar salad (which came recommended on CC) he told me it was too busy for him to make it. Strange. The buffet in the Red Sail Restaurant for lunch was just ok.

Room Service was not very good. We ordered breakfast one morning and a couple sandwiches one evening and it wasn’t that great. It was always easier to walk to the Red Sail, grab some food and walk it bacmk to the room. Their food was better and I got it faster.

This didn’t go so well. They announced that they were going to allow cruisers that were willing to handle their own luggage off the ship first. We had a long drive back to Pennsylvania ahead of us so we were willing to take our luggage ourselves. The called self assisted cruisers by floor, but they couldn’t stop line-jumpers from other floors from making us wait longer and longer. It took two hours before they cleared the first floor they called through customs. It took forever. This explains why it took so long for us to board the boat a week earlier.

Some Minor Disappointments:
The boat rocked a lot. Trop. Storm Tammy caused a lot of motion for probably 4 of the 7 day cruise. It didn’t bother us, really. It was sort of fun. Unfortunately, Tammy also brought lots of wind and rain for several days. They had to reschedule a couple shows for the safety of the dancers, which I thought was weird.

Our cruise director, Mark Price, got sick halfway through the cruise and the assistant cruise director took over. I think his name was Carlos (?). He wasn’t nearly as funny and his joke delivery was pretty bad.

The TV channel that showed where we were, speed, wave size, etc. was broken. It would have been nice to know where we were. There was also a map next to the casino that was supposed to light up our location. That was broken too.

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