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Age: n/a


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Glory

Sailing Date: July 7th, 2006

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

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Carnival Glory Cruise Review
Eastern Caribbean


The Glory was a marvelous ship! It was so exciting and fun!!! My group was my husband, myself, our two children and our neighbors with their children. Our kids are between the ages of 12-17. A perfect age to go off by themselves! It was our second cruise and our neighbors first.

This is what we did each day:
Friday- we flew into Florida a day early so we could relax and stay over night before we go on the cruise. We stayed at a very nice Marriott with complimentary breakfast.

Saturday- After eating the complimentary breakfast we headed over to the dock. We got in line and waited for a good twenty minutes. However it was faster than expected and we got on the ship by 1:00. Once on the ship we were amazed. It was gorgeous and very large. Immediately we checked out every aspect of it. We looked at our rooms, which were beautifully spacious balcony rooms. We brought a bungee cord to keep the balcony room open and have a breeze!! After checking out the rooms we headed down to where the food was. We wanted to try food from the grill and all split fries, steak sandwiches, hamburgers and hotdogs! Soon enough it was time to sail away, we went to the sides of the deck and waved to everyone on port!! After that we went to do the lifeboat drill. All we did was stand in line with life jackets on! It was very funny because everyone was sweating on each other while we were in line. We were so happy to finally be done with the drill and go to dinner. We had early seating and it was the best! We sat down to meet our amazing waiter and helper, Martian and Tomaz. They were enjoyable and recommended the best food. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and soon after found out that we were the blue team! We had to get points for our team each day by participating in activities and winning. At the end of the cruise we would find out who wins, red team, white team or blue team. After our very tasty dinner we went to the welcome aboard show. It was entertaining and our cruise director, Mark Price was hilarious. Our kids were very stubborn and had more fun at the teen club. They were there the whole night!

Sunday- we woke up early for our first excursion at the port of Bahamas. It was the Stingray excursion where we took a short tour to the island. It was very nice and we got 1 hour to relax on the beach and then 1 hour to see the stingrays. Since a guy in our group got bit by the stingray the kids preferred the beach side and we just stayed there for the most of the day. When we got back to the ship we got to hang out for a little bit. The kids went to the teen lounge and we had some drinks by the pool. Since it was the first formal night we got ready around five. Formal night dinner is the most fun! There are picture opportunities with professional photographers ready to take your picture! The dinner was excellent on formal night and the waiters danced for us!!! After that we went to a lounge and had some drinks and watched some bands perform. It was by far an excellent night!

Monday- our first fun day at sea!! We slept in a little bit and then met our neighbors for breakfast at the buffet style restaurant. It had a wonderful selection of bacon, fruit, sausage, eggs, pancakes and everything else. After that we went and looked at the photo gallery of all the pictures from the previous days. You can buy them for around ten dollars. The whole day we just hung out by the pool, had the drinks of the day (the cheaper version of the drinks), shopped and hung out. We got ready for dinner which is fun because you get to sort of dress up, we all wore nice skirts or pants. The waiters danced and dinner and we became very good friends with them. They told us what was the best food and sometimes we didn’t listen to him (but he was always right!!). We did the usual thing after dinner!

Tuesday- St. Thomas!! A beautiful port, our excursion here was Megan's Bay. It was the nicest beach. The water was very warm and we just lay in it all day!! Dinner was amazing that night and after dinner we had a blast at the clubs we hit!

Wednesday-St. Maarten! Here there was only one excursion left, the shopping and boat tour. We went on a lovely boat ride to the French side of the island. The boat had free drinks and a wonderfully fun entertainer! We got off and shopped at the very fancy French shops! They had cute French cafes and everything! After dinner there was supposed to be a magician show, however the magician couldn’t make it so Mark Price had to think quick. He ended up making a Robin Hood play that incorporated the audience. We could not stop laughing and it was the best show we have ever seen!! Even the kids enjoyed this one!!

Thursday- Fun Day at sea! We had our usual breakfast and then hung out by the pool. Thursday we discovered bingo! We lost so much money, but every cent was worth it. Out of the eight of us that went I think two of us won bingo! We only won fifty bucks at most though. Thursday was the last formal night. We all had fun at this dinner because the kids were invited to dance with the waiters!! They did a Macarena dance! They were very embarrassed but we had very good pictures of that!

Friday- Fun Day at Sea! Another day like Thursday, except it was our last full day. All of us got very dressed up for dinner that night and had the most fun! We found out who won the color contest that night, to our surprise the BLUE TEAM won!! That was our team and we felt very proud of our accomplishment! The kids, after dinner rushed to the club to say goodbye to all of their newly met friends, and got their screen names to keep in touch. Also we saw the talent show put on by fellow members of the ship!! It was very cool to see all of the people we had become acquaintances with singing and dancing.

Saturday- Last day was very sad but we took our time getting up and eating breakfast. They called us off the ship by floor and we were called of around 10, however we didn’t rush off and it wasn’t a problem.

Overall this was the best vacation we had. Myself, my husband and our neighbors had fun doing our own thing separate from our kids. When we were together it was also very fun. According to the kids they had a blast and are begging us to go again. Here are some tips, go with another family so you have even more fun together, have the kids buy a soda card so they get unlimited soda all week! And make sure you go to all of the dinners in the main dinning room, they are more fun and the food is excellent.



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