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Age: 74


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Legend

Sailing Date: 2013-01-14

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

The staff was very friendly and courteous. Food was mediocre. Everything was too loud. Guess they think that loud equals good and very loud equals very good, but it equals irritating and obnoxious. Mid-ship pools were unusable as obscenely loud rock music was almost always blasting. Entertainment (?) was also very loud. Would not recommend to anyone over 30 as almost everything was geared to the young and immature. Drinks were grossly overpriced. Everything was geared to getting one to spend more money. Shore excursions were overly expensive. Ports of call were merely excuses to get one to buy junk at outrageous prices. After this terrible experience my wife and I agreed that it was our last cruise.

Q. Which styles of cruise is this ship best suited for? A. None.

Some good, some poor, mostly average and after a few days, boring.

No complaints about the room. Staff was very nice.

Much, much too loud to be enjoyed. Best place was the card room where one could close the door to drown out the noise. In the area there was a lounge singer that screamed so loud that it came through the door.

If you say away from this ship you will stay away from the grossly overpriced excursions (I suspect that Carnival gets a huge kickback from booking these excursions.) Went on the dolphin swim in Cozumel. Touted a three hour excursion. Most time spent waiting. Actual time with a dolphin was about one to two minutes. They took lots of pictures. Only $29 a picture! No one in our group bought a single picture at this price. If the fools charged something reasonable, like $5, they would have sold hundreds of pictures but, like every one else on this trip, they were out to gouge the tourists. Swimming with the dolphins was great but way too expensive, about $146.00 a minute.

Will never cruise again! Enough said.

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