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Patti Fortune

Age: 41


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Liberty

Sailing Date: 2009-07-25

Itinerary: miami

My overall cruise was just ok. I have cruised on two other lines and I would put this one at the bottom. The service was excellent, the food in the dinning room was very good and our room was cleaned twice a day and kept in great condition. But that is what our expectations were and from there went down hill.

The dining room food was excellent. All though they advertise "dine at your time" we requested this and when bording the ship were told our dinner was at 6pm. We prefered to eat later and spoke to the Maitre'de and he told us he could not accomadate our request for a later seating or for the advertised "dine at your time". The buffet was set up with one line of stir fry that always had 50-60 people in line at all times and I never could try it. The next line was always a foriegn food that I could not recongize or pronounce. Then two lines of traditional salad bar and one meat. Also an outside grill with hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. If you slept in and ate a late breakfast around 10:30-11am like most of the cuisers on sea days your were pretty much out of luck for lunch. They shut down all the lunch lines at 3:00 and did not open them until dinner at 6pm. The only thing to eat was the grill hamburgers and hot dogs or pizza. But these are located next to one of the small pools that had all 2,900 cruisers smashed around and all trying to get a hot dog at the same time! I found a seat at one of the two bars by the overcrowded pool and when I asked the bartender for a drink she said the bar was closed. She then proceeded to dust off all the bottles from 3:45-6pm. Remember this was one of only two bars by the pool where all passengers were packed on a sunny sea day!

My stateroom was very clean. I had an inside room by choice, I was hoping to catch up on some sleep. The thing that anoid me the most about the room was that there was not a clock. I couldn't find a clock anywhere on the ship except for the staircase. So even though they give you an itinerary, you have no idea what time it is. Our in cabin refridgerator was locked the whole time and we could not use it. The TV remote was broken too and had to do it the old fashioned way.

The activities on board where all for children. The shows were either to lame or very boring. We caught the tail end of a commedian (missed it because we didn't have a clock in our room) he seemed funny but the room he was in only held a small number of people and there were a couple hundred people standing in the hallway trying to hear him, including me. Our cruise director was very annoying! I understand that they make announcements all of the time and you can't avoid that but he would get on the overhead radio and ramble on and on for 10-15 minutes several times a day and night starting as early as 7:45am. The singers on the ship were some of the worst I ever heard. The Casino was nice and we made several friends there. But the old guy who didn't know the words to most of the songs he tried to sing was very painful. We actually clapped when he left for brakes! He took one night off and a latin band played instead. Now I don't care for latin music myself but many people were dancing, singing and having fun and I enjoyed watching them and prayed the old guy didn't come back, but he did.

I'm not a big excursion person, just wanted to relax at some beaches and take in some sun. The beaches in Jamaica were not good, I would not suggest trying to do a beach day there. They will take you to a tourist trap as they did me. In Grand Caymen however there are several beautiful expansive beaches where you can just relax and not be bothered but still have food, beverage and bathroom close by.

If you are going on this boat with children you will have a great time. You see you don't have to watch your children as it is ok for them to run the ship and scream at the top of their lungs and no one will stop them. No one has to follow the dress code or even be polite and cover up their swim suits to enter the dinning room. You can run, yell and eat in your briefs and Carnival doesn't care. As a matter of fact they encourage it by organizing screaming matches! They gather as many teens and children as possible and divide them into three groups, RED,WHITE & BLUE then they have the teams meet in different areas of the ship and see who can screem the loudest! Then the next day they get all these screemers back together and organize a ship scavenger hunt. Now the screeming people are running as fast as they can around the ship, stomping and yelling, looking for something. If you brought a book to read, forget about it!

There are three very small pools, the ship holds 2,900 passengers, you do the math. In an entire week I could only find a lounge chair by a pool once. I was so mad at this I actually counted 60 people in the pool and 350 empty chairs with towels, while I walked around endlessly on 3 decks looking for a chair. The lido deck staff would not remove the towels so others could use the chairs. I had enough of the overcrowding screaming and running so I decided to book a spa treatment. I get to the spa and the lady tells me to have a seat in the hair salon. I asked her for a robe and explained that I had sunscreen on and wanted to rinse off in the locker room and use the steam room before my service. (I was an hour early) figured it would be a quiet place. She shook her head at me in discust and pointed towards a door. When I entered the door I was in the locker room with rows of benches and lockers along with thirty 9-11 year old girls. (They too were having a spa day) Howerver there were NO chaperones, only two nail techs. The girls were screaming cheerleading chants and jumping off of the benches and they were chaising each other through the locker room. I asked an attendent that was wiping off sinks where the showers and steam room as well as towels and bathrobes were, she did not speak english but directed me to the showers and pointed to the towels. When I got out of the shower the three towels were not gone off of the shelf by my shower and the little girls were still screaming and jumping. I put my clothes back on my dripping wet body and proceeded back to the front desk. (by the way the massage rooms were also in the locker room) I felt bad for the ladies who has just paid over $200 for a relaxing massage. When I tried to speak to the girl at the front desk was very rude to me. I went back to my room to dry off and called customer service, they tried to transfer me back to the spa but they didn't want to discuss it and disconnected me instead.

Do not go on this ship if you are hoping to relax. It is over run with screaming running kids and no supervision. Also, I want to warn you, upon check in they ask you for a credit/debit card or $250 cash deposit. I asked the lady if they would charge my card as I intended to pay cash at check out. She assured me that they do not charge your card. Well they lied. When I got home I checked my bank account and every swipe of my room key on board the ship came immediatly out of my checking account back home. I obviously did not know this and paid off my balance in cash at check out. I am now fighting with them to get my money back into my checking account. They tell me it could take up to a week. You are better off to give them the $250 cash deposit, you will for sure have at least that much in charges and you won't have to deal with this aggravation when you get home.

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