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Age: 23


Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Liberty

Sailing Date: 2011-01-17

Itinerary: Carribean

The cruise was overall an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We usually go on caribbean cruises in january to get away from the bad weather at home. Luckily the weather this time was amazing and really enhanced the trip. This was my eigth overall and sixth with carnival and it did live up to my expectations of carnival. Before moving forward, I am a firm beliver that whether the cruise is fun or not is up to the the cruiser..whether they are a fun or boring person. I believe fun, outgoing people can have fun anywhere, especially on a cruise, and boring people will be bored or dissatisfied wherever they go. I recomend you go on this cruise, or anyone for that matter, with fun people who you will have a good time with. But anyways I've been mainly going on carnival cruises because there is tons of activities and shows, lots of food, and overall good value (not including drinks onboard). And this not something you can take for granted on other cruise lines. Everything you need to have a great vacation is provided on the ship, and what you do with it is up to you..

I have mixed reviews for the food.. Overall the food is mediocre and I understand it us hard to specialize in one type of food when you're making so many different kinds for so many people on a ship. There was however a huge amount of selection.. ie. burrito bar, mongolian, fish n chips, sushi and your regular buffet which changed each day. There was even a chocolate buffet the last day. There was certainly no shortage or selection of food, however nothing really popped up and suprised you as amazing. The soups and deserts, particulary the ones served for dinner were excellent and a couple notches above the rest of the food.

We usually get either an inside stateroom or ocean view rather than a balcony; we don't spend much time in the room anyways and use it mainly for sleeping and to keep our stuff. Why would you go on a cruise to spend time inside a room anyways? Theres so much to see and do; and you'll have time to sleep and do nothing once you get home anyways. The rooms had a bed and thats all I care about. The room was kept very clean the entire time by our friendly stewardess as it always is on each carnival cruise.

There was always a many activities and shows going on the entire crusise so there is no reason to be bored. They had everything from pools, outside large tv screen by pool (where I was able to watch the nfl playoff games), many different comedians, production shows, gameshows, dance clubs, casino etc. I have to say tho, the shows were not as good as I had seen on previous carnival cruises. They did have a ton of comedians they would bring in each day, some of whom were pretty funny, but the production shows were only decent, and not great like they usually are. And the cruise director and staff who usually are funny and entertaining people were not so much this time around. Overall there was plenty to see and do and keep you occupied, just nothing spectacular.

The only excursion we did was undewater motorskiing in St. Thomas. It was very enjoyable and and fun. I got to snorkal and swim with exotic fishes and go a a scenic yacht ride to the destination. And the staff on board were cool people also. We mostly swam, walked around, shopped, and took pictures which was actually fun. The islands had beautiful beaches and provided the best getaway.

Overall I had a good time and was satisfied with the ship and activities. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the service was top notch. Getting on and off the ship was pretty fast and easy (one of carnivals strengths) and there were no issues or complaints. If carnival would only slightly step up the quality of their food and entertainment, this would be a perfect cruise. Everything you need to have a great and relaxing vacation is on this ship. Just have a positive attitude and open mind and you will have an amazing and memorable vacation :)

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