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Carnival LineCarnival Miracle ReviewWestern CaribbeanFrances Evans

Age: 59


Number of Cruises: 7

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Miracle

Sailing Date: January 8th, 2006

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival Miracle Cruise Review
Western Caribbean

Frances Evans

Embarking was a breeze, we stood in line maybe 10 min. and we were ushered to waiting area it was about 35- 40 minutes, we were given numbers from 1 to 20 and they called them about every 8 to ten minutes, so we were onboard in a very short time we were ask not to go to our cabin till at least 1:30, so the stewards could finish up the housekeeping, so we went to lunch, lunch over it was about 1:30 pm we took turns checking, the cabin to see if our luggage arrived it was all there by 3:00 pm, I unpacked a little then we went up to the sun deck to enjoy the sail away from Tampa and take in all the beautiful homes and scenery, we did the fire drill without a hitch was very short this time around, maybe we had a lot of seasoned cruisers who knew the drill as the quicker you get up there the sooner you finish, and got on with things, we went to the dining room and changed our dinner time I had request early, they had us for late, so that was done. we went back to cabin and finished unpacking, then we explored the ship to learn where everything was. We went to dinner it was casual and we did not dress the first nite, I was a bit disappointed in our waiter, he was not as attentive as the past 6 cruises we were on he was very preoccupied by a larger table across from us we had a booth, which I did not like much, but it was not a big deal, The many cruises I have been on the waiters fall over them selves to learn your names and to make you feel special this waiter was not to to be found and when you made eye contact he looked right through you as if you were not there. We waited 20 min or more after we were given the menus, to have our order taken we were offered bread twice which was ok.

We decided maybe it was just a first night thing with every one on board it would be better the next night, well it was not any better we watched our waiter flutter around the larger table and ignore us completely we waited again for our order to be taken we thought of getting up and leaving but we were at the Captains night and we were all dressed up for this, my friend ordered prime rib and lobster, 2 separate meals which we have ordered many times before on previous cruises, I ordered the Lobster, and my son ordered the fish of the day, my friend got his prime rib, I my lobster, my son his fish, we were done with our meal and my friends lobster still not yet to be serve, he saved some of his prime rib so he could finish with the lobster, still no waiter and no lobster we searched the floor looking for him high and low and then all of sudden there he was over at the large table again pouring their wine and chatting away, I flagged down a passing waiter asked him if he could go find my friends lobster, our waiters assistant bought it out, about 4 minutes later our waiter came over and told us he was not allowed to bring him 2 dinners at the same time, which I know is not true because we have been on 4 other Carnival ships and never had the problem of ordering 2 entrees. so we had to wait till he finished his lobster while we sat there, finished with our meal needless to say he disappeared again, no seconds on bread, so I guess the assistant joined him where ever they were. So that ended our nights in the Dining room we choose not to go back for the remainder of the cruise we buffet the rest of the week,, which, was ok but I really enjoy the dining room, so sad that we missed out this time around, The ship only has one dining room and 2 sittings, so I guess the personal service sort of gets lost, when we were on other cruises the ships had 2 dining rooms and the waiters did not have alot of folks to keep track of, and more sittings, we had over 1000 guest in the dining room, so I could understand about the service, but in general this waiter was not up to Carnival par in my opinion, the Matrie'de ran in to my friend in the buffet one afternoon and he ask my friend how he enjoyed dinner the nite before and my friend told him we had not been in the dining room for 3 nights as the waiter we had su-ked, so that was that.

Now on to the Supper Club Nick and Noras, My son won 2 free Dinners there so we choose to go there on Friday evening, it was nice but very pricey 30.00 a head the presentation was wonderful and we were waited on by the nicest people in their restaurant, we went early so there were not a lot of people there, I will most likely never go there again. the ports were great as always even though we tendered into Cozumel, we choose Playa Mia for the day been there before so we went swimming and snorkeling and of course drink and eat and shopped, Cayman was stingray city cost us 31.00 at Capt. Marvin's he is two blocks from terminal, great day there, Belize I chose to stay on board wash clothes, do a few on board activities, my son and our friend went on a Mayan ruins tour and river tour, it rained that day they came backed soaked, the last stop was Costa Maya, my new favorite place untouched and so cool, when you come off the pier you walk in a circle mall and there is a very big swimming pool and open air restaurant, we decided to rent Golf cart and go to the little beach town Mahahual spent a great day there at the beach front at a little bar who had a open second floor above, that we received massages for $20.00, what a way to end the week. debarking was the best ever they used a method called relaxed debarking you leave at your own time they give the folks who carry off their luggage 20 minutes, and then make an announcement that every one can leave when ever the mood strikes them, so we were in line to get of for maybe 7 min. if that, we were in and out in no time. If I were to rate the Miracle on a letter grade, I would give it a C, they were just not up to my expectations compared to the Victory-Legend- Holiday and the Celebration

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