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Gina A

Age: 37


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Pride

Sailing Date: 2011-08-21

Itinerary: Turks

Interesting to say the least....

The food was very disappointing! It was not up to par with what you expect from a cruise. The buffet lines were long and the set up was not good for the flow of traffic. It was the same food over and over and over and over. They do have the best burgers and chicken fingers which are available most of the day every day so that is where we would end up eating lunch. It was not worth going to the dining room for lunch or dinner for that matter. The desserts were not impressive at all! They have a 24 hour pizza place, but you always have to wait for pizza! You would think that if they are open they would have pizza ready for you! There was no midnight buffet or special dessert buffets (there was a chocolate one at the end of the cruise with a line that wrapped around the lido deck so it wasn't even worth waiting for)! I cruised with Royal Carribbean and it was so much better in the food department! They had midnight dessert buffets in the main dining room so it could accomodate everyone, they had midnight buffets with themes, etc. Much different!

The staff that works in the staterooms are amazing! They take care of the rooms and of your needs. They actually called us by name all week!

Well... there weren't very many good ones at all! There were a couple of times that the entertainment didn't even show up! The dancing shows were okay. They could have done so much more with music/bands etc.! The best entertainment EVER was James in the Ivory Piano bar! He was beyond amazing! Thank goodness for him and his amazing talent and ability to engage the crowd in his piano playing and sing along! There was a 'talent' show at the end featuring fellow passengers that was really good too!

Turks was nice! Lots to do! Not much of an island to see so do not waste your time doing that. Stick to the water related excursions! It is beautiful! Snorkeling on Coco Cay is a waste! They rope off a tiny area for you to snorkel and that is it! Coco Cay was BEAUTIFUL! The beach was great and the water was incredible. However, the lunch they served on the island was crowded and a little chaotic! That with the heat on top made people less than friendly! The tendering process was long and crazy! For as many drinks as people purchase and the money that they make from the casino, they could take a few dollars and construct a nice dock there to make it more enjoyable for passengers! Plus, it would be less wait time and more time spent on the beach! Our time there was limited as it was!

We had a relaxing week - that is true! However, the food and entertainment was a disappointment for us since we have previously been passengers with Royal Carribbean. Comparing Carnival to them is really looking at apples and oranges so it was hard for us to transition from such a higher standard to a lower one. The Serenity area for adults was great. However, the pool was closed for a day - the hottest day that we were at sea. It was also very difficult to get chairs up there. It was like going on a hunt! When the pool was open it was crowded. I counted 24 people in there shoulder to shoulder and they couldn't move. Pools were very diappointing since there were 2,000 people on the ship but yet only 24 people could fit in one of the three pools? The one was a little larger, but still the numbers just do not work out very well. I would suggest going with Royal Carribbean who also sails out of Baltimore, which is one of the reasons why we decided to go on a cruise in the first place since airfare was nuts!

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