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Age: 35


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Pride

Sailing Date: 2011-12-11

Itinerary: Bahamas

This was my first cruise and I wouldn't do another cruise again. This is mainly because I was lightheaded for most of the trip. Overall the pride is in need of some updating but since we booked our cruise a year in advance it was very cheap. If you decide to do a cruise go on a newer ship where there are more things to do and better stabilizers so the boat is not rocking as much. There were also several kids on the ship of all ages and it is hard to enjoy your trip when there are babies crying and kids running around without their parents watching them. Carnival also charges you money for everything! When you get your picture taken in the dining room they are about 12 dollars a piece to purchase them per picture. They also charge you for sodas, mixed drinks, bingo, and even if you want to watch a movie on television its 9 dollars. If you see something in the gift shop the day before you arrive home they have sales in the gift shop. The little bottles of alcohol in your room are not even free in the fridge. They charge you 7.50 for each of them.

The food was just okay there was nothing spectacular about it. In the dining room in did take awhile to just get your food. The waiters were awesome though at least the ones that we had. They were so polite and friendly and if something was wrong they worked quickly to try to fix it. The buffet upstairs was not even worth the wait. They had the same food day in and day out. I got tired of seeing cheeseburgers, french fries, and pizza. The sodas if you want one they are like 2.39 a piece for a can. Mixed drinks depending on what you get can be anywhere from 7-10 dollars each. That was ridiculous. Sodas should be included. In Florida several people bought water and 12 packs of sodas and were allowed to bring it back on the ship. In the dining room for dinner you have assigned seating with other people but during the day you have open seating. David's steakhouse was very good!

We didn't want to waste our money on an expensive room because we thought that we wouldn't be in the room that much. We were on the first floor and our room was small but you get what you pay for. There were some stains on our lamps, the bedspreads were old looking and the rooms do need to be renovated. They charged 80 dollars per person to clean your room and for gratuities for the 7 days. There are some rooms that have two beds in the walls which were worth the money if you are trying to save money rather than paying for an extra room.

This was my first cruise and the seas were rough. I took dramine and bovine which helped the nausea but I was still light headed for quite a bit. I missed some of the onboard activities but got to see the comedy shoes. The best comedian by far was Michael Macy. He was absolutely hysterical and his show is a must see! Some of the other comedians were just okay. The club beaties was okay but there wasn't a whole lot that was amazing about the activities. If you want to play bingo you have to pay for that which was ridiculous. There is a spa located in the back of they gym which was nice, quiet, and not a lot of people even knew it was there. It was warmer than the ones outside and there were no kids in there. If you decide to use the spa the prices are cheaper when you make port. The prices of the services like everything else with carnival is expensive.

Our cruise was to the Bahamas. One of our stops was to Cape Canaveral. We didn't really feel like doing much there except for some shopping. There were taxi's outside and for 5 or 6 dollars one way we went to Cocoa Beach. There were some fun places to shop there. There is also a dinosaur store there which was fun and had some cool things there. They do also have a website online. Outside they also advertise a a taxi to a small straw market for a few dollars and it is a waste of time. There are only about 15 shops there. They did however, have a stand that you could take a picture with a baby alligator, snake, or tarantula for 5 dollars. In Nassau we went to Atlantis and swam with the dolphins. It was an awesome experience and you can get your picture taken with the dolphin and can kiss them and even dance with one. The pictures however are expensive. The cheapest package was $70.00 and you only got a few pictures. We waited over an hour in line just to get our pictures and there was not enough help there it was ridiculous! We didn't get to experience much of anything else in Atlantis due to the incompetence of the staff in the dolphin shop waiting on our pictures. There is also only one restaurant in Atlantis that takes American dollars unless you have a meal voucher. The food was expensive. It was 15 dollars for a small cheesesteak with chips and did not include the drink. The straw markets close to the ship did have a variety of things that were negotiable and really cute. If you want souvenirs don't wait until Freeport get them in Nassau. They are cheaper and have a better selection than in Freeport. Their shops however close at 6 so make sure that you have enough time to browse. There is not alot to do in Freeport so we chose to shop in Lucaya. They have about 40 straw market shops there. Some of the same things that Nassau had.

Our trip overall was okay for the price I paid. I was not overly impressed with it. If I had to do it again I would just fly to the Bahamas. When getting off the ship it is quicker to take your own bags off of the ship. If not you have to wait two hours later to be able to retrieve your bags from the ship. While they tell you to remain on your deck there were several people with their own bags that waited in the Casino with their bags to get off of the ship. We did this and were able to get off the shift within 30 minutes of returning back to Baltimore. To park in Baltimore they charge you 100 dollars for the week so if you can have someone drop you off and save money. Hope this review helps everyone.

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