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Kimberly W

Age: 45


Number of Cruises: 17

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Pride

Sailing Date: 2012-06-24

Itinerary: Bahamas

My Carnival cruise experience was not worth the money, filled with sub-level service, and average food. If you want to experience a fun filled mature cruise, choose another cruise line. That may be harsh, but this being my 1st time cruising with them, I was not satisfied.

The food on most days as above par, the fish served in the main dinner room was dry every night someone ordered it. The Mermaid Grille offers a wide variety of foods but not open consistently. Most often food stations are closed directing you to 24 pizza and ice cream. No thanks. Oh yea, DON'T DRINK THE WATER.

Very nice in size, bathroom had double sinks- also a very nice feature. The closest door was broken and poorly patched, but the would be knicks-picking.

The comic Mike Macy is AMAZING, worth seeing! For 50 buck you an play 2 games of bingo. Yes only 2! Otherwise then dancers are amateurs, thus forcing you to the casino or disco. Both are fun. If your a heavy drinker and like to gamble you have the option of earning 1500 slot points and can drink for free, or enjoy the disco with 18 year olds who are to you can enter but NO DRINKING... LOL, yea right, they really listened! Not...

Don't miss the full access option at Atlantis! Better yet, just stay at Atlantis!

I had the experience of cruising with Carnival for the 1st and possibly my last time. Let me start by highlighting the positives. My stateroom was 6329, a corner suite with a wrap-around deck. It allowed for sunbathing, beautiful panoramic views, and complete isolation for the outside world (will explain that in a moment). The stateroom staff members were pleasant, and greeted you by name every morning and throughout the day. Carnival seems to have the check and out process down to a science. In and out in less than 30 minutes (including customs).

Now for the flip side of my cruise experience. The first night the group I traveled with was approached by the pool bar staff. The waiter was not personable at all. When he ask if we wanted a drink and we declined, he "sucked" his teeth. When we tried to get him to smile he walked away. Thought maybe just a bad day for him, no that was all 7 days. Next while in the bathroom, placed my wash cloth in the sink and allowed the water to run a little while, when I looked down the white cloth was yellow where the stream of water was flowing. Confused, I turned the clothe over to a clean area, an again a rusty yellowish-brown stain. I should my husband and he thought I was bleeding. I mentioned this to one of the people in my group, so she looked out for the same, and realized her towels after showering was also yellow. I reported this and the stated to would contact a plumber, but no change. The biggest disappointment was the ports of call.

The 1st Port Canaveral, Florida. Ok there's a beach, there's Disney, and other attractions. But when you are traveling after a major tropical storm and most excursions are canceled, Carnival offers no refund for these lost excursions. The port was Nassau Bahamas, fun filled day with no complaints, because we spent the entire day at Atlantis Resort, had nothing to do with Carnival.

The last port of call was Freeport Bahamas. We arrived at 6am allowed off the ship by 7, and due back by 1pm. Now after eating breakfast in a crowded dinning area (because everyone is trying to get in as much time as possible) we make it outside by 8:30. We walk out into a mini stew mart, and people holding sings for excursions. We make are way to the taxi stand and placed in a van with absolutely no AC. It was at least 95 degrees. 20 minutes later we are in Port Lucaya. We are told to walk about 4 blocks to the beach or shop in the marketplace but needed to be back by 12:30. Now am a power shopper, but 5 hours on this island does not allow for much of anything. It was a total waste of time.

Carnival, when compared to other cruise lines does not by any means measure up. It was an experience, and not worth the $3600.00 spent. Would prefer Gilligan's 3hour tour, at least there was more adventure on that one island than the7 days, I spent on this 3 island cruise.

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