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James Green



Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Pride

Sailing Date: 2013-10-16

Itinerary: Bahamas

Our room's bathroom smelled like someone missed the toilet although once we complained it was cleaned satisfactorily. Onshore shopping meant stopping only at isolated places Carnival had a major interest or ownership in. The gym was very good and never had many people in it. But, the staff was more interested in flirting with the ships staff or working out themselves than being available to us lowly cruise passengers. Both locker rooms had a good sauna and steam room but it always had dirty towels laying around. A black shirted gym staff member walked through while I was there and stepped over several dirty towels, never considered picking them up. The ship had an excellent adults only area but if you didn't get there by 8 you never had a chance to get a chair. The sad thing was the ship staff knew people were just camping out all day but never did anything about it. As a result, the majority of the passengers were never able to enjoy this quiet and attractive area..

Outside the formal dining room the food was bland, sometimes cold, some meats were not the finest cuts. The formal dining room food was good but had to order 2 of any appetizers as they were so small. The hot dogs had so much air in them they could float away in a small breeze. The pizza bar pizza was a thin crust, if you didn't eat it right away it became a gooey mess. If you had a disability you might have a ship staff assist you and you might not, hit or miss and I witnessed both.

Very adequate cabin but smelled so bad when we arrived we cold not stay in it. Seemed as if someone missed the toilet. Our room steward did a good job of dealing with the problem and it never happened again. Our ship steward did an excellent job of keeping it clean and neat, always had clean towels. ( gave him a good tip)

Just ok. Comedy club we good, some shows in the main lounge were good, some kind of lame.

We had a lot of advice about the excursions and did not do any. We did ask some who had gone and overheard some conversations. Everyone said they were overpriced and some said they wished they had not gone. (Freeport was a very poor area except for the small resort. The people we talked to that went to the town said it was a waste of time.

The trip was ok, not great but not bad. if you like a lot of people eating or drinking all of the time with little care as to how they look or act go on this cruise.

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