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Age: 67


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Pride

Sailing Date: 2014-04-6

Itinerary: Bahamas Cruise

I will never go again on this type of a cruise. A waste of money. We were out of our element. I will say this ship is disgusting, nudity on its walls, not appropriate for children. Not suited for any individuals who may have handicaps or whose health is compromised.

Some of the food was great, others was not as good. Depending where you ate and your taste buds. I had a white pizza with buffalo cheese and I loved it. I loved their fresh fruit. I loved most of my breakfast fare. I did get a steak but couldn't eat it because of the texture. All I could think of was I eating "horsemeat?" The first night I had lobster and shrimp. I enjoyed both eating spots the Dining Hall or the Grille areas. All in all I would say my food I would give a 4 star. Now my daughter who is very picky, complained a lot about the food. I will say this they have great variety, you can eat 24/7, and party all night if one likes playing cards and eating.

My stateroom was small. My daughter had a balcony suite and it was even small. There's only one electricity plug, and we had 2 c-pap machines and 1 oxygen concentrator. My walker wouldn't fit through the door and no place too store it in the room.

Wasn't impressed with the onboard activities. The shows were like burlesque shows, with innuendoes of striptease. Not family fair. When you listed Bingo, I thought you would play Bingo for several hours, just for fun....for something to do. You play Bingo for money, big money, like $20.00 for one 3-card. And that was like once or twice a day. Of course we close the adult lounge pool area early so everyone fraternizes in the Casino. The whole trip is about nothing but spending money. Gamble, party, drink. The couple of kids pool areas were kewl. The only ones I saw playing games in the kids area were the kids' parents, or young adults. My grandson enjoyed playing basketball. One of the things I really wanted to do was sit on top deck at night with the full-moon, I never got to do that. It was full moon but the top deck was closed most of the time.

I didn't take excursions but my daughter did. She came with 4 children and a husband, a total of 6. The Disney excursion cost her over $100.00 per person/per child, and she only had like 5 hrs. away from the boat. It was extremely crowded, wall to wall people, and her children only got on 2 rides...before they had to report back to the bus. A big waste of money. The excursions she went on aren't worth the additional money for the time you are allotted off the boat.

I detested the nudity pictures in plain sight on my way to the dining area. One whole wall had a grotesque picture of a nude woman lying on her side with her hand positioned near her private area. Disgusting!!!! My 8 yr. old grandson asked why they had nude men paintings on the wall. Some people would call this art. Call it what you like, it isn't appropriate in my eyes. I was raised to be modest and that's what I teach and taught my daughter and grandkids. The boat in my eyes isn't handicapped friendly. Make sure your not at the opposite end of the dining area. If you have walking issues bring an electric operated mobile chair, make sure it fits into your already over-crowded stateroom though. You aren't given an option to keep anything outside your statement....even wheelchairs, walkers, or any other device to help your handicapped status. Plan on spending big money. You will be hit $90.00 a person gratuity fee. You also will want extra things while on board not included in your trip and they are costly. Pictures are nice to have but bring a big wad of money to be able to buy them. $21.99 per 8x10 picture and of course you have maybe 20 some pictures to choose from. The highlight of my trip was the Stewards and people tending to our rooms and servers in the dining areas. They were friendly, not many speak too much English, most are from countries other than the U.S.A. Most didn't know what you were asking them for but they served us well.

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