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Age: 28

Occupation:Special Event Planner

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Pride

Sailing Date: January 8th, 2006

Itinerary: Mexican Riviera

Carnival Cruise Line
Carnival Pride Cruise Review
Mexican Riviera


Okay, so I wasn’t expecting Tijuana on a boat for this vacation, however I sure got it! I went on this cruise with another friend and right upon walking into the port, we were welcomed by ghetto-ness. It was 11:00 a.m. and as we were walking towards the entrance, we were greeted at by a nasty, unfriendly port employee who yelled, “What do you think you are doing?” We explained we were going to check in and she snapped, “Well it isn’t time!” as her eyes flared at us. I simply responded, “We did not know and you could have been nicer.” She said nothing. She did not tell us that we could have checked in on the Queen Mary, where everyone else was checking in at that time. We found that part out later, as we stood clueless in line with late arrivals. So upon getting in the line to check in, and walking through at about noon, check in was for the most part smooth.

The ship was actually nice and the décor of it was unique. Our balcony room was comfortable and our view was great. The experience in the bathroom was another story! The shower was freezing! And it wasn’t as if we were one of those girls gone wild “you know whats” on the boat who needed our shower to be cold! We ran out of tissue and toilet paper, and had to call for toilet paper in order for us to have some. We waited about 2 ½ days for more tissue. Ordering room service for the most part was good. We did have to cancel one day because it had been a few hours and when we called, they hadn’t even made the food yet!

Our time on the lido deck was alright. The wheat bread was hard as a rock every single day. I showed my friend how hard it was and it could have knocked her out easily if I had thrown it at her. Ice was like a mission if we wanted any. Every ice machine was out of ice 90% of the time. Cold showers and warm beverages! THAT is some service I tell you!

So the restaurant was pretty nice and the staff was friendly. The food was delicious – we had no complaints. Although the staff would confuse orders at times and one would get the others salad, and find out when tasting blue cheese when it should have been ranch.

The entertainment was mixed. The ventriloquist was hilarious, however the comedians needs to go back to comedy school. One actually was booed. He was talking about abusing kids and one person yelled they were hit with a mixer and he said, “If your mom had been making pancakes, that would make you a battered child.” Um, yea. Booooo!

I would recommend for Carnival to add some type of senior’s night for the older crowd. Having an 80 year old man (aka Kernel Sanders on Crack) hitting on one of our friends was not cool. She did not oblige to his request of dancing with him and touching her leg. He said she was beautiful and she said she was married. He said “it’s okay so am I.” Apparently Kernel Sanders on Crack was there with his wife who had not accompanied him to the club. Besides Kernel Sanders, we had a group of trailer trash…women and men. The women in theirs 40’s were in sweats in the club freaking one another and grabbing the other people on the dance floor to freak with. At one point, one trailer trash woman was on the floor freaking/humping some young guy who was probably around 19. I was about to punch a guy who would not leave me alone on the dance floor. I should have taken a piece of wheat bread at the Lido deck for a weapon!

Oh also in the club, the WORKERS from the ship were buying under-age girls drinks. These girls were 17 and got so wasted that the security had to pull other guys off them because of the X-rated scene they were causing. Those particular young men made their way around TJ on a boat with many people. In one scene, one of the guys was being freaked/humped from behind by an older male passenger. Yes, during the lido deck party, where FAMILIES were there with their children. NO respect, no consideration for anyone around! Where did they think they were?

The Spa: I had four treatments. The first two were horrible. I had the rock massage for 75 minutes and asked for deep pressure. It was NOT at all deep and for the $180 I paid, expected more. However I did go back attempting to relieve my stress from the night of disgust. The second treatment was 25 minute facial and 25 minute massage. The girl got no tip. I finally had a decent massage on the third go around!

So walking in the halls with the smell of marijuana lurking in the air was not too inviting. That smell arrived around the same time as the comedian (who dropped out of comedy school) did and coincidentally enough made QUITE a few remarks about marijuana during his poor excuse of a show.

The morning we arrived in Cabo, I went into the restroom on the same floor as the club and was welcomed into the stall by none other than throw up! This is the point where I decided to write a review and save some poor souls misery and buyer’s remorse!

The port stops were pretty but not magnificent. I’d recommend Acapulco, Ixtapa and Manzanillo over these any day! Mazatlan had a lot of culture and I would recommend the taxi driver tour…pretty cool and reasonable…the ones with the vans. Cabo was beautiful yet very touristy…we walked around and took pictures and ate. In Cabo, the men are pigs so beware! They are perverted, hit on your and want to take you on a tour to their bed. Don’t go! Puerto Vallarta was nice but nothing to brag about. You can pretty much make your way to the beach in Puerto Vallarta and shop around the shops. Just take a taxi into the downtown around and make sure that they are the WHITE taxis – safer! The yellow ones – well, we felt like we were going to die on our way back to the ship.

Other than all that, the guest on Carnival Pride were breaking dishes, getting high and causing trouble. The service was OK on this ship. If you like trashiness and TJ revolution and are a swinger, BOOK THIS CRUISE NOW!!

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