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Age: 45


Number of Cruises: 9

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Pride

Sailing Date: 11-6-2008

Itinerary: Mexican Rivera

I just read the review by Ron from a year ago, and I have to say that I totally agree with his assessment and that I didn't see any improvements. I've been on 11 total cruises, and this was my ninth on Carnival.

Photos - I think they are overpriced and suggest that they create some package deals that would allow you to purchase multiple poses for a discount price. After all, they just throw them away afterwards. I know it would be difficult, but if they could somehow scan your card before the picture and then allow you to view the pictures online prior to purchase they could save tons of paper. The waste is very sad.

Embarkation and Debarkation - very smooth - the shortest wait ever!!! However, we also had a very disappointing experience with two staff members who were very rude when we asked how to get to our rooms. Overall, I had more rude experiences with staff than on any other ship.

Decor - I'm no prude, but I did get extremely tired of all the nude pictures by the end of the week. I liked the European influence (not as gaudy as other ships) but really people, enough is enough.

It will definitely be a few years before I go on another Cruise, and I'm seriously thinking of changing Cruise lines based on this last experience.

While the boat itself was okay, I was extremely disappointed with the formal dinners, the food was sub-average, the bread was stale, the steak touch and grisly. We dined at the 8:15 seating and were the last table left in the dining room three nights straight. Our waiter must have overhead us discussing it because he became visibly upset and asked us if we were unhappy with his service. We explained that his service was fine, but we would be late to karaoke and the shows because everything was taking so long. The next night he served us first out of his three tables but we felt rushed through. The night after that we were last in the dining room again, and we left before we got our dessert because we didn't want to miss the show. Our waiter was friendly and polite, but seemed extremely nervous which made us wonder how management treats the staff.

My stateroom was fine, but this was the first time that our room steward didn't come and introduce himself to us.

Karaoke - The Karaoke attendant, Lenka, was wonderfully nice and friendly, but we think that they could improve by holding the 'try-outs' for the final show all on one night. Every night we went we sat for three hours and only got to sing once. If they did all the try-outs at a certain time or on the first night this would also allow the winners more time for practice.

Comedians - I was very disappointed with the comedians, not up to the standard of other Carnival ships.

Dancers - I was selected to participate in the last show and the dance staff were absolutely wonderful!!! They paired me up with a young dancer named Ben and he took excellent care of me during the performance. I was very impressed with the troupe. I did witness that the main female performer was rude to the dancers and kept to herself. She overpowered her male partner in her singing - they were not a good partnership in my opinion.

Smoke - The sports and piano bar were so filled with smoke that we couldn't enjoy ourselves and had to leave.

Private Parties - There were two large groups (singles, and oldies) onboard and I was disappointed at how many times different entertainment venues were close to "private parties". It limited our activities and made us feel left out.

The canopy excursion (Zip-line) was awesome! However, they wouldn't let you take your cameras and then charged $100.00 for pictures.

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