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Age: 43

Occupation:support engineer

Number of Cruises: 28

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Spirit

Sailing Date: 2010-05-5

Itinerary: Alaska - Inside passage

My first Alaska cruise, all 27 others have been somewhere tropic. The last 10 of my cruises have been with Carnival and until I cruised on the Spirit, I had zero complaints with Carnival, the Funships, or the crew.

Food was wonderful. I enjoyed the wide variety of seafood and of course, the steak house.

My first night onboard, I reported to the Purser's Desk and to Medical that I'd been bitten several times in my stateroom. I asked if they'd had a problem with bedbugs or fleas. ( later when I returned home, my doctor confirmed bedbugs and I had to have my entire home fumigated). Later on, I was advised that my reports of the bites were not documented.

During a day at port, there was "routine maintenance" which involved painting outside on the balcony of my stateroom. Per instructions from the flyer left in my cabin, should this routine maintenance be a problem, please let them know and they would reschedule. For two reasons, I did not wish to have my balcony painted, so I called as instructed and asked to have the maintenance rescheduled.
1. I have severe allergies to perfumes, lotions, shampoos, paint, cosmetics, laundry detergents .... etc. I did not wish to have an asthma attack or allergic reaction.
2. I had a spa appointment I did not wish to return back to my cabin and face the painters and fumes from the routine maintenance, so I called and asked if they could reschedule. I was told they could and would reschedule.
RIGHT! So here I show up, in port, fresh from the spa and. I run into a bunch of guys from the maintenance team painting my balcony. The fumes were unbearable. I called the Purser's desk. The Purser's desk had on record that I had called to reschedule the routine maintenance / painting and had no idea where the miscommunication occured. The routine maintenance was in full swing and there was nothing I could do.

When I began to have trouble breathing, I left my cabin, went down to the Purser's office and expressed my displeasure in person. First of all, the customer service person was uncaring, unfeeling, and advised right off the bat I would not get any sort of discount. (Please note, I had NOT asked for a discount). Then to add insult to injury, I was offered medical treatment at my expense, but since I had my inhaler and antihistime, I declined.

A little side note here ... Carnival knows about my allergies. I have the little shoelace on the outside of my cabin (a code for housekeeping who puts the shoelace on the mailbox outside our doors) to NOT use anything but water when cleaning my cabin. I return back to my cabin from the Purser's desk to find my entire cabin had been "REFRESHED". This means they spray a bunch of smelly stuff into the stateroom to mask odors and of course, I am allergic to it. I soon had an allergic reaction.

- I spent the next several HOURS on deck while my cabin was opened up and aired out- My cabin had both doors open (balcony and stateroom) and my room was open to the public for several hours. I was advised that my steward was watching the room - but this did not fill me with comfort. My clothing stank of this stuff even after I was home, so everything had to be washed. My cloth suitcases reeked of the smell, so I had to throw out all of the luggage.

Later that night, I went down to the Purser desk to explain the chain of events and see what could be done about the never-ending chain of disasters, all impacting my cruise and relaxation.
After 27 cruises, the last 10 on Carnival, I was treated like a second class citizen and was offered zero help beyond pointing me to the medical doctor and being advised to take my insurance card.
I spoke to several folks at the Purser's desk and I was told that they couldn't change my cabin, that the "refresh" was the best they could do", they didn't have bedbugs, and routine maintenance was something we all have to put up with.

Oh, I was offered two drink coupons ... and I don't drink, so I declined. I let the matter drop and walked away from the Purser's desk, and vowed that I would never set foot again on a Carnival ship.

Three days later, I was credited $30.00 to my cabin account, which I did not ask for not expect. This was not discussed with me and I do not know the reason for it.
When I returned home, I advised Carnival of the issues I faced while on the cruise and to date ... 4 months later, not a single person from Carnival has contacted me to discuss.

Yep, next cruise will be with anyone but Carnival.

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