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Age: 40

Occupation:Having fun

Number of Cruises: 10

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Spirit

Sailing Date: 2011-04-10

Itinerary: Mexico to Hawaii and around the islands

In short, do not do Carnival, I have tried to work with them on our bad experience and they just ignore you.

The food was the worst out of all the cruise lines I have been on, the table next to us even chipped a tooth during one dinner.

The beds were in such poor shape, spooning my wife on our trip was out of the question. Our room was even left open one day after they had cleaned it. OPEN TO EVERYONE so anyone could walk in.

The hot broke, the pool was cold half the trip and boiling the other half. I got sick off the pool water during the first few days.

The ship is the main point of this review. Read the "about your trip" for a day to day recap.

Day 1
- We showed up at the docks in San Diego to check in, we see the boat. Then we watched the boat undock and sail to Mexico where we had to take a multi hour bus ride on a narrow road. The bus driver was driving like a crazy man and ran a semi off into the shoulder. There was a cliff on our side most the ride and people were terrified on the bus ride.
- We got to the boat tried the buffet and found it very limited and the food under cooked.
- We headed to the dining room for a well look forward to meal and got sat pretty quickly with a wait staff all around us, things looked good. We got our drink order in right away and then ordered dinner. The drinks did not show up until right before dessert showed up. We ate the whole dinner and appetizers and never got our drinks.
- The state room looked nice enough but we found two single beds pushed together rather then a queen mattress we signed up for. The two single mattresses were in such bad shape that my wife and I could not sleep next to each other. We expected a 10 day trip of passion and due to the beds we were not even able to spoon at night. It was as if we were sleeping in egg cartons. The mini bar door was locked and stayed locked for a couple days for some reason; when it was finally unlocked it was warm on the inside.

Day 2
- We woke up on the next day hoping to brush off the first night as a rough start. We noticed that there was only fruit juice at the breakfast and only lemonade after that, very limited selection. The coffee at the buffet was so thick and nasty, and I like black coffee, that I could not even drink it.
- We thought we would go out and sit in the hot tub and found it not working and the staff didn’t know when it would be fixed. The pools were freezing and the hot tub was broken, not the best start.
- We headed back to the room to watch some TV and a movie and our TV remote was not working. We called the room Stuart and he came by and said it was not broken and I had to hold it closer to the TV, within a foot, so why have a remote? After he left he came back with new batteries, that didn’t help, so we could not order any movies and went to bed.

Day 3
- We had pictures taken a number of times and we went to take a look at the pictures the boat printed out for us. We found a couple dozen pictures and with 8 days left on the cruise we asked them to hold them for us so we could pick the best ones. They said they could not do that, and the staff was not interested in working with us. On other cruises the boat has had boxes to store pictures in and with the ability to folder the ones people wanted to save. Carnival said that all the pictures would be in un marked boxes with no way of find ours without us looking through the boxes ourselves, and they warned us that would take hours. I asked if we could buy the package they had available which was buy 4 and get a 5th free, and use it for the two we really liked today and save the others for the next formal night. The staff said no, this deal was one day only. So basically they would not let us save the pictures to pick later, and then would not let us buy a package with out taking all 5 pictures that day. So I am very vary mad, this cruise is the cruise to celebrate a cancer free mom and a new engagement, and the cruise picture staff is fighting me for those memories. I went down to the guest relations desk and they said dont worry about it and that the picture staff was going to save them for us and go back up to talk to the manager. I went back up and they said that they mis-spoke and would not be willing to hold them and suggested we just put them back on the wall and hope they will be there in a few days. Very unsetting for me and our family. It was like talking to a used car salesman holding my drivers license until I sign the paperwork. But instead they are holding my family's memories, I was furious.
- I went back to the room to relax and the satellite TV was flickering in and out. I called the guest relations desk and they said they were having TV dish issues. They were not interested in comping a movie for me and said there was nothing they could do about it. Again another day and a number of bad issues that no one was willing to help with, and I asked for some help and I was willing to work with the staff to make something work.
- I went to the dinning room to try the breakfast since the buffet food was not very good. I had the eggs benedict and I have to say I thought that would be a great dish to have and start the day. The eggs were overdone, the muffin was soggy, and I could not even tell there was sauce on the eggs. I was very disappointed.
- It was Bingo night, I took my mom down for some bingo and they had listed the wrong bingo on the daily schedule but failed to mention which one was replacing it. We still went down there and got in line and bought 6 sheets, we were trying to ask questions but the game was going to start and the staff was trying to hurry us along. Then they gave us the bill which was $20 a sheet, then we sat down to play and it was a one time game. What a waste of money, we thought we would enjoy some bingo and for $120 we got 5 minutes of play time.
- I figured I would go online and check some emails and do some online games, I went to the online café and it had notes on the door saying that it was closed because the internet is not working. We are out to sea on sea days and no working TV, no working remote for movies, and now the internet is not working.
- A small note, the toilet paper was super thin and took a great deal of paper to get the job done. I think better bio-paper would be worth the company's investment.
- At all the other cruises I have taken the Captains’ meet and greet there has been champagne or free drinks and appetizers. Carnival had neither of the two, but was taking off one dollar on drinks which were $8-12 each.
- I took a day at the pool and went in, the water was warm at this point but the water was not clean. I ended up taking a mouth full and coughing, the next day I ended up with ammonia. At the clinic the doctor said it could have been from the pool water or other unclean conditions on the ship. I boarded the ship healthy and while at sea I got sick on the last at sea day. When we boarded we had to fill out a health survey, I wonder who reviews those and checks on people. I sat at a lunch table with someone that looked and sounded on their death bed. On the bus ride down to the ship I had a woman on the bus that had something growing on her face and uzing puss, she was wiping it with a rag and coughing something nasty. I don't know how but somewhere on the ship someone or the pool got me very sick, who checks those sheets, how do they still have a job?

Day 4
- For dinner I went to the buffet and found food at sub standards, pizza, salad bar with no meat, and nothing really in fresh fruit but the same sour oranges, cantaloupe, and melon.

Day 5
- At the first port, the ship ended up leaving at 6pm, why so early? We didn't get much time at all on the shore.

Day 6
- At Kona we spent the day on the shore and left early, when we returned to the boat we found our cabin door open from the cleaning staff. If the cleaning staff came at 10am that means our cabin was open for many hours for anyone to come in. We had valuables in the room, or medications, and other personal things. We were very uncomfortable leaving the room from this point forward. We called the guest relations desk, talked to security, and had to fill out a report. But the ship did nothing to accommodate us for the issue, but say sorry. That sorry doesn't help me or my wife feel more comfortable about our medications and if someone was in our room.
- At this port we had to tenure in to shore and somehow got the worst boat driver ever. During the docking process he hit the boat on the dock. The other boat drivers had no issues docking the boat but this driver had banged the boat so bad the marks on the front of the boat was very clear.
- We didn't eat dinner this day because the ship was having a luau on the top deck. We checked with the guest desk prior to our dinner time and they did say there was going to be food. We went to the luau hungry, and found no food, the food was not put out till 11pm and it was nothing like a luau. Very disappointing and we were robbed of eating in the dinning room where the only reasonable food was, we were upset at the least.

Day 7
- At Kaui, the dock staff was very rude.
- When we came back to the boat at previous docks they had us loading the ship on two planks. Today they decided to change it yet didn't put a sign anywhere except at the plank all the way at the other side of the dock. We were carrying all our stuff and we got to the plank entrance and they made us walk all the way to the other side. It was very poor planning on the ships side and dock personal, very poor planning.
- This day we had some on shore activities and then there was a formal night. Why not have the second formal night the night before when people at able to attend with out being worn out from activities.
- Once against he boat left at an early time, the boat didn’t sail anywhere near shore, no chances at whale watching, instead it would appear that the boat was only interested in getting out to gambling waters as fast as possible.
- Again the buffet was very limited for dinner.
- The rooms are very well done when it comes to sound proofing. We couldn't hear the boat horn when in port which was great, we could hear the intercom unless we opened the door which was great, BUT the buffet line was right above us and we could hear every wheel rolling on the deck which sounded like thunder. With the buffet being busy al the time it was hard to sleep.
- We had a balcony room, spent sometime on the balcony up until the rooms around us decided to use their deck to smoke. The smoke blew right into our room and we had issues breathing, we didn't get much of a chance to enjoy the balcony, very disappointing. The ship should have a smoking side and a non-smoking side.
- We ended up using the laundry service, our new shirts came back more wrinkled then when we bought it and they were smaller and shrunk. Now a diet is a must, just to fit in my new shirts that fit the day before.

Day 8-9
- Maui, in port we figured the TV issues would be fixed, which they were not. I had to take my remote to the guest relations desk to get a new one since the room steward would not fix the issue. After getting the remote we reviewed the movies available and most the movies were geared towards the 60 plus crowd and very limited.
- We rented a car at this port and got down to the dock were you stand in line for the cars and the ship/dock crew was directing people. There was plenty of room and ways to have each of the car rental companies to have their own lines. We were at the front of the line because we got there early. Then the rental van transports started showing up and the ship personal was not announcing that XYZ van was here please come forward, instead they stood there and just said "stay behind the gate". So people were pushing and shoving and mobbing to the front. Then people were getting mad, yelling at others, others walking to the front of the line and standing when they should have been at the end. As the next 30 minutes went on the people were getting more and more mad and the dock personal looked to be getting scared and they finally walked away to avoid issues. They left us standing there to fight with each other. The first hour of the day ruined the whole day due to a lack of planning on the ships part.
- Parking the car was just as much of an issue. We headed back to the dock to park and there was no one around directing where to park. The ship personal just said not to park “here” or we would be towed, we had to search around ourselves.
- Got back to the cabin, tried a glass of sick tap water and it was very distasteful, we had to buy the water in the room, which was room temp and we had no ice.
- Once again the next day at Maui the dock security was very rude and not very helpful.
- At the end of the day the ship left port again very early, must be all about the gambling, I have never seen a ship more interested in getting money from people in any way possible. The sail to Honolulu was slow, so we could have staying in port longer to enjoy ourselves.
- We did some gambling and found the drink were not free, not even the soda, even though we are spending money on gambling. The progressive jackpots required a 10 credit play rather then the typical 1 more then the regular max play.

Day 10-11
- At the last port, this one really had me mad. The ship didn't offer tours in this port until the very last minute, so with the Pearl Harbor being the main reason for this port we had to make tour plans ourselves for both days. We ended up paying more money and got less of a tour. With this in mind the ship will only work with you on your luggage if you are doing a tour with the ship. We had to cut out paid for tour short the next day because we had to get back to the ship to get the luggage in the outside holding area that was said to close at 6pm but the staff said to be back by 5pm because they were closing early. We called the front desk; we asked for help, we got no help from the ship personnel rather then just the run around and the usual "sorry we can't help" speech.

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