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Age: 27

Occupation:Human Resources

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Splendor

Sailing Date: 2012-09-9

Itinerary: Mexico

The biggest thing was the staff, we encountered many unpleasant staff members including the staff in the Golden Pearl at Breakfast time, a woman working at the deli and a man at Guest Services. More often than not when we ordered room service it never arrived, or only arrived after 3 follow up calls and several hours later. Also, our room was directly above the casino which meant we were kept awake until after midnight every single night due to live music. We could literally hear every single word and note played.

The biggest issue came the second to last night of our cruise when the friend we were traveling with was given eggplant despite us reminding the staff every single night that she is deathly allergic. This essentially ruined the last two days of our cruise which was a huge disappointment. Mistakes happen, and luckily our friend survived but the most upsetting part was the staff's response. They first refused medical treatment unless she paid for it, and never acknowledged the urgency of the situation, then once she was okay, there was never any followup from the staff to see if she was okay. Let me reiterate, that this was completely avoidable and 100% Carnival's fault, yet our party, or my friend in particular, never received as much as even an apology. In fact, guest services went as far as to blame my friend and deny that it ever happened. I want you to know that I witnessed the eggplant myself, as well as her telling the waiter how allergic she is. The staff's response to their own mistake was the most upsetting part of the whole ordeal.

The most frustrating thing about the whole thing is both me and my friend tried multiple times to contact Carnival about what happened once we got off the ship, since no one seemed to care while on the ship. It took me over a week to hear back from guest services and when I did it was a generic automatic email. When I asked my booking agent for his supervisor's contact information he refused.

It's scary to think that while one these ships your life is in the hands of a company who places such little value on it.

It was a fine cruise otherwise, but Royal Caribbean was much better.

The cabin was nice and larger than expected, if you didn't mind loud music until the late hours of the night.

Lots to do on the ship and the entertainment was good but loud.

We did the Fiesta Snorkel in Cabo and liked it.

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