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Feliks Kogan

Age: 52


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Splendor

Sailing Date: 2013-04-1

Itinerary: Bahamas

My first time in Carnival and I hope it's a last. Very poor service except of housekeeping. Workers in buffet are very unfriendly, never smile. Waiters in restaurants are extremely slow and can't explain what are the dishes listed in fancy menu (I speak English, but no Spanish or French). Once I was frightened by worker, who almost grab me to prevent my entrance in some kind of art exhibition to push me sign a paper. I felt like an wild animal caught by no mercy hunter. After 20 minutes I went to the same place freely and saw a scene when dealer tried to sell scratched painting on cardboard for $3800 (As an artist myself I may tell it cost no more then $400 plus restoration of the scratch).

I got my stomach pain in first day after visiting an overcrowded buffet. Cereal with milk (are we all at elementary school ?), egg and limited portion of bacon, absolutely no vegetable except of few slices of tomato and cucumbers at side for sandwiches. I preferred to prepare those sandwiches and no go to restaurant or to the buffet. I could buy by separate payment good coffee or dessert only in bar. Sushi in that ship were something unimaginable -- don't even try, that's my advice... Once I ordered salad in trial to get some vegetable in restaurant dinner. Read what I got: ONE HALF of cherry tomato and ONE QUARTER of slice of cucumber. The rest were bitter foliage. I never saw that kind of feeding in my entire life.

Nobody explained me before that I would sleep in pullman bed, which was mounted under the ceiling. I am a family man, not a teenager. I didn't saw that kind of cabin in pictures at Carnival website. I never imagine a possibility of that pullman in modern time in the huge-huge vessel like Splendor. But room service was very good.

In the first evening I was shocked to hear a dirty joker and show director which name is Malcolm "Whoo-Whoo": he insulted senior couple, asked their name, place of living etc., then "joked" about blue pills and so on... I found dealer's cheating in casino. Some table, as "Fun 21 Black Jack" very often missed rules description (the plague) where players may learn that all Queens cards are removed. How many thousands of dollars they lost? I knew those rules but anyway I was few times confused and lost my money just because of hiding the rules: of cause the game strategy for that 'Fun 21" is different. Be careful in Black Jack also keep in mind that some table has minimum bet of $6, so very soon you will bet $10 for easy counting: and loose more. Nothing to do in the ship beside casino, where you can smoke only when you gambling. Few time I was in concert but tired from the same singers and dancers.

In Bahamas go to the beach and don't waste your time for shopping (Nassau and Freeport|).

My vacation was ruined by Carnival, my wife is very unhappy too.

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