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Age: 26

Occupation:Benefits Manager

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Triumph

Sailing Date: August 26th, 2006

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Things went bad from the start for us, when booking our cruise through Carnival. We were given the run around on many items and my vacation rep. was changed 3 times allowing a lot of confusion and many hours wasted on the phone. After complaining to the right person, I was given an upgrade to an ocean view room, a free bottle of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

As far as the cruise itself, getting on the boat was a breeze. It was really organized, and we were on the boat in under an hour. We did take the transfer service from the airport to the boat, and while it was fast and organized, the bus driver more or less demanded a tip. We did not cave in as we were told ahead of time as did our transfer ticket state that gratuity was included.

The boat itself was very nice, though I found Royal Caribbean's boats to be a bit more impressive. We headed upstairs to the Lido deck for the welcome buffet. This was mass chaos. Basically there are about 4 different options for eating, but you are not informed of this. There is the deli, the main buffet, the grill, pizza, and another buffet outside. The buffet itself has mediocre food and often was greasy. Stick with the grill, pizza or Asian cookery (though that is often hit or miss). When I would ask crew members on the boat where things were I would be sent in the wrong direction or given a snotty attitude. They were not helpful at all. Perhaps they had been on the boat too long, but how is that my fault?

4 hours later we got our luggage it was placed outside of our room and another bag was there that wasn't ours. It took another 2 hours for them to come and get it. I was frustrated because I didn't feel comfortable about my luggage just being left outside for anyone to take.

Our room was very lovely. Quite big and a nice sized window. We were on the 2nd floor which was ok. Made it easy to get to dinner.

Breakfast is the best in the dining room, though the waiters at times are rude. One even argued with my husband that eggs over hard is not an option and brought his eggs runny.

Lunch is a waste of time in the dining room. Stick with the grill or the buffet. It took an hour to get our food, and it was bad. We ended up eating at the buffet anyhow.

Dinner is a definite in the dining room. We asked for our own table, and they accommodated. Our waiter was fabulous and made wonderful suggestions. They even sang a few nights which was cute. The food at dinner is the best on the boat.

They have 2 midnight buffets which are way crowded and just ok. The Mexican one was better than the gala buffet and it was less crowded. They did do snacks ever night, but they were dry cookies and powdery brownies.

Another piece of advice, with dinner bring your drinks from the Lido deck. If you want the stuff that is free there you will have to pay for it in the dining room. This was absolutely ridiculous.

The ports were much better than the western Caribbean. San Juan was beautiful though I wish we would have gotten there earlier because everything is closed except the bars. We just walked around and took in the city, which was very historic. We also hit a local bar which was great and much cheaper than the ship.

St. Thomas was wonderful, however do not do the St. Thomas Snorkel by Dive World. Dive World is a DIVE. They are rude, unorganized, and will leave without you. We barely made the bus. The equipment seemed dirty and they didn't offer any instruction.

St. Martin is the best. We did the St. Martin beach break and it was worth every penny. However, we were lied to and informed that there was snorkeling which was not the case at all. We had a great time none-the-less. The beaches were wonderful and clean. We had all you can drink rum punch, and the people were very friendly.

The shows that don't have outside entertainment and boring and a waste if you are under age 60. We walked out of a few of them. The adult only comedy shows were amazing as were the magicians :)

The pools are small and overcrowded. They really need an adult only pool. The whirlpools shut off on more than one occasion. I am not sure if they were broke or what, but after the 2nd day, it was a bit frustrating.

We got a massage, and there was constant noise. This is because the spa is next to the camp carnival. It was very frustrating, and the spa staff didn't care. My hair appointment was an hour late and I almost missed dinner because of it.

I do not recommend this boat. A lot of noise and really bad service overall. Spend a few bucks more and go on Princess or RC.

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