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Age: 20


Number of Cruises: First One!

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Triumph

Sailing Date: July 21st, 2007

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

We got to the actual building after waiting in line for fifteen minutes. Then there was a line inside to show your passports. There goes another 15 minutes. Okay, no big deal. So we go to the next room, another line and metal detectors. After another 15 minutes we get to the desk, get the papers, and high tail it out of there. We have 2 floors of winding walkways, stairs, and escalators left. Finally the gangway and onto the ship we go.

Welcome Aboard-
We were welcomed by a Carnival Dancer who pointed us in the right direction. We had photos done, that would be imprinted on our room cards for i.d. The atrium was huge, amazing, and stunning, really. I was really ecstatic. So we went to find our room. Right away we found the stairs and the elevator, and went down. The room was done up nicely (we had been upgraded from and interior to a window room) with both beds pushed together, my couch done up as a bed, and the bunk right above. There was plenty of room, closet and drawer space, and all the amenities you could want including capers and guides to the ship, and the Caribbean.

We waited and walked for a while until it was "MUSTER DRILL" time. Overall very well organized, and very thorough however my life jacket was malfunctioning (one side pushed into my head, while the other side was fine, not very helpful or comfortable). Moving on we went to the cabin, and then found our way to the buffet. We had lunch which was pretty good. There were plenty of choices. We were able to see the pool decks, water slide, and band. The weather was sunny, but some dark clouds loomed over the port and before we set sail the monsoons came (okay not that bad, but it was gray and rainy) We had to go into the bay to reposition and then set sail. The scenery was gorgeous and we moved down to the deck we had entered by, (covered by the way) and left the port. About 20 minutes later we passed the last tip of land, and retreated to our cabin. We plotted out our night, and waited for our luggage to arrive. We also had the dinner seating we wanted (6:15). So our luggage got there all but Dad's of course so most of us had our evening wear. We went to dinner and had very nice staff, and the food and view were great. We were approached by the head person and asked to change tables (better view and service). The food was great and service was prompt. (only bad thing was I had the same steak many nights, very good but very fatty and I only got about half the steak I was given) Afterwards we explored, and my brother and I went to the meetings for kids and teens. I grabbed a form and left. We took a walk on deck, and went to the cabin. We found heavenly chocolates, capers, a cute animal, and the softest pillows ever. We loved our deck (Riviera deck 1, forward, port side) Our room steward had already introduced himself, and we felt no motion what so ever)

Sea Day-

I got up early, and went to the window immediately, and saw the beautiful view. We went to the dining room for breakfast (we had London broil for dinner, but it was not available for lunch or breakfast during our cruise so we went to the Paris dining room) The food was great, and better yet perfectly proportioned. The back of the ship (all the way at the back) was the only place you felt the rocking which wasn't that bad) Then we hung out at Camp Carnival Activities, and later at the pool, and water slide. Great weather all the way. That evening we walked around deck and saw the swells behind the ship, and I discovered the all you can eat, low fat chocolate frozen yogurt. Need I say more. I was in heaven!!! We retired and found the same great surprises.

We also saw a great show involving places around the world, great music, costumes, and choreography (and some skimpy costumes) and it was very enjoyable.

Cozumel- we arrived in Cozumel early, and watched us dock from the cabin. It was beautiful and we realized some noises beneath the cabin (guess what we were above the gangway, it wasn't a big deal though, and we loved cabin 1250) We ate at the buffet and went ashore. The water was a clear green color and we could see fish. Everyone was nice and we embarked to a shopping center and later caught a cab (many drivers were very pushy but ours was nice) and went to Playa Mia Beach Park. We got there early and the parrots, beautiful beach, sparkling pool, playground, and fun awaited us. We had an amazing time, and I ate real Mexican food. We returned to the ship, and hung out at the pool and waterslide. We had the same routine, and we watched as we left Cozumel. (Adios, Mexico).

The next sea day we went to some fun show, and other great activities, and the pool. We tried the burger place for lunch, and it was very good, and in a great setting.

Grand Cayman- Overall the best stop on the trip. The water was crystal clear blue. We took boats ashore, and the people were extremely friendly. We looked in some shops, and took our bus to the 7 Mile (Sea Grape) beach. They told us all about the island, and its life, sites, and history. It was great and then we got to the beach. We each got a free soda, and use of the beach. For 10 dollars we rented comfortable rafts, and had the best day imaginable. We walked all over and explored. We returned to the ship later, and set sail. Another great night.

Jamaica- We arrived early, and the water was a darker, deeper blue. We saw villas, and tall rolling mountains of green. We had breakfast and left. We went ashore, and waited for almost an hour for our excursion to begin. We left on a bus with another annoying family of three. We traveled over bumpy roads to Prospect Plantation. We embarked with other groups on a tractor tour and had an amazing time. the two guys leading the tour were hilarious, and kept the jokes coming. We saw an old home from the 1700's, fed ostriches, ate fresh fruit, and sugar cane, and tried punch, and got amazing views. We learned new things about Jamaica, and the went to the supposedly optional shopping trip. We didn't buy anything and some of the sellers were pretty pushy. We then set out for the beach. When we got there we went to the beach, got chairs, and looked around. It was pretty with rock surrounded coves, trees, bathrooms, lunch, and two stores. I had wanted to do a dolphin swim but missed the last one. I was pretty disappointed so I went with my parents over to the dolphin cove. (beginning the weirdo that I am I started making my dolphin noises which are pretty good, and soon all 4 dolphins swam to the edge of the cove, beneath the railing, and circled for almost 10 minute) It was a memorable experience, that I will never forget. We spent a while there and although the water was warm, there were occasional bursts of cold water. We went back to the ship, and hung out. I came in third for water slide races.

Final day at sea- I signed up for the kids talent show, went to rehearsal, and spent my day nicely as usual. Later I performed, and spent the day as usual. We saw the Legends Show which at times was hilarious, while at other times it was hideously unbearable. Overall it was a perfect last night, and I knew I would miss it.

Debarking- We got off quickly after breakfast, got our luggage in about 5 minutes, and were on a bus and to the airport. We went home and had a plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

The shows, and singing waiters were great. The facilities were up to dated, colorful, creative, and always being cleaned. The food wasn't gourmet but it was very very good (I even had Crème' Brule! The service was great accept for one man at the information deck who was very short with my mother. The room was amazing, and we were always well informed. The ship was gorgeous, and well maintained. Overall it was an amazing cruise, and I would go on it again in a heartbeat (different itinerary of course, as it would get monotonous and boring) It was easy to find your way around, but wasn't a small ship. Camp Carnival was fun, and the counselors were nice but I think more activity variety would be great. I loved Carnival Triumph, and the prices were the cheapest I've seen on cruises. Everyone on board was fun, and happy. You should definitely go on this cruise.

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