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ceveland campbell

Age: 40


Number of Cruises: 3rd

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Triumph

Sailing Date: 2010-09-6

Itinerary: cozemel mexico

do not bother this was not for the family cruise, you get no sleep due to the noise at 3 am and the lack of security on the cabin floors(2nd). the service was deplorable from about a third of the workers, they all acted is if you were bothering them when ever you ask for anything including a napkin....and when you complain about something with your cruise, say like the noise at 3 a.m., or the lack of quarters on the ship to do your own laundry (carnival charges $3-$4 per garment , including children clothes)the workers all of a sudden do not speak english......

the food is good for the most part in the formal dining rooms, and for the rest of the ship it is cafeteria food, hamburgers hotdogs, french fries, all the time.......the food at the buffets were hit or miss, some of the food was as if they combined leftovers and called it a salad or quiche......the eggs were inedible at the buffet and room service looks good when you get the menu all those sandwiches and fruit brought right to your room,,,,yeah if you get through everytime i called (which was at all hours of the night due to the noise) they were experiencing a " high volume of calls " at three in the morning and would never get to you .......and forget it on the last night on the cruise they figure your out of here tomorrow anyway so good riddance..

the room was nice except for the thin walls,if you can hear the next room over snoring? you know the walls are thin.. but it was nice and clean whenever you returned from somewhere and always supplied with towels and supplies...

the shows were exciting and entertaining, as well as the movies outside on the pool deck...there were not enough pools or the pools were to small for the amount of people on the ship , sure everyone could get in but do you want your children wading around with 50-60 yr old drunks in a hot tub? or that 300 lb. women in a bikini at the pool??

no excursions, too long to get to where your going, whether it's the bus ride or the boat ride to the snorkeling spot, too long and too much money.....only so much time to do one excursion or two short ones so choose carefully if you dare!!!!

overall the trip was a disaster, there just didn't seem to be enough room for a family of four who do not drink and party all the time....everything on the ship is geared toward drinking alcohol and everyone on the ship seemed to obliged the ship...sure there were putt-putt holes on the top deck but you had wait for the 70 yr old drunk and his wife to get their "round" in before the buffet opened up again..(oh by the way did i mention she's on a scooter!!!!) all the time your are waiting in line for something due to the fact everyone wants to get their money's worth of something, whether it's food, entertainment, free ice cream or complimentary coconut shell drinks....always a line and a rush to get ahead of the next couple and forget manners or courtesy..that would be another cruise line I hope

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