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Age: 67


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Triumph

Sailing Date: 2010-11-1

Itinerary: cruise

We went with a group of 15 family and friends. Overall, it was a good experience, but not the best. We went on the Fantasy 2 years ago and it was much better. This ship is too crowded. I don't mean with people. It's the "stuff" in the boat. Rooms are very small and it's hard to navigate through them. There's a lot of chairs, tables, piano's that no one plays, decorations, etc... I felt very enclosed on this ship compared to the Fantasy. My hubby almost got heat stroke waiting for the Paris dining room to open because there were tons of people and no room for them to wait. This was a 7 day cruise and I don't think we'll go for 7 days again. It was too much on the ship. I like the islands. There was 4 days on ship and only 3 days on shore. On a 4 day cruise you have 2 on ship and 2 on shore. Just my preference.
Roatan was our favorite island and favorite day for all 14 of us.

The food was good. It wasn't the best though. I love the chocolate melting cake and I didn't find it as good as on the Fantasy. The cheesecake was good. The almond sufle was terrible. The tiger shrimp were horrible!!!! Our chef just couldn't cook seafood. The fried shrimp tasted like something you find in your grocery freezer. My hubby called it Mrs. Paul shrimp. LOL The Maimai had a real fishy taste. The steaks were really good but not the best. If you've ever been to Houstons in Metairie, LA, then you compare every steak to one of theirs. I like my veggies cooked and all of theirs were raw. Some people like it that way, but I don't. The corn soup was nothing but potatoes. I had 2 cornels of corn and it tasted like dishwater. So did the mushroom soup.
The best food on the ship was breakfast. It was awesome. The combination scrambled eggs, grits, cream of wheat, orange and banana muffins, crossants, pancakes with jelly or syrup, and crisp bacon or ham. The pitza was good also, but I wanted to slap the guy serving it. He was an ass. Nasty, nasty.

Our stateroom was nice except for the bathroom. It smelled like a sewer and was putrid pink. It was better after someone told us to pour water in the overflow drain. We flooded it and then it was better. I hated the towels. They felt like sandpaper when you dried yourself. I guess they haven't heard about Bounty or are too cheap to use it.
The bed was so hard we had the guy that cleaned our room fold up blankets and put them under the sheet to make a cushion. It was still a little hard but at least we got some sleep.
The air was out in my daughter's room. They wanted to move her to another room 4 floors below. My grand daughter was on the floor she was on and didn't want to be separated from her so didn't move. When we got to Roatan another room opened up on our floor and they gave her that room. Seems to me they should keep one room on a floor in case something happens.
We were on the Varanda deck and I'll never book these rooms again. All night long there was scraping on the Lido deck above. Next trip I'll know to go two floors below the Lido deck.

We didn't do any onboard activities. They were boring and things I could have just as well stayed home and done. We mostly sat on our balcony or roamed the ship. It is interesting seeing all the different rooms. The Lido deck by the pool is a nightmare. It's like a sea of people all jammed up together. You couldn't hardly walk through it. Same with the restaurants on that deck. The tables were jammed together.

We've kind of learned to stay away from all excursions. We pretty much go on our own. There was a Monkey and garden on Roatan that my daughter was interested in. She wanted to see the monkeys because we used to have one. She paid a bunch. We took a cab and found the monkeys and paid $5 to get in. The cab also took us all over the island. My youngest daughter wanted to go snorkeling and took a cab to the beach and got off lots cheaper than if she had booked an excursion. Sometimes you can do better on your own.
I think this is a learning experience and you get more familiar with what you're doing as you go along.

We had a great trip over all. I wasn't crazy about the ship but being with my family and friends was great. We didn't get to go to Belize because of the hurricane so we had to go to Cozumel twice. We tried to dock in Costa Maya, but it was too rough. I didn't like having to see Cozumel twice but I understood that was the best the captain could do. It would have been nice though if he had swung around and taken us to Progresso instead. Guess he didn't want to waste the gas.

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