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Larry Stover

Age: 40


Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Valor

Sailing Date: December 3rd, 2006

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

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Carnival Valor Cruise Review
Western Caribbean

Larry Stover

Had a fantastic trip on board the Valor. I went on this cruise with my brother, our wives backed out, so we were forced to trek alone just the two of us.... poor souls! LOL! We stayed in a beautiful suite with a huge balcony, enjoyed the sunsets and rises, well not too many rises actually.. I'll get to that later. The only problem, which wasn't really even a problem as much as it was my stupidity, was that in our bathroom which was as big as a normal size cabin was a dual sink, a Jacuzzi tub, a toilet and what I thought was a funky looking urinal, which after using, my brother told this redneck hillbilly it was a bidet for washing your tush??!! Huh? Oh well served my purpose as well.

The embarkation process was actually terrific, we arrived around 11:00 and were on board before noon. This was fantastic considering we left from Miami - anyone who has sailed from this port knows what I mean. We had V.I.P. admission which didn't really do anything for us as we got on board after some friends of ours who were just mere “regular” folk, LOL.

The ship is huge! It mirrors other Carnival ships I have been on, just different names of bars and such, and different décor. But who really takes a cruise for the décor? Just show me to the food and booze! Not too difficult to get around, may take a day or two to completely get your bearings. The staff on board were absolutely amazing…pleasant, helpful, always available, the bar staff actually remembered your name (first and last) and on most occasions your sign and sail card number to charge your drinks, which on a ship with a few thousand people is amazing, or it could have been that my brother dropped around 5 grand on alcohol this week…hmmm not sure. Either way they were friendly, took an amazing amount of good intended fun and abuse from our group and gave it right back.

The food was amazing, I don’t think anyone can sell me a vacation anywhere that includes your hotel, beaches, and cuisine like this for this price. Not to mention all the other things that are included like shows, beautiful women, entertainment, women, shopping, women, casino, women, anyway there is a lot to look at… like the amazing Art Gallery…yeah right! Anyway back to the food, I get side tracked easily… As much as you want, pretty much whatever you want, almost whenever you want it. Nothing like being stone drunk getting pizza and ice cream at 3 in the morning and then trying to find your way back to your room. Of course they have room service which is free and really good food as well. You will never eat better for the price - guaranteed.

A lot of bars, nightclubs, etc. if you aren’t into going to the shows and acts at night. We frequented the Casino bar and the Piano Bar. Doug the Piano man was new to the ship and he had a very limited selection of music from which he played and sang, so we were forced to teach him a few good country tunes and just liven the place up a little. Hence the reason for seeing so very few sunrises. My legs hurt so much from dancing, it felt like I was chop blocked by a couple 300 pound lineman…. Hmmm I do vaguely remember meeting a few rather large…. Well anyway, if you like to party, get tore up, or just watch the shows, there is something to keep you busy into the wee hours.

The islands were beautiful,  (what we saw of them), I allude back to the drunk part again and having trouble functioning when the sun was up. We rented a Hummer in St. Marten, and drove completely around the island, saw pretty much everything there was to see, went to the Nude Orient beach… drove up, parked, got naked…well I did the others I was with weren’t into the whole free expression for themselves kind of thing. It was absolutely free, a lot of naked people, among as many clothed people. Although it was worth the trip and there were a handful of beautiful “attraction” this wasn’t a sunny California Baywatch Beach, it was more of a I saw grandma naked kind of beach…but hey it was free and it was naked.

Anyway to sum it up we met some very cool, super nice, and interesting people…Hey UTAH! A friend of my brother’s, probably the funniest guy I have ever met spent most of his cruise in the casino, and won… lucky bas@#$! We met a beautiful Romanian girl who got engaged on the ship, and she ate Goat!!?? People were just fun and fantastic and I can’t wait to do it again but this time with my wife, so perhaps I can actually see the islands, and maybe eat breakfast!!

Feel free to email me at with any questions, and if anyone is reading this that was on board with the drunk guys from the piano bar drop me a line!


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