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Ann and Joe

Age: 43

Occupation:Software Industry

Number of Cruises: 10

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Victory

Sailing Date: 2008-12-29

Itinerary: Southern Caribbean

Unfortunately, Carnival was an incredibly disappointing experience, primarily because the crew members simply do not care about the guests. They were indifferent and in some cases even rude. Many guests on this ship were obnoxiously loud and did not follow Carnival's own posted rules. However, Carnival did nothing about it, even when it was very clear that guests were disturbed by the loud and inconsiderate behavior of some of the guests. Even the purser's desk gave bad or wrong information. Many customer-facing crew members spoke very little English.
The food was absolutely gross. Very poor quality. Hardly any fresh fruits or vegetables, even though we were in the tropics. No chocolate fountain, food sculptures, or midnight buffet. Very disappointing.
Stateroom was fine. Tidy and efficient. The shower was poorly planned though as it was inevitable that the entire bathroom floor would be flooded with water. Many public areas and staterooms are kept very cold though, with no way to change the temperature in the stateroom. And, despite many complaints from passengers, Carnival did not adjust the temperature in the public areas either.
Completely inadequate. Of the very few games they did have, they were lame and scarely attended. None of the classic cruise ship games, or even any new, innovative ones. Despite several events being listed in the Carnival Caper (published and delivered to your stateroom daily), the events did not take place. Why do they even advertise these events and then not do them? This just creates more customer dis-satisfaction. Very disappointing.
The aerial tram over and through the rain forest in Dominica! We've traveled extensively and had never experienced such beauty from that perspective. If you go, do take the optional 10-minute walk through the rainforest. The wildlife reserve in Barbados. However, not for the wildlife reserve but for the wild ride of the 4x4ing through the sugar cane fields. Not for the unadventurous though. And, there were very few 'green monkeys' at the reserve so if you are going to the reserve just for the monkeys be prepared to just see turtles instead.
We will never again patronize Carnival and hope you seriously consider the reviews of those of us who have unfortunately wasted money on them. Do yourself a favor and choose a different cruise line. Carnival should not be 'rewarded' for such atrocious customer (not!) service. The positives about the cruise had very little to do with Carnival. The ports and the shore excursions were the best parts of the trip. Take advantage of being on a different island each day and enjoy yourself. In Barbados, be aware that it will take at least 10 minutes to walk from the gangway to where the shore excursions meet. Carnival should have announced this and because they did not we know of at least three groups of people who missed their pre-paid tours because of the distance down the pier and through the shopping mall to the shore excursions pickup.

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