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Age: 41

Occupation:administrative assistant

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Victory

Sailing Date: 2014-03-29

Itinerary: Caribbean

This was our 6th Carnival cruise and unfortunately, our least favorite. Unfortunately, I believe it is the passengers' fault rather than Carnival's. My husband & I are very social, go-with-the-flow kind of people. We realize every one is on vacation & keep that in mind at all times. Wow...this trip...there were a lot of people who did not have that mindset. Our stateroom was located in a hall with some of the rudest, foulest mouthed people ever. Kids screaming at each other in one stateroom, couples cursing each other, teens hanging in the hallway screaming, families bickering name it. It was all around our stateroom. We had to call & complain at 2:30am on the morning we were to debark after being kept awake for hours by yelling, screaming, & laughter by a family just down the hall. They were so wrapped up in themselves they forgot there were other people who occupied the other staterooms.

There was definitely a general rudeness on this cruise I have not previously seen on our other cruises.. People with zero regard for the staff or other guests. Cutting in line, leaving trash wherever they wished, etc. Not everyone was this way but more than I have seen on previous cruises. We met some wonderful people on the ship & on our excursions but unfortunately, the rudeness we experienced really dampened the overall vacation. :-(

24 hour ice cream & frozen yogurt...YUM! The buffet was OK. The pizza a wee bit greasy. The grill...Super! Dinner in the Pacific Dining Room...wonderful! Some nights more fantastic than others but still wonderful! Coffee Shop desserts...Holy Moly! One slice is toooo much for one person but OMG...heavenly!

Our staterooms were comfortable as we have come to expect. But...our steward took our used deck towels & forgot to replace them with fresh towels once and neglected to remove dirty glassware from our stateroom 3 times. Not a big deal but...this is the first time we've ever had less than excellent service by a steward. Our daughter & niece were in a room across the hall. When we checked in I noticed they only had 1 deck towel & mentioned it to him. His reply was "I know...I'll get another in here for them." He didn't. The evening after our day in Jamaica (the 3rd morning of the cruise)...the girls told me they had not received the 2nd deck towel & now had none at all. When we saw him in the hall I politely mentioned that their deck towels were not replaced and his reply to the girls was "You can't leave them on deck. Bring them back to your room." Of course, I knew the girls had brought their ONE towel back to their room and I gently told that I had seen them return the towel to their room. He immediately gave them replacement deck towels. Again...not a big deal but in the past we have never had a complaint about a steward.

Some of the Lido Deck activities were a little eyebrow raising. A couple of contestants got out of hand during the "Last woman standing" innocent bystander had her bikini top torn off without her permission & another female took hers off to help the contestants. Ummm...there are children on the boat too people!!!

The 11-14yr old club...DISAPPOINTING! Every time our girls went down there it was either closed, empty, or just a couple kids were playing video games. Past cruises...there was ALWAYS something happening in the kids' clubs.

The shows...enjoyed them! The female lead singer was beyond talented. She brought something new to each of the songs & stayed true to the song. If it was a Madonna song...she did it Madonna style. If it was Shania Twain...she did it Shania style. The male lead...not so much. Every song he sounded exactly the same. If it was couldn't understand what he was singing. He had some pipes but again...every song he sang was sang the same way.

River tubing in Ocho Rios was good. Great guides. Nothing scary. Just a nice float down the White River. We were fortunate in having a great group of people on this excursion (except the parents who didn't stay with their little one & someone else took it upon themselves to hang on to his tube & reassure him).

Coral Garden & Stingray sandbar...was also great. But...we made it back in time for the LAST tender. The excursion started at 12 & was supposed to be only 3 hours long. The last tender was scheduled for 3:45pm. Yikes! We made it! We got a little shopping in before the excursion but would've liked a little more time. We felt very hurried & stressed after our excursion.

Watch out for the guy behind the fence at the Ocho Rios cruise shopping area...creepy! Stands behind fence trying to sell stuff!

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