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David Doyle


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Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Celebration

Sailing Date: October 13th, 2001

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David Doyle

I will tell all of ya'll first off my wife booked the cruise and I was just going along to keep her happy. Was I glad I went! We had a great time. Let me start from the beginning. We were scheduled to depart by 4PM but we were running a little late. Extra security was at a all time high because of current events. Even the Coast Guard had three boats watching us while still docked. The Coast Guard escorted us for at least 10-12 miles out to sea. Being our first cruise we scouted out the ship for a while our first night. It took us 3 days to get a real feel for the layout of the ship. The crew was so friendly, helpful, and out right nice to us the whole cruise. The first whole day at sea was a little dull, but that was our own fault. It took us a while to get into the whole cruise mode. Once we started to mix with other guests, go to parties, games, karaoke bar, I know I misspelled it, the real fun started.

Our first port of call was Cozumel. We never have snorkeled before and was looking forward to it. Oh yes, buy your water at the Duty Store. It is cold and only $1 for the large bottle compared to $3.25 on the ship. We went on the $32 unlimited snorkel at the National Park. They had great equipment, very user friendly. The wife was a little uneasy at first but with the help of one of the guilds in 5 minutes she off and snorkeling like a expert. The water was so clear and blue. The fish so colorful. It was a true "unlimited" too. They had a taxi take us to the park from the ship and returned us when we were ready to go. We were so excited about the first dive we wanted to go on another dive that afternoon. We were planning on going into town shopping but changed our mind. We went on the sailboat trip. It cost $72 I think. The reef we went to was great but the equipment was cheap and hurt our faces and mouth. The crew was helpful, lots of free drinks and the beach we went to was fair to OK. I wish we went to the intro-scuba for the same price. Really dive with the tank and all. I suggest looking into it. Others that did go told us that for a extra $35 the guilds offered a 2nd dive on the intro-scuba. Later that night we ate a great meal, sang songs, and danced and saw the a great Vegas Style show.

Our next Port was Calica. We went on the Jeep tour. It cost $82. It was so fun! We went to some caverns in the hills, went swimming in them too. We then went for a 20 minute drive down the coast to a great beach spot for our lunch that was also provided. Our guilds were helpful and funny. After lunch we found out we could go snorkeling again. They had good equipment for rent for $8 each. We had time for a 45 minute dive. The reef here was a bit of a swim out but was the best yet! The reef was in about 8-10 ft. of water. The coral would go from the bottom to the surface. So many fish, plants, but a strong current to fight. The Jeep Tour I rate A++. They pick you up right at the ship with the Jeeps and take you back there. The whole trip lasts about 5+ hours. The back to the ship, take care of the sunburns, clean up, Dinner, singing, catch a show, play some cards (loose money) having a good time.

Can you tell we had a great time? We did. I will not tell you about the Survivor game or the Hairy Chest Contest, that is a whole other story.

Last the food. My whole life I have heard how good the food was on a cruise. While it was good, it was not "Great". On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 7.5 on a whole. The funniest thing on the whole cruise is that my wife loves to have a Dr. Pepper with her meals now and then. There was not one single Dr. Pepper to be found on that whole ship much less on the islands. I rate the cruise on a whole a 9.5 out of a possible 10.

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