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Sonia Barinas

Age: 60

Occupation:Business owner

Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Ecstasy

Sailing Date: 2009-06-3

Itinerary: Caribbean

My cruise was ruined by the rude and abusive treatment I received during embarkation and Carnival has ignored my complaints!

We checked in early and were told to leave and return at 3 PM, since the sailing was delayed. We were told to show the Fun Pass at the door upon our return, and go to the VIP line where we would be able to bypass the lines of those who had not checked in yet.

When we returned at 3 PM we did as told and were waved through at the door and downstairs, where we were again told to get in the VIP line. We went upstairs and got in the VIP line, at which time a woman from Carnival came up to us and said: "Who told you to get in the VIP line?"

I showed her the Fun Pass and explained what we had been directed to do. She answered "Nobody told you that, get out of that line" and put her hand on my shoulder to shove me back, at which time I got out of the line and asked to speak to a supervisor. I had to ask 3 different people to get a supervisor and wait, and wait, and wait.

When the supervisor finally came, I expected an apology from her. Instead, she brought along a huge security guard who looked like a brawling petty criminal and behaved as if all his past work experience had been as a bouncer at the more disreputable strip bars.

As I was talking to the supervisor, he interrupted and began yelling at me saying "If you think she treated you bad, I'll take you outside and show you what bad is. C'mon, I'll take you outside right now if you don´t like it here."

I must add at this point that I am a soft-spoken, grey-haired, 5-foot tall, 60 year-old woman who is not accustomed to being thrown into close proximity to criminal elements.

I was appalled that the supervisor allowed him to speak to me that way. In my opinion, it was her responsibility to send him away and apologize for his behavior, which she did not do. All she did was say that the other Carnival employees had been "misinformed" and she was sorry if we were given wrong information, which was not at all my complaint, but rather the rude behavior, compounded by her bringing an abusive bouncer to threaten to beat me up if I didn´t like the way I was treated.

When I finally got on the ship I filed a complaint with the Ecstasy about the embarkation experience and I am still waiting for a reply.

I was booked on another Carnival cruise for January, but if I don´t get any satisfaction, I'll just switch to other cruise lines. I am not risking being abused by a criminal in a security guard uniform.

I found the food was OK and the service in the dining room excellent.

The room was roomy, but the bathroom surrounds and fixtures were old and rather worn out. There was no thermostat, so the only way to regulate the temperature was by opening or closing the vent.

The shows were not bad, not great either, but the cruise director was outstanding.

I was too traumatized by embarkation to be able to get off the ship, so I missed all the ports of call.

Embarkation was a nightmare! The experience ruined my cruise and Carnival has ignored my complaints.

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