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Age: 46

Occupation:Tool and Die Maker

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Ecstasy

Sailing Date: 2012-01-30

Itinerary: Bahamas

This was my first cruise and my wifes second, her first was with Royal Carribean about 8 years ago which she enjoyed very much. She has wanted me to go on one with her ever since and I finally was able to get the time off. We had been looking forward to this for a long time and were very disappointed. I heard nothing but good things about the cruises friends and family have been on, especially the food. I lost 5 pounds and my wife lost 4. There were issues with the elevators, one out of the four main elevators wasn't working at all and on 3 seperate occasions saw others down for maintenance or repairs. On the other hand the ship was nice, the room was bigger than I expected and I can't say enough about the staff.

The food and service associated with it were the most disappointing part of the cruise, it seemed to be the talk of the ship, I would rather eat at Ponderosa, it was about the equivelent of high school cafeteria food. The day we embarked there was a big send off buffet, the lines were long and they were running out of some food early, selection was very limited, hotdogs, hamburgs, frenchfries and such. Food on the buffets was consistently cold (wouldn't even start to melt a butter patty between two pancakes), powdered eggs, running out of butter patties all the time, but lots of margarine (yuk), running out of coffee cups, coffee inconsistant, stronger than heck sometimes very weak others, water had so much chlorine it was undrinkable, fried haddock, shrimp, and clam strips were about 75% breading, I could go on and on. We only went to the dining room one night and after that we figured it wasn't worth the hassle. The night we went I had lobster and shrimp and my wife had prime rib, lobster was about a 2-3 oz tail with four grilled shrimp, he did give me a second plate but I still left hungry and ended up at the buffet a couple hours later. The prime rib was about a half inch thick and taseless and when my wife asked for aju the waiter poured beef gravy all over her meat. We also waited for over 45 minutes before we could place a drink order, other than wine there wasn't anything on the menu to drink, so we had to ask two times before a bar waitress came, and as I said before the water was undrinkable. Most of the deserts were tasteless. When we were on our way home I passed a Burger King in the airport and had to stop, that whopper was the best tasting thing I had in a week. I did talk to the chef on the ship and all he did was make excuses. There was a surprise health inspection the morning we embarked and most of his staff was running around taking care of things for that. It didn't give me a good feeling knowing that they weren't ready for a health inspection at any given time.As I said before my wife and I both lost weight on the cruise, not that we couldn't stand to loose a few pounds, but that's not why we went.

Room was very nice, bigger than I expected, very clean and our cabin attendant was excellent, she got a big tip at the end. We were right next to a utility room of some sort that was quite noisy at all hours, but it didn't really bother us.

Other than night clubs, casino, and shows didn,t seem like a lot to do. The 1 pool is small and usually full of kids. There are two jacuzzis on the main deck and the only day we were at sea all day one was closed for rechlorination or something, I would think they would do that on a day we were at port when most of the people were off the ship. I guess there are a couple more in the serenity area but we didn't even know about that until our last day. They have some water slides up on top but only the little ones were open.

We booked a couples swedish massage and paid for it a couple of weeks ahead of time, $269 for 50 minutes, what a rip off, I wouldn't give $20 for that. Then came the hard sell for the lotions they used, $60 a bottle, I passed. They gave us a bill afterword and I explained that we had allready paid, they said I had to fill in the tip amount and I would only be charged for that, well they tried to charge me again and it took a half hour of my time at guest services to get it removed. The masseuse my wife had was so rough on her she was in pain for the next two days so bad I could barely rub suntan lotion on her back. She told her it was too hard a couple of times and she would let up for a few seconds and then right back to hard again. I, on the other hand couldn't even tell I had had a massage an hour later. Not impressed. We didn't do any onshore excursions through carnival.

I'll do another cruise someday, but it won't be with carnival.

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