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John and Robyn Medeirs

Age: 37 and 33


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Ecstasy

Sailing Date: November 6th, 2000

Itinerary: Bahamas


- I guess it would be great to some but it wasn't quite the experience that we envisioned. The food was elegantly presented, and pretty but, my New York steak was cold, the lobster tail was like rubber, and the appetizers were so small that they were merely a taste of a exotic certain food. My wife and I even skipped the last night and ordered room service. BEWARE!!! If you choose to eat dinner anywhere else on the last night with the exception of the pizzeria, everything else is closed they even close the juice and coffee stations ( I think this is because the dining room staff want you there to get their tips - which you will be reminded of constantly )


- Very well planned, lots to do and kept the boat fun


- You cannot tell the difference from a fine hotel. very comfortable a little on the warm side but this is a big boat. The showerhead is a little tricky to master but otherwise a spacious room


- As I said above we ordered in on the last night (as if we had a choice) and It was excellent. nothing fancy just two turkey sandwiches on white bread and coffee but it really hit the spot and it came to our cabin within 15 minutes. REMINDER Room service is FREE (of course a tip to the server $2 if you want ) but well worth it if you are tired and would like a quick bite without getting out of the cabin.


- These are the buffets. The poolside is great for a fast food lunch and panorama grill usually has a little better selection as well as a great buffet breakfast ( great Hash browns! ) I was even surprised after dinner on the Friday at the main seating to find lobster Newberg w rice. It filled the gaping hole left from the cold steak dinner I tried to eat before.


- This is tricky I might have just had a bad waiter but I expected from others who had been on other cruises that the waiters are all over you encouraging you to try things, being at your service. This just wasn't the case here. Our appetizers came out and then they would disappear you never had a chance to say if you liked something or not. Then 20 minutes later they would clear the table never asking you anything about each course, fill your water glass, and bring on the next course. The second night this happened again. I made a comment about how the cream of mushroom soup was great all the waiter said was thanks.? I do not believe that this deserved the "customary" tip. (Now I am not a cheap person but this gets on your nerves because it is so heavily reminded - (as a side note - I gave his tip to the cabin steward))


- 100% what do you expect your on a boat I think they do a pretty good job


- adequate nothing spectacular usual chicken etc not many choices.


- I want to hire him to clean my house!!!! Excellent job. Even made a dog out of towels and placed on bed. Turn down bed every night in a different fashion. Very nice guy (gave him double tip $40)


- Buffets were very good but the variety was not what was expected. Main seating had a lot of exotic choices if your into that


- Good very efficient


- We didn't bring the kids (10th Anniversary) but should have. There were great activities for them and Camp carnival for when Dad and Mom want some relief. We will bring them next time.


- No Way - this is the fun ship - ages 21-50 will have the greatest time on this boat. If you want to relax go on Royal Caribbean


- Excellent this boat seems to cramp 7 days of entertainment into 3 Great comedian/ magician (Kevin King) on Sat night


- Great port MUST SEE-> Straw Market, Atlantis on Paradise Isle., Beach at Paradise Isle, Get ready to bargain they encourage it they all start at $10 for everything and if you keep at it you get it for $5 T-shirts 4 for $10 (haven't tried to wash them yet haha) and if you want a bargain on booze RUM $6 a liter SMIRNOFFS VODKA $6.50 a liter. We had a ball in Nassau. To get to Paradise Isle/Atlantis it costs $4 each person each way but worth the money. If you like to walk it is about 3 miles each way. We took the taxi there and enjoyed the walk back.


- Don't waste your money I love to gamble but these machines are very tight. The machines at the Atlantis Casino are even tighter. Spend the money and TIME on something else.


- good but the Ecstasy is a 10 year old ship that sails every day and really is beat - not in a junky way but the ship needs a major renovation. Color schemes and night clubs are right out of the eighties. Carpets in hallways are stained in spots. but it is a very clean ship


- Both were very organized and well staffed. I was really surprised to find how easy getting on and off the boat was.


- 100% This was very very surprising to us. It was so hard to bump into people. For a ship with 2000+ people on it My wife and I always were able to find a spot alone. We never had a problem finding a seat to sit, at a bar, at the nightclubs, shows etc.


- If you haven’t cruised before this is a great starter cruise - We will now be cruisers for life! For a very romantic time with your husband or wife on the first night go to the rear of the boat behind the panorama grill, get a couple of cups of coffee or a drink from the bar and watch the moon over the water. The whole night we saw maybe two or three couples there. the wind is also very minimal at the rear of the boat VERY RELAXING!!! after a day of air flights, embarkation and getting settled Try to get up early Sat to see the boat get into port and the sunrise in Nassau. You do not need to get on the Island until 9:30 shops open then Straw market ( Right turn at the end of the pier ) Looks like a flea Market on the sidewalk opens at around 8-9am

Ask the taxi driver to take you to the beach at paradise Isle nice clean beach but be prepared for big waves and salty water. If you have kids it is a great beach but we did see a topless bather and thongs are pretty much in at the beaches here. Taxis gather to take you back to the boat later. There is also a water ferry to take you there and back. We walked back it was a long walk if you can handle it (3 miles took us about 30 minutes)but very enjoyable and FREE!.

OVERALL - Great value (hope I didn't scare you with my dinner experience just being honest) you leave knowing that it was money well spent.

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