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Age: 14


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Ecstasy

Sailing Date: March 29th, 2004

Itinerary: Mexico

My family just got back from the carnival Ecstasy cruise this afternoon...i read tons of reviews on here and it sounded like alot of people didnt like the ship very much..ok people needa chill out and stop freaken out over the little things...alot of people were sayen that the carpets sucked...well fer one they wernt that bad at all..of course your gonna have a few stains on them...but they took care of that...about three days ago they had workers puttin in all new carpets in the hall those r nice n new now...then everyone kept saying that the rooms smelled..our room didn't...there were people constantly cleaning the ship...they evan had people repainting the outside of it..and all of the lifeboats were being repainted...about the drunk people..hey its a party boat what do you expect? ...altho no worries if you r bringing little kids on the ship...the drunks were all in the bar and clubs...basically the only time they were out in front of everyone was when they were gettin in the elavator to go bak to there rooms..and that was mostli at night like 11 pm...we didnt go to any of the big fancy dinners..the pizzaria was hella good and theres plenti of other great food u can get on the ship without having to dress up ...the late night shows were pretty good...the show they have on the last night..with all the dancers was pretty borein..fer me at least cuz the same lady kept comin bak out singin n i got sick of her..n mexico there were TONS of beggers...the people there would follow me around and wouldnt leave until they found someone else to bug..but everythings really cheap there so its all good..and everyones gotta get there hair braded ...only 20 bucks in Mexcio..I got mine done and like 20 people on the ship said that they wish they had gotten theres done but didnt bother gettin off the make sure u get your hair done haha...umm the pool was freezing..but everyone seemed to have fun on the slide...evan the adults...salt water inthe pool tubs were nice..they have a few of them like one fer kids and a couple for adults...all the drinks r like 8 bucks..the ones that they pass around..they will just come up to u and basically hand it to u no matter wut age..they gave me one sum drink with diff junk in it..guess they didnt care i wasnt old enough to drink...but yea...they have tons of secerity peoples around so there were tons of teens just walking around in a group...almost every kid had at least one friend they had brought..i went with out any friends so i was a loner most the time...they have the teen room spirels but i didnt go in at first..i finally went in like the second to last night and met like 6 peoles in a half hour...ANY KID OR TEEN should go in there...makes the trip hella more fun..they have diff things in there like dance partys and u can just sit around and talk if you want..they give u soda and pizza chips n all that good stuff..have a few couchs and tables and adults in there too...disco ball colored lights strobe lights..its really fun...i heard alot of people talking about how they were sea one in my room felt the ship moving on the first couple days..but the last two were really was rocking back n forth like u couldnt evan stand up without moving...they have sickness pills in onea the giftshops..they work soo night i couldnt evan hang out with friends i had met cuz i couldnt stand up i thought i was gonna pass out..but after i took the pills i felt fine..uhh thats about it ...have fun everyone..its a GREAT ship..bring LOTS of cameras 2..cya

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