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Age: 25


Number of Cruises: 1st

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Ecstasy

Sailing Date: n/a

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Western Caribbean


Helpful Hints

Park at they are very helpful getting you on and off with your luggage.

Pack a carry on bag....swim suite suntan lotion, ect. Events don’t really start for a long time. Especially if you get there early like we did to avoid the long wait and crowds.

Try to get a room in the middle of the boat, our way home against the current was very bumpy the whole time, was very sick. (6ft waves)

Elevators take forever and you get tired of running up and down the stairs all the time.

Don’t pay for the $70-$100 wristbands (for motion sickness). The ones at Walgreen’s really do work and they are $10.

Don’t buy t-shirts on the boat they are too expensive ($20)- Mexico has a lot of choices for $5 that are wonderful!

I ate the Beef (cause you can't really mess up a steak unless you burn it) it was all really wonderful, we ate in the Windstar dining room. Our server was wonderful.

Get to know the people you cruise with. Socialize with everyone. It makes your trip more fun.

Bring a game, you do tend to get a little board after a while and just want to eat all the time. (Bring fun games like Dominos, a deck of cards, etc that are easy to pack..) There is only so much drinking, sunning, gambling, photo taking, exploring of the ship, singing, dancing you can do.

Get involved in the events the boat has going on. Its fun to watch people make an idiot of them selves, and if you don’t mind looking silly do the event your self.

We dressed up on the formal night and every one looked first class. Bring dress cloths, you would be surprised how many dress up for dinner every evening.

Bring a sweater!! If you get cold to buy one on the ship is $50. Bring one, just in case!

Get the late seating for dinner. You eat all day long, snacking, breakfast, snacking, Lunch, Snacking, Dinner, Snacking, Snacking, Bed.

Only get the fountain card if you are a Big Time Soda Drinker. They have Juice, Tea, Water, Coffee,and Lemonade all day long in the dining area by the pool near the rear of the ship. Card for my husband and my self was $50.

Pictures are expensive, we spent $200- my husband and my self never get our picture taken. (It's $20 per 8x10.) All in the name of memories. So plan on some cost. They take them if you want it or not. Out of boredom you go to look at them, they look cute, so you end up purchasing them. They got us every time!

Alcohol- drinks vary, order the specials, they save you money, if you get a beer, get a bucket, its cheaper. The cost for a bucket is about $12 and it has 4 beers. The specials are fruity (taste good) and cost about 6$ for the large souvenir glass but refills are around $4.

We went horseback riding thru the ruins. It was a blast! I had never been on a horse before. (They give you a crash course on how to ride.) We enjoyed chief who was our guide. It was not to hot. Felt hotter on the boat while at the pool than on the horse. But most of the ride was in the shade.

Relax, Enjoy, go to the shows they are good. Have fun because overall it’s a great time, where you can enjoy company of new friends.

P.S. Do the early check out, where you carry your own bags off the boat and get there about a half-hour before they say you need to be there. Also best place to be is by the elevators (on the same level as the Windstar)

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